The reward of the evil man

The reward of the evil man

Job 20:29
This is the reward of the evil man, and the heritage given to him by God.

this is the reward of the evil man and

heritage given to him by God the known

the known repayment for the evil man the

heritage of the evil from God the

Friends of Job were reminding job that

everything that happens bad to someone

that is really bad is the reward of the

evil man that is the wisdom of the world

that is the wisdom that is in the Word

of God also but but the chapter of job

is in the Bible to warn us to show us

something else show something else that

those who are made strong by the Lord

who really have faith through faith that

they are tested tested by the evil one

and Edwina must not be quick to judge to


trial is a school for trust trust for

the risen Redeemer Jesus God with us was

also tested tested and he tested him and

he warned and when he died they lost all


so what seemed to be a loss was actually

a game was actually a game so remember

when you see someone that is beaten down


it is not necessarily so that they are

evil people when you see someone who is

rich it is not necessarily so that they

are good people the wisdom of the world

says to go after those who have fame and

fortune idols but they are called idols

for a reason

ermand is not always a repayment for

evil sometimes it’s a token of trust

both ways the trust that God had in job

that whatever happened to him in the

flesh he would still stay trusting and

having faith in God and a trust of job

knowing that it was God who had allowed

this but that God was good so far was

telling job hey evil though wicked man

may sometimes prosper even though you

prospered that joy is but for a moment

and now you have endless sorrow but

because we have from the beginning of

the book of Job an insight into what was

going on in the heavenlies we know that

it was a death and not a reward for

wrongdoing that is what the chapter of

job shows us be careful with your

judgment of men as the word says why do

you look at the speck in someone else’s

eye look at the beam in your own take

that one out first

blessed be our Lord and I pray that at

all times you may be aware at all times

when you meet someone who is downtrodden

beaten up cast down you might be aware

that first you have to see in the spirit

what is going on and not just make your

conclusions from what you see in the

flesh blessed be our Lord in Jesus

mighty name amen so lord give us your

word speak with your voice speak into

the hearts of those who are under the

power of your voice in Jesus mighty name

amen job chapter twenty first one then

so far the Namath I’d made answer and

said for this cause my thoughts are

troubling me and driving me on I have to

give ear to the two arguments which put

me to shame and your answers to me are

wind without wisdom have you knowledge

of this from early times when man was

placed on the earth that the pride of

the sinner is short and the joy of the

evildoer but for a minute

though he is lifted up to the heavens

and his hat goes up to the clouds like

the waist from his body he comes to an

end forever

who have seen him say where is he he is

gone like a dream and is not seen again

he goes in flight like a vision of the

night the eye which saw him sees him no

longer and his place has no more

knowledge of him his children are hoping

that the poor will be kind to them and

his hands give back his wealth his bones

are full of young strength but it will

go down with him into the dust though

evildoing is sweet in his mouth and he

keeps it secretly under his tongue

though he takes care of it and does not

let it go but keeps it still in his

mouth his food becomes bitter in his

stomach the poison of snakes is inside

him he takes down wealth as food and

sends it up again it is forced out of

his stomach by God he takes the poison

of snakes into his mouth the tongue of

the snake is the cause of his death let

him not see the rivers of oil the

streams of honey and milk he is forced

to give back the fruit of his work and

may not take it for food he has no joy

in the profit of his trading because he

has been cruel to the poor turning away

from them in their trouble because he

has taken a house by force which he did

not put up there is no peace for him in

his wealth and no salvation for him in

those things in which he took delight he

had never enough for his desire for his

cause his well-being will quickly come


even when his wealth is great he is full

of care full of worry for the hand of

everyone who is in trouble is turned

against him God gives him his desire and

sends the heat of his wrath on him

making it come down on him like rain he

may go and flight from the iron spear

but the arrow from the bow of brass will

go through him he is pulling it out and

it comes out of his back and it’s

shining point comes out of his side he

is overcome by fears all his wealth is

stored up for the dark a fire not made

by man sends destruction on him and on

everything in his tent the heavens make

clear his sin and the earth gives

witness against him the produce of his

house is taken away into another country

like things given into the hands of

others in the day of wrath this is the

reward of the evil man and the heritage

given to him by God remember all of

these things are true this is how it

works but you must know how it came


you must have divine revelation as to

what it is is it a punishment or is it a

testing remember the evil one took Jesus

God with us and took him here and there

testing him testing

if he can take Jesus he can certainly

take any other man and test him blessed

be your Lord who withstood the testing

with unwavering faith and my prayer for

you is that you may withstand any

testing with unwavering faith without

doubts without fears without worries

blessed be our Lord amen