Truly this man was the Son of God.

Truly this man was the Son of God.

And when the centurion, which stood over against him, saw that he so cried out, and gave up the ghost, he said, Truly this man was the Son of God.
Mark 15:39 KJV

truly this man was the son of God the

Lord to the unbeliever to the Centurion

let it be known that this man was the

son of God and some versions it says II

son of God which may seem wrong but is

right because he says brother’s again

the Word of God says as he is so his

disciples will be as they treated the

Lord so will they treat the disciples a

disciple is no greater it is Master a

slave is no greater than his Lord the

challenge to us all is to be christ-like

a son of God a child of God that is the

challenge to all to be a child of God

blessed be your Lord in Jesus mighty

name amen and I pray that you might know

the Lord the Son of God the Son of God

the Express image of God the only only

image there is in the world of God where

in the beginning was the word and the

Word was with God and the Word was God

and the word became flesh and we beheld

him we beheld his glory such glory as of

the only begotten son as of an only Son

blessed be your Lord our Lord and our


in Jesus mighty name amen so lord give

us your word speak with your voice speak

unto the hearts of those who are under

the power of your voice in Jesus mighty

name amen

mark 15 verse 1 mark 15 verse 1 remember

Jesus was taken and being delivered mark

15 verse 1 and straightaway in the

morning the chief priests held a

consultation with the elders and scribes

and a whole council and bound Jesus and

carried him away and delivered him to

Pilate and Pilate asked him art thou the

King of the Jews

and he answering said unto Him thou

sayest it and the chief three

accused him of many things but he

answered nothing and Pilate asked him

again saying answerest thou nothing

behold how many things they witness

against thee but Jesus yet answered


so that Pilate marvelled now at that

feast he released unto them one prisoner

whomsoever they desired and there was

one named Barabbas which lay bound with

them bound with them that had made

insurrection with him who had committed

murder in the insurrection and the

multitude crying aloud began to desire

him to do as he had ever done on to them

but Pilate answered them saying will ye

that I release all to you the King of

the Jews for he knew that the chief

priests had delivered him for envy they

had delivered Christ on to the Romans

because they envied him

but the chief priest moved the people

that he should rather release Barabbas

onto them and Pilate answered and said

unto them what will ye then that I shall

do unto Him whom ye called the king of

the Jews and they cried out again

crucify him then Pilate said unto them

why what evil had he done and he cried

out the more exceedingly crucify him and

so Pilate willing to content the people

released Barabbas onto them and

delivered Jesus when he had scourged him

to be crucified and the soldiers led him

away into the Hall called praetorium and

he called to gather the whole band and

he clothed him with purple and platted a

crown of thorns and put it above his

head and began to salute him hail King

of the Jews and he smote him on the head

with a reed and did spit upon him and

bowing their knees worshipped him and

when they had mocked him they took off

the purple from him and put his own

clothes on him and led him out to

crucify him and they compel one Simon a

Cyrenian who passed by coming out of the

country the father of Alexander and

Rufus to bear his cross and they bring

him unto the place Golgotha which is

being interpreted the place of a skull

and he gave him to drink wine mingled

myth with mirror but he received it not

when they had crucified him they parted

his garments casting Lots upon them what

every man should take all the things

that the world does and it was the third

hour and they crucified him and a

superscription of his accusation was

written over the king of the Jews and

with him they crucified two thieves the

one on his right hand and the other on

his left and the scripture was fulfilled

which saith and he was numbered with the

transgressors and a that passed by

railed on him wagging their heads and

saying ah now that destroys the temple

and build it dist it in three days for

he had said that if they destroyed this

temple he would rebuild it in three days

but he was not talking about worldly

things he was speaking about himself the

Express image of God the body the tent

which houses the Holy Spirit without


but the people mocked him for when

people see that things are not going

according to what they think is good

worldly things they think it is not of

God but read scripture Isaiah had to lie

down by the roadside for a year cooking

his bread on a pile of dung of excrement

for a year without moving now see that

picture before you there lies a man next

to a pile of dung enough to last him for

a year maybe a big pile of them and

let’s not even think about where his

excrement goes for he didn’t move for a


picture dad yet Isaiah had the Spirit

and prophesied God showing that no

matter the circumstance he can make his

word be heard

no matter the worldly circumstance the

worldly circumstance has nothing to do

with the power of God the power of God

is above worldly things blessed be your

Lord for an armed normal person in that

circumstance would have died yet he was

alive and here they were again the

people saying uh thou that destroyest

the temple and buildest it in three days

bringing an accusation based on what

their eyes can see yet not understand

mark 15 verse 30 save thyself and come

down from the cross likewise also the

chief priests mocking said among

themselves with the scribes he saved

others himself he cannot save let Christ

the King of Israel descend now from the

cross that we may see and believe prove

it and they that were crucified with him

reviled him and when the sixth hour was

come there was darkness over the whole

land until the ninth hour and at the

ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice

saying alloy hello a lama sabachthani

which is being interpreted my God my God

why hast thou forsaken me and some of

them that stood by when they heard it

said behold he called it Elias and one

ran and filled a spunge full of vinegar

and put it on a reed and gave him to

drink saying let alone let us see

whether Elias will come to take him down

and Jesus cried with a loud voice and

gave up the ghost and the veil of the

temple was rent in twain from the top to

the bottom it was a very tall veil the

symbolism was that it was not a man who

could only reach the bottom who ripped

it but it was

from where no man could come and rip it

it was ripped from above God removed

removed the veil through which only the

priest could come that’s well why

whenever a priest said says that only he

to him is the only way you can reach God

the Word of God says different the veil

was rent at his sacrifice the veil was

rent God wants a personal relationship

with you not true another man the

challenge is can you step up and not see

the things of the world as more

important as things to devote more time

to but to pour yourself out for God can

you that is the challenge mark 15 verse

39 and when the Centurion which stood

over against him saw that he so cried

out and gave up the ghost he said truly

this man was the son of God now it might

not be clear why he said that but the

Romans had been conquering the world for

years decades centuries they had

perfected a way to make people suffer

crucifixion was such that you would

never die on the same day

never it was so perfected that it would

take a couple of days for you to die

enix seething pain and agony of course

but that is what it was meant to do so

that everyone who came to watch could

see and how much pain you were a slow

death that would deter others from

picking up arms against the Romans death

is what it was meant for so as soon as

the Centurion saw that he just gave up

the ghost like that he said whoa truly

this man was the son of God because no

man can lay down his life like that the

matter of crucifixion was made for

visual impact of the people who saw it

giving great pain people moaning and

groaning and crying out until after a

couple of days three days or so they

would die

what is suffering and so the Centurion

knew oh this guy something special verse

fourteen there were also women looking

on afar off among whom was Mary

Magdalene and Mary the mother of James

the less and of Josas and salamy who

also when he was in Galilee followed him

and ministered unto him and many other

women which came up with him onto


and now when the even was come because

it was the preparation that is the day

before the Sabbath Joseph of Arimathea

an honourable counselor which also

waited for the kingdom of God came and

went in boldly unto Pilate and craved

the body of Jesus and Pilate marvelled

if he were already dead Pilate marvelled

son is he bad already cannot be

crucifixion does not kill swiftly and

calling on to him the Centurion he asked

him whether he had been any wild dead

and when he knew of it and when he knew

it of the Centurion he gave the body to

Joseph and he bought fine linen and took

him down Joseph of Arimathea and wrapped

him in the linen and laid him in a

Sepulchre which was hewn out of a rock

and rolled a stone unto the door of the

sepulchre and Mary Magdalene and married

a mother of Josas beheld where he was


truly truly this man was the son of God

by all which he did by saving others

which everyone acknowledged by the

following he gathered by laying down his

life at his own will

for he told his disciples don’t you

think that if I ask for a legion of

angels or many legions of angels that

they will come dying in a way that was

not supposed to kill you

truly this man was the son of God

blessed be our Lord in our God and I

pray that at all times

you might remember what he did what the

servants of the Lord did what Jesus did

what God did so that you might know who

you follow why you follow him what your

inheritance is and might know what

happened after this act they did not

know it yet but in three days he would

come back to life he would rebuild the

temple something which no other God can

do which no other thing created that

calls itself a God can do blessed be our

Lord and let his spirit the Holy Spirit

reign in you in Jesus mighty name amen

try to be christ-like as much as you can

for you were created to be able to be

christ-like so that others unbelievers

might say

holy this man is the Son of God in Jesus

mighty name Amen