Get to know our God and be at peace

Get to know our God and be at peace

Job 22:21
Put yourself now in a right relation with him and be at peace: so will you do well in your undertakings.

put yourself now in a right relation

with him and be at peace and be at peace

the words of the comforters of Jobi

whenever you are afflicted whenever you

are afflicted keep your relationship

with God keep your relationship with God

and take everything he gives you every

grace he gives you every little mercy

everything and you will have his peace

knowing that while you are being

afflicted oppressed whatever it may be

still it is him who gives you his

mercies his tender mercies as they say

day by day

no matter what is going on know your God

know our God and be at peace

joby 22 verse 21 put yourselves now put

yourself now in a right relation

and be at peace so you will do well in

doing so you will do well in all your

undertakings you will do well in your

undertakings by being at peace with him

blessing be your Lord blessed be your

Lord I pray that you might be able to

know our God to know him and to be at

peace with him

in Jesus mighty name amen I pray that

the god of our Lord Jesus Christ the

father of glory may give to you the

spirit of wisdom and understanding so

that you may know who he is I pray that

the eyes of your understanding be

enlightened that you may know the hope

of his spalling and the riches of the

glory of his inheritance in the Saints

and the exceeding greatness of his power

to us who believe according to the

working of his mighty power I pray that

you may know his mighty power which he

showed him Christ when he raised him

from the dead and set him at his own

right hand in the heavenly places far

above all principality power might

Dominion far above every name that is

named not only in this world but also in

that which is to come

and ice put all things under his feet

and gave him to be the head over all

things to the church which is his body

the fullness of him that fills all in


I pray that he would grant you according

to the riches of his glory to be

strengthened with might by his spirit in

your inner man in your soul that Christ

may dwell in your heart by fate and at

you being rooted and grounded in love

may be able to understand together with

all saints the breadth and length and

depth and height and to know the love of

Christ which is beyond knowledge and

which gives knowledge beyond human

knowledge so that you might be filled

with all the fullness of God know unto

him unto God who is able to do exceeding

abundantly above all that we ask or

think according to the power that works

in us unto Him be glory in the church by

Christ Jesus throughout all ages world

without end amen for this cause for his

cause for the cause of you knowing your

God and our God for the cause of you

knowing God having a relationship with

God since the day I heard it I heard of

his purpose father let them be in me and

me be in them as I am in you and you and


I do not cease to pray for you and to

desire that you might be filled with the

knowledge of his will in all wisdom and

virtual understanding I pray that you

might walk worthy of the Lord on to all

his pleasing being fruitful in every

good work and increasing in the

knowledge of who he is

strengthened with all might according to

his glorious power unto all patience and

long-suffering with joyfulness giving

thanks to the Father who has made us

able to be a partaker to have a part in

the inheritance of the Saints and light

who has delivered us from the power of

darkness and has translated us into the

kingdom of his dear son in whom we have

redemption through his blood even the

forgiveness of sins through his blood

his son who is the image of the

invisible God the firstborn of every

creature for by him were all things

created that are in heaven and that are

in earth visible and invisible whether

they be Thrones dominions principalities

or powers all things were created by him

and for him and he is before all things

and by him all things exist and he is

the head of the body the church he is

the beginning the firstborn from the

dead so that in all things he might have

the preeminence blessed be our Lord and

may your knowledge of him may your

relationship with him grow day by day

in Jesus mighty name I pray amen

blessed be our Lord blessed be your

Lord know your God know our God and be

at peace blessed be our Lord so Lord

give us your word speak with your voice

speak unto the hearts of those who are

under the power of your voice in Jesus

mighty name amen

joby 22 verse 1

joby 22 verse 1 an elephant’s natima

knight answered and said can a man be

profitable unto God as see that his wise

may be profitable unto himself

is it any pleasure to the Almighty that

you are righteous or is it gain to him

that you make your way is perfect

is it because you give him honor that he

is sending punishment on you and is

judging you

is not your evil doing great and there

is no end to your sins for you have

taken your brothers as Goods when he was

not in your debt and have taken away the

clothing of those who have need of it

you do not give water to the tired

traveler and from him who has no food

you keep back bread for it was the man

with power who had the land and a man

with an honored name who was living in

it you have sent widows away without

hearing their cause and you have taken

away the support of the child who has no

father for this cause nets around your

feet and you are overcome with sudden

fear your light is made dark so that you

are unable to see and you are covered by

a mass of waters it’s not God as high as

heaven and see the stars

how high they are and you say what

knowledge has God is he able to give

decisions through the deep dark thick

clouds are covering him so that he is

unable to see and he is walking on the

arch of heaven will you keep the old way

by which evil man went who were

violently taken away before their time

who were overcome by the rush of waters

who said to God go away from us and what

is the ruler of all able to do to

though he made their house is full of

good things but the purpose of the

evildoers is far from me the upright saw

it and were glad and those who had done

no wrong made sport of them saying truly

their substance is cut off and their

wealth is food for the fire put yourself

now in a right relationship is so will

you do well in your undertakings be

pleased to take teaching from his mouth

and let his words be stored up in your

heart let his words be stored up in your

heart if you come back to the ruler of

all making yourself low before him if

you put evil far away from your tents

and put your gold in the dust even your

gold of Ophir among the rocks of the

valleys then the ruler of all will be

your gold and his teaching will be your

silver for then you will have the light

in the ruler of all and your face will

be lifted up to God for wherever your

wealth is wherever your faith is there

your wealth shall be where neither Russ

or math moth or Teves

can take your wealth away for the ruler

of all will be your wealth and so will

his teaching

you will make your prayer to him and be

answered and you will give effect to

your oats your pull purposes your

purposes will come about and light will

be shining on your ways for God make

slow those whose hearts are lifted up

but he is a savior to the poor in spirit

he makes safe the man who is free from

sin and if your hands are clean

salvation will be yours blessed be your

Lord and even though the things which

Alif as I think it was was telling job

were not applicable to job and job told

them that they were evil the things that

he said are the word of God but you must

be in communion with God to know when

they are applicable applicable you must

know what the case is and sometimes

something else answers and says well

this is not applicable well this is it

this is the case you must be diligent in

being and in having a relation with God

so that you will know just know what is

going on blessed be our Lord

I made a holy spirit our god

be the first in your relationships for

that is the first rule love the Lord

your God above all else is the first and

foremost have a relationship with our

Living God and be at peace

receive all His mercies all his Grace’s

everything he is giving you even when

you are afflicted by the things of the


and be at peace in Jesus mighty name