The blood of Jesus that takes away sins

Matthew 26:28
Take of it, all of you, for this is my blood of the testament, which is given for men for the forgiveness of sins.

this is my blood which is given for the

forgiveness of sins there’s only one

thing there is only one thing that works

for the forgiveness of sins it is the

blood shed at the cross the blood of

Jesus now

just get into perspective how it all

played out year after year the people of

the Lord were bringing bulls and lambs

and doves

to be sacrificed to be sacrificed for

the covering of their sins as at the

first Passover or the Passover in Egypt

so that the destroyer who came to take

the reward for sin would not see them

and God because of his love for God so

loved the world that He sent His only

begotten Son so that all who believe in

Him might not perish might not meet that

destroyer that destroyer might not find

them through the covering of the blood

but have eternal life that was the

purpose of God for this reason he

manifested in the flesh and dwelt among

us for a while and a new covenant the

Old Covenant is keep my laws and you

will be safe but the New Covenant is

that true his blood through his blood

we have salvation to all who

have faith in him faith this does not

does not mean that you can go on doing

evil and then plead the blood no for if

you are covered by the blood if you do

know the Lord if you have spirit in your

soul then you will do no evil in the

eyes of God show me your works I’ll show

you your faith do you have faith that I

can do this and what he did was give us

an easy way an easy way away in the

spirit to come to him but think about it

God is spirit the only way to come to

God is in spirit we must worship the

Lord in spirit and in truth

none of them tangible things none of him

manifestations in the world but if you

have faith in God His grace upon you

will manifest in the world those will be

your works regardless of who was against

it of what is against it regardless if

the world is against it his blood is

given for the forgiveness of sins

nothing else works when they tell you

senda sow a seed here it doesn’t work so

a seat here handy eyes of the Lord means

show someone who I am

tell someone of what I have done in your

life testify of minister to someone

anyone that is the sowing of the seed

all who link it to monetary gain know

who they are they want monetary gain the

things of the world all who say well I

I’m not perfect now I’m still doing evil

things but but true my belief in God I

am sanctified well that is a big

question for the gospel and the

testimonies of Paul say different

they say that when someone has met the

Lord and is filled with the spirit they

change the change they change blessed be

your Lord who through his blood has

given us forgiveness of sins so that we

can start with a new slate blameless

without the notion of being sinners and

are thus able to go forward in his way

and to his word blessed be our Lord who

made the only sacrifice necessary not

that well I need to have money I need to

have this I need to have that no all you

have to do is believe in him so Lord we

thank you for your blood we thank you

for that covering that covers us all at

all times we thank you for being

in us we thank you for having pity on us

that you came and gave your blood your

royal blood your holy blood so that we

might be covered by it we thank you for

being the truth behind the sign of pass

over we thank you for being the truth

behind the drinking of the cup of wine

for the drinking of a sip of wine or of

grape juice is but a thing but the

meaning is that we accept the Lord’s

gift we accept his blood that he gave to

us and for us and we take all of his

nature his spirit into our souls that is

what it symbolizes it doesn’t matter who

has touched the blood or the wine or the

juice it doesn’t matter who has spoken

about it the word of the Lord is clear

do you believe I can do this you

personally do you believe that I am here

with you do you believe that I am here

in you do you believe that I am Lord

blessed be our Lord blessed be your

Lord who gave us forgiveness no matter

the cost in this world blessed be your

Lord in Jesus name in Jesus name I pray

that you may know our Lord our Lord and

our God

who does not demand great sacrifices

from us but who made a great sacrifice

for us who bought us who owns us who

lives in us always knowing what we are

thinking and what we are doing always

ready to heal us cleanse us cover us

blessed be our Lord in Jesus mighty name

amen let us do a reading let us do a

reading Matthew chapter 26 Matthew

chapter 26 Lord give us your word speak

with your voice speak unto the hearts of

those who are under the power of your

voice in Jesus mighty name amen

Matthew 26 verse 1 and when Jesus had

come to the end of all these words he

said to his disciples after two days is

the Passover and the Son of Man will be

given up to the death of the cross then

the chief priests and the rulers of the

people came together in the house of the

high priest who was named Caiaphas and

they made designs together to take Jesus

by some trick and put him to death but

they said not while the feast is going

on for fear of trouble among the people

now when Jesus was in Bethany in the

house of Simon the leper there came to

him a woman having a bottle of perfume

of great price and she put the perfume

on his head when he was seated at table

but when the disciples saw it they were

angry saying to what purpose is this

waste for we might have got much money

for this and given it to the poor

doing good deeds among the poor is a

good thing but not noticing the deity of

Christ and a Grace and worshipping

Christ for doing works instead of doing

works not noticing what the woman was

doing that is not right so Jesus in

verse 10 says so the word of the Lord

says in verse 10 but she’s seeing it

said to them why are you troubling the

woman she has done a kind act to me a

kind act for the poor you have ever with

you but me you have not for ever do a

kind act today to someone anyone someone

you don’t know someone you know do a

kind act for in putting this perfume on

my body she did it to make me ready for

my last resting place truly I say to you

wherever this good news goes out in all

the world what this woman has done will

be talked of in memory of

wherever you do a kind act it remains

the Lord does not forget kind and done

because you have the spirit you have

that heart of flesh you have that

renewed mind seeing the purposes and

intents of the Lord himself blessed be

your Lord then one of the twelve Matthew

26 verse 14 then one of the twelve who

was named Judas Iscariot went to the

chief priests and said what will you

give me if I give him up to you

that doesn’t sound kind and the price

was fixed at thirty bits of silver and

from that time he was watching for a

chance to give him into their hands now

on the first day of unleavened bread the

disciples came to Jesus saying where are

we to make ready for you to take the

Passover meal

and he said to them go into the town to

such a man and say to him the master

says my time is near I will keep the

Passover at your house with my disciples

and the disciples did as Jesus had said

to them and they made ready the Passover

now when evening was come he was seated

at table with the twelve disciples and

while they were taking food he said

truly I say to you that one of you will

be false to me and they were very very

sad and said to him one by one is it I

Lord and he made answer and said he who

puts his hand into the plate with me the

same will be false to me the son of man

goes even as the writing say of him but

a curse is on that man through whom the

Son of Man is given up it would have

been well for that man if he had never

come into the world the Word of God says

these things must happen but cursed is

the man through whom they come and Judas

who was false to him made answer and

said is it I master he says to him yes

and when they were taking food Jesus

took bread and after blessing it he gave

the broken bread to the disciples and

said take it this is my body and he took

a cup and having given praise he gave it

to them saying take of it all of you for

this is my blood of the Testament which

is given for men for the forgiveness of

sins this is my blood of the Testament

of the new agreement which is

even for men for the forgiveness of sins

we can commemorate by doing these acts

but we need to know spiritually what it

is what it means otherwise we’re just

doing things without knowing why without

knowing how without faith Matthew 26

verse 29 but I say to you that from now

I will not take of this fruit of the

vine until that day when I take it new

with you in my father’s Kingdom and

after a song of praise to God they went

out to the mountain of olives then said

Jesus to them all of you will be turned

away from me this night for it is said

in the writings I will put to death the

keeper of the sheep and the Sheep of the

flock will be put to flight but after I

am come back from the dead I will go

before you into Galilee

but Peter made answer and said to him

though all may be turned away from you I

will never be turned away jesus said to

him truly I say to you that this night

before the hour of the cocks cry you

will say three times that you have no

knowledge of me Peter says to him even

if I am put to death with you I will not

be false to you so sad

all the disciples then comes Jesus with

them to a place name gets M&E and says

to his disciples be seated here while I

go over there for prayer and he took

with him Peter

the two sons of zebedee and became sad

and very trouble then says he to them my

soul is very sad even to death keep

watch with me here and he went forward a

little and falling down on his face in

prayer he said o my father if it is

possible let this cup go from me but let

not my pleasure but yours be done great

prayer relying not only not on what you

want in the flesh but on the will of God

blessed be our Lord and he comes to the

disciples and sees that they are

sleeping and says to Peter what were you

not able to keep watch with me one hour

keep watch with prayer so that you may

not be put to the test the spirit truly

is ready but the flesh is feeble God is

ready waiting at all times but the flesh

the creation is feeble things draw our

attention here and there make a problem

over this and over death we worry and

are in fear of this thing and that thing

there are bad things they are but things

don’t be afraid of him who can kill the

body be afraid of him who can kill the

body and the soul again verse 42 again a

second time he went away and said in

prayer o my father if this may not go

from me with

of me my taking it let your pleasure be

done if this is your purpose Lord that I

should suffer let your will be done and

he came again and saw them sleeping for

their eyes were tired and he went away

from them again and a third time said

the same prayer then he comes to the

disciples and says to them go on

sleeping now and take your rest for the

hour is come and the Son of Man is given

into the hands of evil men up let us be

going see he who gives me up is near and

while he was still talking Judas one of

the twelve came and with him a band

armed with swords and sticks from the

chief priests and those in authority

over the people now the false one had

given them a sign saying the one to whom

I give a kiss that is he take him and

straight away he came to Jesus and said

master and gave him a kiss and Jesus

said to him friend do that for which you

have come then they came and put hands

on Jesus and took him and one of those

who were with Jesus put out his hand and

took out his sword and gave the servant

of the high priest a blow cutting off

his ear then says Jesus to him put up

your sword again into its place for all

those who take the sword will come to

death by the sword you cannot give the

spirit in violence a sharp word that is

done violence does not work for vie

is of the enemy does it not seem

possible to you says the Lord that if I

make requests to my father he will even

now send me an army of angels don’t you

think I can defend myself but how then

would the writings come true how then

would the Word of God come true which

say that so it has to be how in that

hour Jesus said to the people have you

come out against a thief with swords and

sticks to take me I was teaching every

day in the temple and you took me not

but all this has taken place so that the

writings of the prophets might come true

then all his disciples went from him in

flight and those who had made jesus

prisoner took him away to the house of

Caiaphas the high priest where the

scribes and those in authority over the

people had come together but Peter went

after him at a distance to the house of

the high priest and went in and took his

seat with the servants to see the end

now the chief priests and all the

Sanhedrin were looking for false witness

against Jesus so that they might put him

to death and they were not able to get

it though a number of false witnesses

came but later there came two who said

this man said I am able to give the

Temple of God to destruction and to put

it up again in three days and the high

priest got up and said to him have you

no answer what is it which these say

against you but jesus said not a word

and the high priest said to him I put

you on oath by the Living God that you

will say to us if you are the Christ the

Son of God Jesus says to him you say so

but I say to you from now you will see

the Son of man seated at the right hand

of power and coming on the clouds of

heaven then the high priest violently

parting his robes said he has said evil

against God what more need have we of

witnesses for now his words against God

have come to your ears what is your


they made answer and said it is right

for him to be put to death

then they put shame on him and were

cruel to him and some gave him blows

saying be a prophet of Christ and say

who gave you a blow now Peter was seated

in the open square outside the house and

a servant girl came to him saying you

were with Jesus the Galilean but he said

before them all that it was false saying

I have no knowledge of what you say and

when he had gone out into the doorway

another saw him and says to those who

were there this man was with Jesus the

Nazarene and again he said with an oath

I have no knowledge of the man and after

a while those who were near came and

said to Peter truly you are one of them

because your talk is witness against you

then with curses and oaths

he said notice this his stalk was a

witness against him he wasn’t cursing

so then to blend in to not have the same

and as his Lord which he had said well

even if I die I’ll say with youth in the

end he began to curse and make old all

things he knows he shouldn’t do the

spirit is ready the flesh is weak

sometimes our fear for the world or fear

of the world our fear of how we will end

up in the world makes us weak and

fearful sometimes we see the poor and we

they go no if we end up like that but

the poor we always have to do acts of

kindness with which our sword up in

heaven which are noted in the book of

the Lamb which are tokens of a

christ-like heart and mind not as oh I

have to do whatever is necessary to not

become like them think first of them not

of you but Peter and I can’t imagine see

sitting there believing that Christ is

the Lord and seeing how he is being

treated by men beaten slapped around

I say hey if they grab me what will they

do to me so with curses and oats he said

I have no knowledge of the man and

straightaway there came the cry of a

cock and the word of Jesus came back to

Peter when he said before the hour of

the cocks cry you will say three times

that you have no knowledge of me and he

went out Peter went out weeping bitterly

blessed be our Lord who suffered this

all for one reason

his blood was given for the forgiveness

of sins the sins of all men blessed be

your Lord I pray that whenever you think

about blood wine juice whenever you take

communion whatever you come together for

where two or more are to come together

in my name there I am in the midst says

the Lord that you might be reminded of

this whenever you eat gave grace

whenever you come together and eat this


this is his flesh and this is his blood

blessed be our Lord who fed us who gave

himself up for the forgiveness of sins

blessed be our Lord he has done away

with all sins now go forward and do what

is right in the eyes of the Lord in

Jesus mighty name

amen blessed be our Lord remember his

mercy and His grace when you see those

who are fallen along the way any man

blessed be our Lord

Take me, I am given for men for the forgiveness of sins

And when they were taking food, Jesus took bread and, after blessing it, he gave the broken bread to the disciples and said, Take it; this is my body.
Matthew 26:26

Take of it, all of you, for this is my blood of the testament, which is given for men for the forgiveness of sins.
Matthew 26:28

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