James 2

Faith without works is dead

James 2:26
For as the body without the spirit is dead even so faith without works is dead.

as the body where all the Spirit is dead

so faith without works is that as the

body without the Spirit is dead so faith

without works is there brotherly love

good works justification now we are

justified before God because of our

faith in Him because of her faith him

but when we deal with the brothers in

Christ we deal with them in love and it

doesn’t matter if they have cars homes

buildings if their temple is great if it

is small it doesn’t matter because we

deal in love and love is not a thing for

God is spirit

God is love so we do not value people

according to what they possess or how

tall they are or if their girth is wide

or narrow we do not or works in love is

that nothing in the flesh accounts for

our love nothing in the flesh only that

they are brothers in Christ only that

they are sisters in Christ that’s the

only thing that matters

the only thing that matters that is our

outward works of love that the outward

appearance does not matter and the

evidence of faith is good works just

like Jesus on the Sabbath on that holy

day where you could do nothing where

their faith was dead Jesus came and

showed that to do good works is the

utmost sign of faith especially well

those works must be inspired by your

faith they must be good words to help

someone for if you say well I have this

faith and I have that faith but you

never do anything with it well you’re

just sitting somewhere seeing something

but you have to be outside doing

something with it when you meet someone

in need and they ask you for help do

something don’t just give them some

words and send them on their way

no give them the words and give them

something and then you will receive

their blessing which is worth more than

the blessing of a man who has it all

James 2 verse 26

as the body without the Spirit is dead a

body without the Spirit is dead without

the spirit and God is spirit a body

without the Spirit is dead so faith

without works is then if you have enough

faith to be justified before Christ

Christ will give you a position will

give you works to do is that simple as

that if you are doubting and wavering

well let that man not think you will

receive from Christ but if you have

faith that justifies it never comes

alone never does not exist according to

the Word of God and what James says is

exactly the same as what Paul says for

Paul says it in a different way show me

your works and I’ll show you your fate

James says us the body without the

Spirit is dead so faith without works is

dead does not exist if you have no works

you have no faith you are justified

apart from works by His grace you are

saved and you believe because you

believe in him justified apart from

works but once you are justified and are

in communion with Christ and are aware

of Christ what did Christ say if one of

these little ones asks you for a cup of

water and you gave it not to him then

you gave it not to me

if you didn’t help someone when you

could help them if a man asks you for

money and you have it with you give it

those are good works for you help

someone in need the Lord is clear about

that if someone in need to ask you for

help and you can’t help him but you did

not then you denied not that person but

you denied Christ for it is Christ who

brought that person to you because you

are his servant and he knows what you

have with you so that you might help

that person for the poor you always have

a faith which bears no fruit it is

hollow so let every man examine himself

and either directly or indirectly make

sure that be in the eyes of the Lord you

have a faith that brings forth fruit of

fate that has works a fate that gives a

cup of water to those who are thirsty

a faith that gives a piece of bread to

those who are hungry

spiritual word a spiritual bread and a

piece of bread blessed be our Lord in

Jesus mighty name amen and I pray that

as you profess to have the spirit to

know God to have his mercy and His grace

and they’re in the same way in the world

as long as you are in the world you may

be able to show His grace and mercy in

the image by helping others so that your

faith may be with works and not without

blessed the euro in Jesus mighty name


blessed be oh no James 2 verse 26 James

2 verse 26 for as the body without the

Spirit is dead even so faith without

works is their Lord give us your word

speak with your voice speak um to the

hearts of those who are under the power

of your voice in Jesus mighty name amen

James 1 James 2 verse 1 James 2 verse 1

my brother’s if you have the fate of our

Lord Jesus Christ of glory

do not take a man’s position into

account for if a man comes into your

synagogue in fear clothing and with a

gold ring and a poor man comes in with

dirty clothing and you do honor to the

man in fair clothing and say come here

and take this good place and you say to

the poor man take up your position there

or be seated at my feet is there not a

division in your minds have you not

become judges with evil thoughts judges

according to maman according to money

give ear my dear brothers are not those

who are poor in the things of this world

marked out by God to have faith as their

wealth and for their heritage the

kingdom which he has said he will give

to those who have love for him but you

but you have put the poor man to shame

are not the man of wealth rulers over

you are the man of wealth rulers over

you do you follow what they do do you

try to be like them do they not take you

by force before their judges if you owe

a man of wealth rent what will he do do

they not say evil of the holy name which

was given to you hmm but if you keep the

greatest law of all as it is given in

the holy writings have love for your

neighbor as for yourself you do well but

if you take a man’s position into

account you do evil and are judged as

evil doers by the law for anyone who

keeps all the law but makes a slip in

one point is judged to have gone against


all for that reason the Word of God says

all have gone astray there is not one

for that reason you are justified by His

grace and His mercy because you are

sinner because we are all sinners still

he decided okay they can’t do it I will

come down and wash them as white as snow

for he who said James 2 verse 11

do not be untrue and married life is the

same who said put no man to death no if

you are not untrue and married life but

you put a man to death the law is broken

let your words and your acts be those of

man who are to be judged by the law

which makes free for the man who has no


the man who has had no mercy will be

judged without mercy but mercy takes

pride in overcoming judging his mercy is

greater than his judging what uses it my

brothers for a man to say that he has

faith if he does nothing such a faith

will it give him salvation if a brother

or sister is without clothing and in

need of the day’s food and one of you

says to them go in peace be warm and

full of food but you do not give them

the things of which their bodies have

need what profit is there in this

a lot of people say that many questions

come and they leave a booklet a pamphlet

but they don’t leave a tip they give

someone a booklet who is begging for

food but they don’t give them money

understand what the Word of God is

saying don’t just say go in peace

I pray that you may receive let him

receive at that moment if you have it

with you if you have it not you have it

not then the words of Peter come to mind

silver and gold I have not but the grace

that God gave me of that I will share

with you but then share some time with

them be in fellowship with them for a

while but do not say when you have it

with you go in peace be warm and full of

food help them to be warm and help them

to be full of food so that there may be

profit in it so that they may not curse

the booklet and the name on the booklet

on the pamphlet and threw it down and

stomp on it but say hey these Christians

they came out and helped me even so

verse 17 faith without works is dead but

a man may say you have faith and I have

works let me see your fate let me see it

with my own eyes let me see your faith

without your works

and I will make my faith clear to you by

my works see if you have no works you

have fate okay many say they have fate

the Lord says many will say Lord Lord in

your name and he will say depart from me

I know you know you have the belief that

God is one and you do well God is one

there’s one God one spirit one Jesus it

is one there is no multiples you have

the belief that God is one and you do

well the evil spirits have the same

belief and they shake with fear do you

not see a foolish man that faith without

works is of no use was not the

righteousness of Abraham or father

judged by his works when he made an

offering of Isaac his son on the altar

you see that his faith was helping his

works and was made complete by them and

the holy writings were put into effect

which said and Abraham had faith in God

and it was put to his account as

righteousness and he was named the

friend of God I pray that we may all be

named friends of God let our faith

empower us to do works to do works to

help someone with what they need

you see that a man’s righteousness is

judged by his works and not by his fate

only and in the same way was not the

righteousness of Rahab the loose woman

judged by her works when she took into

her house those who were sent and let

them go out by another way when they

were scoping out the promised land for

as the body without the Spirit is dead

even so faith without works is that in

Jesus name I pray that through your fate

you may be able to stand for the Lord

says get up take heart I am with you he

is the one who places you in that

position before that person who is

asking you for hell he is the one no one

else no one else he is the one who

brings that person to you so that you

might show in the flesh for that person

has nothing and has many disappointments

on that day and the Lord wants them to

see that he is real that it’s not just a

promise it’s not just hope but that his

servants in the flesh will help them in

the flesh and show his mercy on to them

for that day put a smile on their faces

make them thankful on that day for being

alive in this world so that they might

be alive in Christ blessed be our Lord

and may your faith empower you to do


may you be called a friend of God in

Jesus mighty name Amen