But about the times and their order, my brothers, there is no need for me to say anything to you.

Ready and without blame for The Day Of Jesus Christ.

But about the times and their order, my brothers, there is no need for me to say anything to you.
1 Thessalonians 5:1 BBE

1Th 5:2 For you yourselves have the knowledge that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.
1Th 5:3 When they say, There is peace and no danger, then sudden destruction will come on them, as birth-pains on a woman with child; and they will not be able to get away from it.

1Th 5:8 But let us, who are of the day, be serious, putting on the breastplate of faith and love, and on our heads, the hope of salvation.
1Th 5:9 For God’s purpose for us is not wrath, but salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,
1Th 5:10 Who was put to death for us, so that, awake or sleeping, we may have a part in his life.

1Th 5:14 And our desire is that you will keep control over those whose lives are not well ordered, giving comfort to the feeble-hearted, supporting those with little strength, and putting up with much from all.
1Th 5:15 Let no one give evil for evil; but ever go after what is good, for one another and for all.
1Th 5:16 Have joy at all times.
1Th 5:17 Keep on with your prayers.
1Th 5:18 In everything give praise: for this is the purpose of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1Th 5:19 Do not put out the light of the Spirit;
1Th 5:20 Do not make little of the words of the prophets;
1Th 5:21 Let all things be tested; keep to what is good;
1Th 5:22 Keep from every form of evil.
1Th 5:23 And may the God of peace himself make you holy in every way; and may your spirit and soul and body be free from all sin at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1Th 5:27 I give orders in the name of the Lord that all the brothers are to be present at the reading of this letter.
1Th 5:28 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

RAW Transcript:
00:00 glory to God glory to God glory to God
00:07 today we worship or Lord the light of
00:11 the world the breath of life the breath
00:14 are everything the King of Kings the
00:18 Lord of lords we thank you Lord we thank
00:23 you Lord we praise you today we’re gonna
00:27 worship the lord by the most important
00:31 thing reading his word knowing his word
00:36 knowing him the things he did the things
00:40 he said knowing testimonies hearing
00:43 testimonies of him not testimonies of
00:48 the world not knowledge of the world but
00:52 knowledge of him of his word for he is
00:56 the word of God amen and amen today
01:04 we’re gonna finish 1st Thessalonians
01:10 where the key thought is comfort what is
01:13 our comfort actually remember that the
01:17 Holy Spirit is called the comforter so
01:21 when you read about what is our comfort
01:23 you’re reading about the working of the
01:26 Holy Spirit in you in the believer and
01:29 all of us who believe in him the key
01:36 verse a 1st Thessalonians is 1st
01:39 Thessalonians 1 verse 10 waiting for his
01:42 son from heaven who came back from the
01:46 dead Jesus our Savior from the wrath to
01:50 come there’s a lot packed in there but
01:57 the main thing I want to focus on is
01:59 that our comfort is on the day of Jesus
02:02 Christ or comfort is an eternal life our
02:06 comfort is our salvation from the wrath
02:10 to come because of the transgression
02:13 of the law for our Savior cleanses us
02:18 washes us white as snow with his blood
02:22 he paid with his blood for all our
02:25 transgressions of the law and on his day
02:31 on his day when he comes in clouds of
02:36 glory he will take up resurrect those
02:42 who are asleep who died in him and then
02:48 he will take us in him and we will be
02:53 comforted we will have our salvation we
02:59 will have eternal life in him for he is
03:04 the temple hey man hey man enemy he has
03:09 eternal life he is the kingdom of God
03:13 amen amen and 1st Thessalonians Christ
03:18 is testified of as or coming Lord or
03:24 coming Lord or coming Lord 1st
03:30 Thessalonians chapter 5 the way a
03:34 believer should behave the way a
03:38 believer should behave the day of the
03:42 Lord and as their treat topics mixing to
03:46 each other here that have to do with one
03:48 another the day of the Lord and some
03:58 pointers as to how to behave as a we’ve
04:02 even Christians Christians those who
04:08 believe and follow Christ Christians
04:14 should live like men who are awake awake
04:18 quickened not asleep awake in constant
04:23 expectation watching and constant watch
04:26 having done all stand in constant
04:31 expectation of Christ’s return of the
04:34 day of the Lord and having all natural
04:38 desires lust desires bride under under
04:45 in subjection to Christ under the
04:51 control of our Lord Jesus Christ when
04:56 Christ will come when the day of the
04:59 Lord is no man knows so don’t listen to
05:04 anyone who tell you it’s tomorrow it’s
05:06 then no man knows his coming will be
05:11 sudden sudden
05:22 overtaking many falling upon many who
05:28 are in the midst who are in the middle
05:30 of building up their worldly security
05:34 and being joy in the world and bringing
05:41 them destruction destruction from which
05:46 there is no escape looking at times and
05:55 seasons 1st Thessalonians 5 verse 1 but
05:59 about the times and their order my
06:02 brother’s about when the day of the Lord
06:05 is there is no need for me to say
06:09 anything to you times and seasons when
06:19 they say there is peace and no danger
06:23 when the unbelievers say there is peace
06:25 and no danger then sudden destruction
06:27 will come on them as birth pains on a
06:31 woman with child and they will not be
06:33 able to get away from it but let’s let
06:39 us who are of the day of our Lord Jesus
06:42 Christ be serious be serious focused
06:48 putting on the breastplate of faith and
06:51 love and on our heads the hope of
06:55 salvation oh I knew I knew a little bit
07:01 a clarification of the armor of God for
07:12 God’s purpose for us is not wrath it’s
07:16 not destruction but salvation through
07:21 our Lord Jesus Christ for God so loved
07:25 the world that He sent His only begotten
07:27 Son so that all who believe in him might
07:31 not perish but have eternal life
07:38 Jesus His Son Jesus the vessel of the
07:44 full glory of God the image of God
07:48 Emmanuel God with us Jesus who was put
07:54 to death for us so that awake or
07:58 sleeping we may have a part in his life
08:02 awake or sleeping it is all done by the
08:09 grace of God by the grace of God so have
08:17 joy at all times keep on praying give
08:25 praise at all times for every little
08:28 thing for this is the purpose of God in
08:32 Christ Jesus for us to give praise to
08:36 the king of kings don’t quench the light
08:43 of the Spirit never try to dampen the
08:47 spirit in yourself or in someone else
08:53 never try to bring the spirit under your
08:55 control bring everything that you have
08:57 under the control of the Spirit don’t
09:05 belittle the words of the prophets don’t
09:09 disregard them and let all things we
09:13 tested and keep keep doing what is good
09:19 in Jesus mighty name now how will that
09:25 they come how did they come the word
09:31 says as the teeth usually comes in the
09:35 dead of the night without no one
09:37 expecting it that’s the surprise for the
09:44 ungodly 1st Thessalonians 5 verse 2 says
09:49 for you yourselves have the knowledge
09:51 that the day of the Lord will come like
09:54 a thief in the night but for us who
10:02 believe who believe in the Word of God
10:08 who are seated in Christ who are
10:14 overflowing with the Holy Spirit it is a
10:22 joyous a joyous an expectation filled
10:27 with joy for we expect his return at any
10:31 time and if we are in trouble are at
10:37 peace with the world it doesn’t matter
10:43 for our joy is our happy expectation of
10:47 his coming we can’t be surprised we
10:52 won’t be shocked we have our affairs in
10:56 order or spiritual affairs the trouble
11:01 the peace the world the world will be
11:05 the world ready for the day of the Lord
11:14 the day of our Lord Jesus Christ the day
11:18 of the Lord in Revelations it says I
11:22 think it’s chapter 21 he will come in
11:25 clouds of glory rewarding every man for
11:35 his work the day of the Lord the day of
11:43 the Lord is near but realized two things
11:48 to God a breath is like 10,000 years and
11:52 ten thousand years is like a breath the
11:56 day of the Lord is near
12:02 but realize that no man knows of the
12:06 hour or the time or the date no man the
12:14 day of the Lord is near but in
12:16 Revelations it is said that his stool
12:19 last Saints his to last prophets were
12:23 killed in the streets of the big city
12:26 before he came realize all these things
12:35 before you run after and don’t run after
12:39 people who say specific date for it is
12:42 impossible according to the Word of God
12:46 it’s as simple as that because it has to
12:51 be sudden without anyone expecting it
12:55 that is the whole purpose of it find out
12:59 who really loves God who has really been
13:02 waiting and watching and standing in the
13:05 gap and looking for the coming of our
13:08 Lord there will be no warning there will
13:13 be no warning the suddenness of the day
13:21 of the Lord the coming the second coming
13:23 of Jesus comes with assurances to those
13:29 who believe in him who are in communion
13:33 with him constantly no matter what is
13:36 going on in their lives Matthew 24 verse
13:38 twenty thirty eight Matthew 24 verse 38
13:43 because as in those days before the
13:46 overflowing of the waters before in the
13:52 days of Noah because as in those days
13:55 before the overflowing of the waters
13:57 they were feasting and taking wives and
14:01 getting married till the day when Noah
14:03 went into the yard the sign of Noah is
14:10 the sign of the second coming of the
14:13 Lord
14:14 in the Old Testament in New Testament
14:17 Moses o Lord says Moses testifies of me
14:22 Moses testified of the second coming by
14:27 giving the sign of Noah God God showed
14:32 already what would happen those who
14:35 believe and were righteous through fate
14:38 Noah those would be taken up on the
14:47 waters that destroyed everything every
14:50 life it is a sign of the second coming
14:58 of our Lord Jesus those who believe who
15:03 have faith in Him who are accounted
15:06 righteous through faith as in those days
15:11 before the overflowing of the waters
15:14 they were feasting and taking wives and
15:18 getting married till the day when Noah
15:20 went into the ark and it started to ring
15:28 like a thief in the night without
15:30 warning everyone was going about
15:34 securing his worldly affairs Matthew 24
15:39 verse 43 but be certain of this that if
15:43 the master of the house had had
15:46 knowledge of the time when the thief was
15:49 coming he would have been watching and
15:52 would not have let his house be broken
15:55 into it will come that day will come as
16:02 a thief in the night so be always
16:04 watching having done all stand stand
16:09 keep watching keep praying keep
16:15 increasing your fate keep going to Jesus
16:20 for all things
16:25 Luke 1729 but on the day when lot went
16:34 out of so Dom fire came down from heaven
16:37 and disruption came on them all so will
16:43 it be in the day of the revelation of
16:46 the Son of Man there another sign from
16:51 the Old Testament about the second
16:56 coming of Jesus realize that three
17:02 angels let’s just call them angels for
17:07 now when we go through that will will go
17:09 deeper into rudos who they were they
17:16 came from heaven they went into sodam
17:22 and took out again salvation those who
17:29 were righteous through faith in God took
17:32 them out and destruction came on
17:42 everyone in that city but I think
17:46 everyone here under the power of the
17:48 voice of our lord knows what was going
17:51 on but what I want to point to what I
17:57 want to make clear is that there are
17:58 several places in the Old Testament
18:02 which point to the second coming of our
18:05 Lord when everyone will be rewarded
18:10 according to their work
18:20 the Bible says the world spends its days
18:24 in sleep sleeping Oh sluggard and in
18:32 drunkenness and what those words mean is
18:37 that the world is indifferent to the
18:41 things of the Lord the world is enjoying
18:45 sensuality and sensuality is much more
18:50 than sexuality sensuality is just
18:53 pleasures of the flesh whether that be a
18:57 mink coat a beautiful car a diamond ring
19:02 fake nails hair someone’s here the
19:12 latest Jordan or converse tennis shoes
19:18 sensuality but believers and followers
19:24 of Christ I called on to be soldier-like
19:29 disciplined disciplined ready and on
19:37 watch ready seeking whom they might help
19:45 see the light of Jesus and always
19:50 watching for that day when the Lord
19:53 comes in clouds of glory
20:07 and as we watch as our focus is turned
20:12 to him this is what Paul says Jesus who
20:20 was put to death for us so that awake or
20:25 sleeping so that whether we be awake
20:30 during the day or asleep whether we be
20:35 alive in the flesh or dead we may have a
20:40 part in his life we have no worry we
20:46 have no fear of death because whatever
20:50 happens as we are when we are away
20:55 communing with him so we will be we will
20:59 just be translated from one state to the
21:05 other always in Christ 1st Thessalonians
21:11 5 verse them together those who are
21:18 alive and those who are asleep those who
21:20 have gone before us and ourselves and
21:23 maybe it is us who have gone before
21:25 those who are awake at the coming of our
21:30 Lord but together all of us all of us
21:35 who are in communion with Christ will
21:43 have a part in his life eternal life
21:48 that what we call death but the Apostle
21:54 Paul calls its sleep
22:03 is a terror to the world people get in
22:08 panic when they come in a situation
22:11 where they might die but to us who
22:15 believe on the Lord it is an opportunity
22:19 to live is Christ to die is gain because
22:24 then we’ll come nearer we call it asleep
22:31 arrest arrest because the resurrection
22:37 the exceeding power of god the
22:39 resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ
22:42 has taken away the destruction of the
22:48 spirit out of the hands of the enemy so
22:54 we only fear Him who has the keys to
22:57 life and that we only worship our Lord
23:04 Jesus and God there is life in him
23:13 whether we are awake or asleep just
23:18 being constant communion with him so
23:22 that at the moment whatever happens if
23:24 we might die we died in him and so we
23:29 are assured that at his day on his day
23:33 on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ we
23:37 will all be together all those who are
23:42 in Christ that is or assurance that is
23:47 our hope that is the promise of God unto
23:50 all who believe in him amen amen
24:04 first Thessalonians 5 verse 14 says and
24:07 our desire is that you will keep control
24:11 over those whose lives are not well
24:15 ordered giving comfort to the feeble
24:19 hearted supporting those with little
24:21 strength and putting up with much from
24:24 all some have taken these verses to rule
24:32 over others this is not the will of the
24:36 Lord the Lord has explicitly stated that
24:41 ruling over one another is not his will
24:44 he is the head control keep control is
24:54 explained in this verse keep control
24:57 means ministering to one another
25:01 ministering to one another keep control
25:07 over those whose lives are not well
25:10 ordered giving comfort number one to the
25:14 feeble hearted to the week giving
25:18 comfort to the week supporting those
25:21 with little strength supporting comfort
25:32 support strengthening teaching guiding
25:36 and putting up with much from all
25:42 patience and long-suffering that is what
25:47 it means to have control for once you
25:50 have control in that way it is the Lord
25:53 Himself who is ruler and master of all
25:57 who keeps them in check in control
26:02 minister minister to others
26:11 and first Thessalonians 5 16 to 22
26:17 there’s also some guides some highlights
26:23 of what a Christian does have joy at all
26:30 times verse 16 for 17 keep on with your
26:35 prayers keep on praying verse 18 and
26:39 everything give praise for this is the
26:46 purpose of God in Christ Jesus for you
26:48 this is why God created you to praise
26:52 him how does that song go every blessing
26:59 you pour out I’ll turn back to praise
27:04 yes praise don’t put out the light of
27:10 the Spirit do not quench the spirit
27:14 don’t cover up the things that the
27:17 spirit in do it is doing and you are in
27:20 others don’t belittle the words of the
27:23 prophets the true prophets let all
27:31 things be tested there comes the true
27:33 prophets let all things we tested for
27:38 the word is clear whatever someone says
27:42 a prophet says that does not come out
27:44 was not the Word of God for God’s Word
27:49 does not return on to him void keep to
27:54 what is good keep from every form of
27:59 evil and as we grow to fulfill all these
28:06 things which are one then feeling of the
28:11 Holy Spirit we keep praying and asking
28:15 for the Holy Spirit the fear failing
28:20 full of joy constantly prayer giving
28:24 thanks in everything loving with the
28:27 unquenched fire of the Holy Spirit
28:33 willing to listen regardless of anyone’s
28:38 position who may be bringing a message
28:42 from the Lord testing everything that
28:46 happens and every word against that
28:56 which the Lord has said already
28:58 steadfast always trying to do good and
29:05 standing standing against evil this is a
29:13 I will say it this is such a high
29:18 standard it is impossible to achieve it
29:22 without the Lord Himself the Lord
29:26 Himself being in you in the form of the
29:29 Holy Spirit it is impossible without him
29:35 it is impossible but when you get to
29:41 that point that you were truly
29:43 surrendered surrender all your thoughts
29:46 all your feelings all your doings to him
29:52 when he fails that whole temple the
29:56 whole temple for you our temple of the
29:59 Holy Spirit everything is made well
30:14 god is faithful and he never he never
30:22 lets anyone down who totally gives
30:26 himself up who totally shifts himself to
30:30 the side so that God might work through
30:33 him we praise the Lord and I want to
30:38 pray at this moment I want to praise
30:40 this time Lord Jesus I pray I stand in
30:45 the gap and pray for all for all we’re
30:48 under the power of your voice and I pray
30:51 that they may have joy your joy at all
30:55 times I pray that you may fill them with
30:57 your joy with your prayers Lord that you
31:02 might give them prayers to pray that
31:05 they might keep on praying no matter
31:08 what the situation that in everything
31:11 they may give praise Lord praise for
31:15 even when we were about to die we know
31:18 we give you praise because we’re coming
31:21 to you Lord we praise you Lord for this
31:26 reason we were created and so we praise
31:29 you Lord for everything for every
31:33 blessing for every trouble that makes us
31:37 stronger pickens or arm we praise you
31:43 lord help us to never never ever put out
31:50 the light of the Spirit that you have
31:54 put in us that you have put in anyone
31:57 else lord help us do not make little the
32:04 words of any profit any profit help us
32:09 to see that if we’re not hearing
32:13 something Lord as your word says if
32:18 these don’t praise me God will make the
32:22 stones freeze
32:23 help us who understand that Lord that
32:27 everyone and anyone might bring a word
32:31 of prophecy help us know to test all
32:37 things against the spirit Lord and to
32:42 hold on to that which the Spirit says is
32:46 good but a strong block in our hearts in
32:51 our spirits Lord against every form of
32:55 evil and put a strong will in our
32:58 spirits to do everything as you command
33:04 is Lord in Jesus mighty name I pray
33:08 thank you Lord let us do or reading Lord
33:12 give us your word Lord speak with your
33:15 voice Lord speaking to the hearts of all
33:20 who are under the power of your voice
33:24 amen amen and amen first Thessalonians 5
33:31 first one

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