Creed of Christ

The man who hates his brother,
can’t be a lover of God,
neither him who steps on his brothers heart and soul.

And tries to put his mind in bonds,
or darken it with the fear of hell.
He has not captured our goal.

Is Christ then separated?
Was Cefas or Paul nailed to the cross for the salvation of mankind?
If not, why the division? Why the separation?
Isn’t the totality of Christ, love?
Equality between you and me?

His pure, terse love isn’t held by a creed,
That pulls up high walls of separation around us.
His love embraces all of humanity.
That we give to ourselves or to him.

There is only one thing that the world needs to know for her own best will.
There is only one balm for sorrow and wounds of the soul.
There is only one way that leads us to the heavens above.

It is the road of charity and human compassion

We rise together
And walk hand in hand
For some a consolation,
to others a route to the homeland,
as brothers we are one.

There is no strife or shackles where angels surround
and float around us
And if any fail from weakness, then a brother lends him a hand.

All help and support each other
All come together in a bond of love
And tighten the bond of love
And on this journey, let even the smallest become the purest.
So all come and join