This is love

This is love

Jesus Is Lord

The grace that we have in God is not because we love God, (it) is because God loves us.
That is our standing with the Lord

I pray that no matter what your circumstance is,
who you are, what your core beliefs are,
that you might always be open to that love that God has for us
and that you might receive all his mercy and his pity
in Jesus mighty name amen
Blessed be our Lord

I pray that you may know his love
for this is what love is,
a sacrifice to take away our sins,
our sacrifice to take away their sins,
your sacrifice to take away my sin and
my sacrifice to take away your sins.

That is love and we know that because
he showed it first, he had love for us
and sent his son to be an offering for our sins
Blessed be our Lord
Blessed be our Lord
in Jesus mighty name amen

And this is love, not that we had love for God, but that he had love for us, and sent his Son to be an offering for our sins.
1 John 4:10 BBE