Nehemiah 10:29
They were united with their brothers, their rulers, and put themselves under a curse and an oath, to keep their steps in the way of God’s law, which was given by Moses, the servant of God, and to keep and do all the orders of the Lord, our Lord, and his decisions and his rules;

I pray, that you may see all these
laws and all these orders in the same
context, in the same way that Jesus saw
them; from God’s point of view
For Jesus, although he was accused of going against
the law, as all, as all, who follow him are
accused of doing, so Jesus only does what
he sees the spirit doing, God the Father,
the spirit doing, and Jesus only says
what the Spirit tells him to say. Think
about that whenever you read about people
accusing Jesus, “oh but you’re
transgressing this law”, “oh but you’re
going against that order”, “oh why are you
always in trouble”, they crucified him for
it, yet he was the one who knew how to
discern, interpret, and explain all of the
Blessed be our Lord,
Blessed be our Lord.
I pray that you may keep and do all his orders,
all his orders, at all times.

In Jesus mighty name. Amen

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