I am a man, given up to the cause of God. Washed and prepared for the service of Christ

Your testimony; To witness of Jesus Christ in your life

I am a Jew of Tarsus in Cilicia by birth, but I had my education in this town at the feet of Gamaliel, being trained in the keeping of every detail of the law of our fathers; given up to the cause of God with all my heart, as you are today.
Acts 22:3

The preparation for the service of Christ
Act 22:14 And he said, You have been marked out by the God of our fathers to have knowledge of his purpose1)Know his will, and to see the Upright One2)Have a vision of Christ and to give ear to the words of his mouth3)Hear his voice.

1Know his will
2Have a vision of Christ
3Hear his voice