If anyone has love for me

John 14:23
Jesus said to him in answer, If anyone has love for me, he will keep my words: and he will be dear to my Father; and we will come to him and make our living-place with him.

The simple truth,
the simple truth that is in God,
when you have love for the Lord,
you keep his words.
You don’t come up with something new,
you keep his words,
you don’t change it to make a name.
You keep his words,
and when you keep someone’s words,
you show to that person,
when you keep the Lord’s words,
you show to the Lord that you’re true to him,
because it’ll cost you something to keep
the word of the Lord, you really have to
love him to do that. You really have to
love him to do that.

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Have love one for another

John 13:34
I give you a new law: Have love one for another; even as I have had love for you, so are you to have love one for another.

I pray that all,
no matter your color,
whatever your ethnicity,
no matter your hair,
no matter your shoes,
no matter whatever you think that is
distinct on you, there is something that
makes you unique,
or make someone else unique,
that singles someone out,
no matter what.
Remember this one thing,
all men were created with an image of God in them.
Love one another as Jesus has love for us,
so let us love one another.
This I pray over you in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

I pray that all, all who
are aware of the presence of the Lord at all times,
in their walk, find someone, in their trouble,
find someone who knows the law of God,
who will love them and help them,
just because they were loved and helped
at one time or another by God.
Amen, Amen, Amen.

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