He has made strong the iron bands of your doors; he has sent blessings on your children inside your walls.

Blessed Be Our Children

Psa 147:13 For he has strengthened the bars of your gates,
blessing your children within you.

The LORD blesses our children,
and entrusting them to us is a blessing.
Let us bless our children on this day of thanksgiving,
Let us (re)dedicate them to OUR GOD,
As the first fruits of all the blessings he has given us.
Praised be The LORD God Of Hosts.

Glory To God!, Praise God!
Abba Daddy, God Of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
In The Name Of Jesus,
I Bless My Sons Joshua And Benjamin,
To Understand Your Word,
To Live The Life You Have Prepared For Them,
To Be Yours,
To Be Able To See Themselves As You See Them,
To Be Aware That You Are Always With Them,
And To Fulfill All The Plans You Have For Their Lives, Father.
I Thank You And Praise You, And Glorify Your Name,
For All This, In Jesus Name,

Blessed Be Our Children
Today, we bless our children, to see themselves as God sees them, to be aware that God is always with them, to do his will.
In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.