International Standard Version ISV

A new  translation that is easy to read, understand and teach from.

For the last three millennia, the Bible has exercised an unparalleled influence on the lives of individuals and nations. People of faith throughout the centuries have recorded the revelation of God pertaining to the affairs of daily life. The experiences of prophets, kings, and common people have been communicated through the written text of Scripture. Jewish and Christian scholars have been concerned to make sure that the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts would be communicated to each new generation. Even though governments and rulers have attempted to prevent the distribution of the translated Bible in many periods of history, faithful scholars such as John Wycliffe and William Tyndale gave their very lives to translate and distribute the books of the Bible. In every period of revival and renewal in the church, the Bible was central.
The Holy Bible: International Standard Version® embodies the best results of modern scholarship as to the meaning of Scripture, and it expresses this meaning in clear and natural English. Produced by the ISV Foundation, the ISV® offers an exciting opportunity to read and study the Scriptures in a fresh, new way.

The ISV is “international” in that slang and regionalisms are avoided, and “standard” in that it is designed for public worship, for church school curricula, for religious publishing, and for both personal and group study. And with the ISV text, study tools, and software readily available to the public via the Internet, the ISV provides new opportunities for in-depth study of God’s Word anywhere in the world, by anyone, and at any time.

The Uniqueness of the ISV
With so many English language Bible translations available today, the reader is faced with an important question: “What distinguishes the ISV from other Bible translations?” The ISV offers six features that distinguish it from other recent English language translations:
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