Some writings that are part of my testimony of the love of our Lord.

Metro Hate Preacher

As I was taking a metro ride from the Bronx into Manhattan I noticed this strange guy, not strange because of his appearance but because he seemed a contradiction. In his hands he had pamphlets of one kind or another, but he kept trying to avoid eye contact with anyone else on the metro. He … Continue reading Metro Hate Preacher

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Homosexuals and those who hate them.

Comment on an article urging homosexuals to come out of the closet. Well Brian, I wanted to take a rather low profile on this site, but after reading your article I just had to react. Let me begin by saying that each day that passes I find myself living more and more by the bible … Continue reading Homosexuals and those who hate them.

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Creation vs. Evolution

Creation and Evolution. I keep reading how creation is opposite to evolution and that creation OR evolution must be the truth, but not both. Both sides of the argument, the creationists and the evolutionists, perpetuate this controversy by calling each other names and hiding deeper and deeper behind their so called ‘knowledge’. This only leads … Continue reading Creation vs. Evolution

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