They keep away from me

They keep away from me

I am disgusting to them; they keep away from me, and put marks of shame on me.
Job 30:10 BBE

they keep away from me and put marks of

shame on again we’re in the book of Job

the story of a man who was godly chosen

by God and who the enemy decided well if

God gives me the permission to mess with

him I will show the Lord that the man is

not worthy yet through all his

afflictions Joby remained faithful to

God the world taught that he was well

kind of worthless yet he stayed faithful

to God one of the other lying messages

is as long as you stay faithful to God

it doesn’t matter what the world says or

thinks or does for God searches the

hearts of men to see what they think and

why they do them Joey says they keep

away from me and put marks of shame on

still he glorifies God I pray that no

matter what may be going on in your life

no matter what the world may be saying

or thinking no matter what the world may

be doing no matter how much your friends

your friends despise you that you may

keep that faith that God put in your

heart yes I declare in Jesus mighty name

amen blessed be your Lord

joby 30 Jobi 30 let us do a reading no

give us your word speak with your voice

speak on through the hearts of those who

are under the power of your voice in

Jesus mighty name amen

blessed be order joby 30 first 100 be 30

verse 1 joby replies but now those who

are younger than I make sport of me

those whose fathers I would not have put

with the dogs of my flocks of what use

is a is the strength of their hands to

me of what use is the strength of their

hands to me all force is gone from them

they are wasted for need of food biting

the dry earth their only hope of life is

in the wasteland they are pulling off

the salt leaves from the brushwood and

making a meal of roots

a meal of roots

they are sent out from among their

townsmen men are crying after them as

thieves as thieves they have to get a

resting place in the hollows of the

valleys in holes of the earth and rocks

they make noises like asses among the

brushwood they get together under the

thorns they are sons of shame and of men

without a name who have been forced out

of the land and now I have become their

song and I am a word of shame to them I

am disgusting to them they keep away

from me and put marks of shame on even

them who are the lowest of low even a

Castile to them I am disgusting to them

I am a word of shame if you are in that

situation hold on hold the line remember

that the same thing happened to our Lord

and a servant is no better than his

master no better if they did that to him

who is Lord they will do that to you

for he Jobi 30 verse 11 for he has made

loose the cord of my bow and put me to

shame he has sent down my flag to the

earth before me the lines of his

man-of-war put themselves in order and

make high their ways of destruction

against me they have made waste my roads

with a view to my destruction his bowmen

come round about him as true why broken

place in the wall they come on I am

overturned by the shock of their attack

fears have come on me

my hope is gone like the wind and my

well-being like a cloud but now my soul

is turned to water in me days of trouble

overtake me the flesh is gone from my

bones and they gave me no rest there is

no end to my pains with great force he

takes a grip of my clothing pulling me

by the neck of my coat

truly God has made me low even to the

earth and I have become like dust you

give no answer to my cry and take no

note of my prayer you have become cruel

to me the strength of your hand is hard

on me lifting me up you make me go on

the wings of the wind I am broken up by

the storm for I am certain that you will

send me back to death and to the meeting

place ordered for all living

my hand been stretched out in help to

the poor have I not been a savior to him

in his trouble have I not been weeping

for the crushed and was not my soul sad

for him who was in me for I was looking

for good and evil came I was waiting for

a light and it became dark my feelings

are strongly moved and give me no rest

days of trouble have overtaken me I go

about in dark clothing uncomforted I get

up in the public place crying out for

help I have become a brother to the

Jackals and go about in the company of

oestrogen my skin is black and dropping

off me and my bones are burning with the

heat of my disease and my music has been

turned to sorrow and the sound of my

pipe into the noise of weeping but hold

on hold on for if this is your situation

know that as a servant you are just

undergoing the same things that our Lord

went true the same thing nothing new the

same thing so

blessed be your Lord for upholding you

even even when you undergo these things

blessed be the Lord Jesus mighty name

Amen even though they keep away from you

and put marks of shame on you keep on

praising the Lord for he is Lord Lord of

all I pray that after whatever storm you

go through the Lord the Lord Himself may

lift you back up showing that he is Lord

showing that he is your Lord in Jesus

mighty name amen

blessed be your Lord blessed be your

Lord and let the Holy Spirit increase

everywhere in Jesus mighty name amen

blessed be