God shows his pity, the world laughs until there is no  help

The world laughs until there is no help.

2 Chronicles 36:16
But they put shame on the servants of God, making sport of his words and laughing at his prophets, till the wrath of God was moved against his people, till there was no help.

RAW Transcript:
00:00 blessed be the name of the Lord blessed
00:04 be the name of the Lord his name is jii
00:08 so Lord we thank you for today we thank
00:12 you for all days we thank you for your
00:15 mercy for your pity we thank you for
00:20 being you we thank you that you are our
00:23 God blessed be our Lord blessed be your
00:29 Lord in the beginning was the word and
00:40 the Word was with God and the Word was
00:45 God and that word is in the beginning
00:51 was the word and a word the power of God
00:55 in the beginning was the word and that
00:59 word is nothing was made outside of him
01:08 all that was made was made for him
01:14 nothing was made outside of Jesus all
01:20 that was made was made for him in the
01:25 beginning was the word and a word the
01:29 power of God in the beginning was the
01:32 word and that word is his name is Jesus
01:39 Lord of glory Jesus king of all Kings
01:47 his name is Jesus light of the world
01:53 Jesus the bread of life his name is
02:00 Jesus word of God Jesus God with
02:10 [Music]
02:14 God shows his pity the world laughs
02:19 until there is no help
02:22 God always shows us pity by his word by
02:28 his man of God whom he sends the ward he
02:33 always warns early and a lot a lot yet
02:41 the world people who are in the world
02:44 they don’t take his word seriously they
02:50 don’t remember that it is God who makes
02:52 the Sun Shine under good hand on the
02:55 evil it is God who upholds all life all
03:01 of it in the known and unknown universe
03:07 so when you think you’re riding high
03:09 because of you because of your pride
03:12 instead of because God is making the Sun
03:15 shine on your face out of his pity with
03:19 you and you start mocking and laughing
03:24 at the Word of God and at his prophet
03:31 sooner or later
03:33 most likely later because the Lord is
03:37 full of pity and mercy you will have no
03:43 help there will be nothing there to help
03:48 you
03:51 many just only preach the good sounding
03:55 words of God but the Word of God the
04:00 scripture says that everything in the
04:04 Word of God everything in scripture is
04:08 there to help you to raise you up to
04:12 teach you to guide you to bring you to
04:15 repentance to bring you to God to the
04:19 awareness of his presence in you around
04:24 you in all things at all times blessed
04:28 be your Lord and I pray that you may
04:32 know whenever things are going well with
04:35 you that God is showing his mercy on you
04:40 for it man nothing is possible but with
04:45 God everything is possible I can do all
04:51 things through Christ who strengthens me
04:55 so be careful and attentive take note of
05:02 the Lord’s is mercy for God shows us
05:06 pity the world the world laughs until
05:13 there is no help blessed be our Lord
05:18 2nd chronicles chapter 36 the
05:25 dethronement of jehovah has the
05:29 deportation bondage in Babylon
05:35 bondage in Babylon how do these things
05:38 happen
05:39 how do Kings got dethroned why are
05:42 people deported why are people captive
05:48 speak to those to whom these things have
05:51 happened and you will see that they have
05:55 disregarded the Word of God blessed be
06:02 your Lord let us be a lesson to all of
06:04 us to keep in mind his word and a word
06:10 he gives the warnings he gives out of
06:13 his pity with us by His Prophet by his
06:18 man of God blessed be our Lord so Lord
06:21 give us your word
06:24 speak with your voice speak into the
06:27 hearts of those who are under the power
06:29 of your voice
06:31 2nd chronicles chapter
06:35 36 verse 1 then the people of the land
06:45 took jehovah’s the son of Josiah
06:48 remember him and made him King in his
06:52 father’s stead in Jerusalem
06:56 Jehovah’s was 20 and 3 years old when he
07:02 began to reign and he reigned three
07:04 months in Jerusalem three months then
07:12 the king of Egypt took the kingdom from
07:17 him in Jerusalem and put on the land
07:20 attacks of a hundred talents of silver
07:23 and a talent of gold and the king of
07:27 Egypt made aliyah Hakeem his brother
07:32 king over Judah and Jerusalem changing
07:35 his name to Jehovah Kim and Nico took
07:41 his brother Jehovah ‘has away to Egypt
07:50 yahoo Hakeem the counterfeit his name
07:58 also means resurrection of the Lord the
08:04 avenging of the Lord the Vengeance of
08:07 the Lord
08:11 Yahoo Hakeem was 25 years old when he
08:15 became king he was ruling in Jerusalem
08:18 for 11 years and he did evil in the eyes
08:24 of the Lord his God Nebuchadnezzar king
08:29 of Babylon came up against him and took
08:33 him away in Chains to Babylon
08:37 Nebuchadnezzar took away some of the
08:41 vessels of the Lord’s house and put them
08:44 in the house of his God in Babylon
08:48 now the rest of the acts of yahooey
08:51 Kim Jehovah Kim and the disgusting
08:54 things he did and all there is to be
08:57 said against him are recorded in the
09:00 book of the kings of Israel and Judah
09:03 and Jehovah Kim Jaeho yahan his son
09:07 became king in his place
09:12 Yahoo yeah he was 18 years old when he
09:16 became king he was ruling in Jerusalem
09:21 for three months and ten days ten days
09:25 and he did evil in the eyes of the Lord
09:29 in the spring of the year King
09:33 Nebuchadnezzar
09:35 sent and took him away to Babylon with
09:39 the beautiful vessels of the house of
09:41 the Lord and made Zedekiah his father’s
09:44 his brother king over Judah and
09:47 Jerusalem Zedekiah was 21 years old when
09:54 he became king he was ruling in
09:57 Jerusalem for 11 years he did evil in
10:03 the eyes of the Lord and did not make
10:06 himself low before Jeremiah the Prophet
10:09 who gave him the word of the Lord we
10:13 need to understand Authority God his
10:19 word the bringer of his word then the
10:24 priests the kings the seers and all of
10:28 those are below that and when a king
10:34 does not listen to the Prophet to the
10:39 bringer of the word of God to the Word
10:42 of God he does evil yes you are king
10:49 over all the worldly things but remember
10:53 it is the spirit that made those worldly
10:57 things by his word it is the swear
11:01 who upholds everything even you by his
11:06 word so don’t deny the word of the Lord
11:15 but Zedekiah did evil in the eyes of the
11:19 Lord and did not make himself low before
11:23 jeremiah the prophet who gave him the
11:27 word of the lord and he took up arms
11:31 against king nebuchadnezzar he revolted
11:37 though he had make him taken oath by God
11:41 though he had taken an oath by God to
11:45 not revolt but he made his neck stiff he
11:50 was stubborn and he made his heart hard
11:56 turning away from the Lord the God of
12:00 Israel and more than this all the great
12:06 man of Judah and a priest and a people
12:08 made their sin great turning to all the
12:11 disgusting ways of the nations and they
12:15 made unclean the house of the Lord which
12:18 he had made holy in Jerusalem and the
12:22 Lord the god of their fathers sent word
12:25 to them by his servants sanding early
12:31 and frequently because he had pity on
12:35 his people and on his living place 2nd
12:42 chronicles 36 verse 15 the Lord always
12:47 warns in his written word in his given
12:54 word he sends his workers to give you a
12:59 warning do this don’t do that
13:03 but man in their pride in the hardness
13:06 of their heart
13:12 they want to do what they think being in
13:16 the world is what they have to do using
13:21 all words of God peace love yet
13:28 disregarding the prophets and a message
13:32 that they bring disregarding the Word of
13:36 God for their life in their generation
13:43 2nd chronicles 36 verse 50 and the Lord
13:47 the god of their fathers sent word to
13:51 them by his servants sending early and
13:56 frequently a lot of people tell me well
14:01 I didn’t know that but if you know the
14:06 Word of God you know that the Lord sent
14:08 them word early and frequently and they
14:12 disregarded it and he sends his word
14:16 early and frequently because he had pity
14:19 on his people and on his living place
14:27 but they put shame on the servants of
14:32 God making sport of his words and
14:36 laughing at his prophets till the wrath
14:40 of God was moved against his people till
14:44 there was no help so he sent against
14:54 them the king of the Chaldeans who put
14:58 their young man to death with the sword
15:01 in the house of their holy place and had
15:04 no pity for any young man or virgin old
15:08 man or white-haired God gave them all
15:12 into his hand
15:19 all remember what or who the wrath of
15:26 God is God gave them all into his hands
15:33 and all the vessels of the house of God
15:37 great and small and a stored wealth of
15:40 the Lord’s his house and the wealth of
15:42 the King and his chiefs he took away to
15:46 Babylon and the house of God was burned
15:50 and a wall of Jerusalem broken down all
15:54 its great houses were burned with fire
15:56 and all its beautiful vessels given up
16:00 to destruction and all who had not come
16:03 to death by the sword he took away
16:07 prisoners to Babylon and he became
16:14 servants to him and to his sons till the
16:18 kingdom of Persia came to power so that
16:23 the words of the Lord which he said by
16:26 the mouth of Jeremiah might come true
16:29 till the land had had pleasure in her
16:32 Sabbath’s for as long as she was waste
16:36 the land kapda 7 as long as there was no
16:40 one there the land was at rest without
16:44 any evil being done there till seventy
16:48 years were complete now in the first
16:54 year of Cyrus king of Persia in order
16:58 that the words which the Lord had said
17:01 by the mouth of Jeremiah might come true
17:04 the king of Cyrus king of Persia was
17:08 moved by the Lord and he made a public
17:11 statement and had it given out to Walt
17:14 all his kingdom and put in writing
17:17 saying Cyrus king of Persia has said all
17:22 the kingdoms of the earth have been
17:24 given to me by the Lord the God of
17:27 heaven and he has made me responsible
17:32 for
17:33 building a house for him in Jerusalem
17:36 which is in Judah
17:39 whoever there is among you of all his
17:42 people
17:43 may the Lord his God be with him and let
17:48 him go up blessed be our Lord creator
17:56 of all ruler of all who uses all
18:00 according to his purpose blessed be your
18:06 Lord God shows his pity don’t laugh and
18:13 his word and his prophets don’t
18:16 disregard the word he is giving you for
18:21 if you do in the end there will be no
18:26 help you must then show him how much
18:32 power you have to overcome and remember
18:36 we only overcome by the blood of the
18:38 Lamb remember that man was made a little
18:44 lower than the Angels remember that the
18:48 Fallen Angels are angels they just have
18:54 a different a worldly point of view they
19:00 rebelled against God blessed be your
19:04 Lord and let his mercy His grace be on
19:09 you because you take the time and make
19:13 the effort to know who he is you know
19:19 his word and because you take into
19:25 consideration above other philosophies
19:29 above your own thoughts the words which
19:33 he gives to you through his prophets
19:37 blessed be our Lord God shows us pity
19:41 the world laughs until there is no help
19:46 be not found on the side of the world so
19:50 that you may always have his help
19:54 blessed be our Lord in Jesus mighty
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