They put the Passover lamb to death. And the Passover lamb was taken quickly to all the people.

The passover lamb brings us together as one

2 Chronicles 35:1
And Josiah kept a Passover to the Lord in Jerusalem; on the fourteenth day of the first month they put the Passover lamb to death.

2 Chronicles 35:13
And the Passover lamb was cooked over the fire, as it says in the law; and the holy offerings were cooked in pots and basins and vessels, and taken quickly to all the people.

Ch 35:1 And Josiah kept a Passover to the Lord in Jerusalem; on the fourteenth day of the first month they put the Passover lamb to death.

2Ch 35:13 And the Passover lamb was cooked over the fire, as it says in the law; and the holy offerings were cooked in pots and basins and vessels, and taken quickly to all the people.

RAW Transcript:
00:00 blessed be our Lord lest he be lights
00:05 and mercy and his mercy is greater than
00:10 his judgment for god is love so in his
00:17 mercy seeing that no man that all had
00:21 gone astray and none was able able to
00:27 put away evil from him he came down God
00:32 the Spirit came in the flesh the word
00:37 that was God became flesh and dwelt
00:41 among us in his mercy to show us who God
00:47 is who that spirit is the spirit that no
00:52 man has ever seen blessed Jesus the
00:57 image of God who came to show us what
01:02 God is and to take away or sin the
01:07 payment for our sins he took upon him
01:11 and destroyed the works of the enemy God
01:18 delights in mercy that is the Passover
01:22 his mercy a lamp was put to death the
01:28 blood of it covers the homes of those
01:31 who believed in him his blood covers us
01:35 the blood of Jesus the Lamb of God they
01:41 put the Passover lamb to death and a
01:45 Passover lamb was taken quickly to all
01:49 the people to all the people blessed be
01:54 your Lord blessed be our Lord Passover
01:59 lamb
02:01 second chronicles 35 verse one and
02:09 Josiah and Josiah kept a Passover to the
02:17 Lord in Jerusalem on the fourteenth day
02:20 of the first month they put the Passover
02:24 lamb to death they put the Passover lamb
02:28 to death
02:30 second chronicles 35 verse 13 and a
02:35 Passover lamb was cooked over the fire
02:38 as it says in the law and the holy
02:41 offerings were cooked in pots and basins
02:44 and vessels and taken quickly to all the
02:47 people and the Passover lamb was taken
02:51 quickly to all the people religion
02:59 cannot flourish if the sacrifice that
03:05 was made is neglected we overcome by the
03:12 blood of the Lamb he sent His only Son
03:17 God Almighty the word of God which was
03:21 God became flesh
03:23 emanuelle God with us Jesus our Lord and
03:28 our God and he was sacrificed as a
03:33 Passover lamb the Lamb that takes away
03:37 all sin destroying the bondage to the
03:42 enemy destroying all the works of the
03:44 enemy without his work there is no
03:53 religion without his death and
03:57 resurrection
03:59 there is no Christianity let’s be clear
04:03 about that if you don’t believe in any
04:06 of these things or you believe they
04:08 didn’t happen or Jesus was just a good
04:10 guy British
04:14 can’t flourish in you for his question
04:19 to all is always do you believe that I
04:23 can do this what do you say that I am
04:28 who do you say that I am our Passover
04:34 lamb Jesus the Christ was sacrificed for
04:41 us and we must continually be aware of
04:49 his presence be aware of what he did in
04:54 his death atoning for all our sins for
05:00 all the curses that come with our sins
05:06 and that through his word we are members
05:11 of that one body the body of Christ the
05:16 church blessed be our Lord blessed be
05:22 your Lord for they put the Passover lamb
05:31 to death and a Passover lamb was taken
05:36 quickly to all the people to all the
05:40 people to all of us we receive His
05:45 blessing the awareness of his presence
05:49 the covering of his blood blessed be
05:53 your Lord in Jesus mighty name amen so
05:57 know what to be aware of what to keep
06:00 alive
06:01 it is not ordinances it is the secret
06:06 hidden in the Word of God they put the
06:11 Passover lamb to death and the Passover
06:14 lamb was taken quickly to all the people
06:17 remember the second book of Chronicles
06:20 was written some 500 years before Christ
06:26 was made manifest beef
06:29 for the word became flesh it was already
06:34 written in the second book of Chronicles
06:37 chapter 35 verse 1 and 13 they put the
06:43 Passover lamb to death and the Passover
06:46 lamb was taken quickly to all the people
06:50 blessed be our Lord after he died they
06:54 gathered at Pentecost at Pentecost and
07:02 received his spirit the helper the Holy
07:07 Spirit the full glory of God
07:11 Jesus in them blessed be our Lord in
07:16 Jesus mighty name amen let us do a
07:21 reading let us do or reading second
07:25 chronicles 35 verse 1 Lord give us your
07:38 words
07:39 with your voice speaking to the hearts
07:41 of those who are under the power of your
07:44 voice amen let it be so
07:48 amen and Josiah verse 1 and Josiah kept
07:55 a Passover to the Lord in Jerusalem on
07:58 the fourteenth day of the first month
08:01 they put the Passover lamb to them and
08:05 he gave the priests their places making
08:09 them strong for the work of the house of
08:13 God and he said to the Levites the
08:17 teachers of all Israel who were holy to
08:21 the Lord see the whole yard is in the
08:25 house which Solem on the son of David
08:28 king of Israel made it will no longer
08:31 have to be transported on your backs now
08:35 be the servants of the Lord your God and
08:37 his people Israel and make yourselves
08:41 ready in your divisions by your families
08:45 as it is ordered in the writings of
08:47 David king of Israel and of Solomon his
08:51 son and take your positions
08:54 in the holy place grouped in the
08:57 families of your brothers the children
08:59 of the people and for every division
09:02 let there be a part of a family of the
09:05 Levites and put the Passover lamb to
09:10 death and make yourselves holy and make
09:14 it ready for your brothers so that the
09:18 orders given by the Lord through Moses
09:21 may be done and Josiah gave lambs and
09:27 goats from the flock as Passover
09:31 offerings for all the people who were
09:34 present to the nerve number of thirty
09:37 thousand and three thousand oxen these
09:42 were from the Kings private property
09:44 just imagine this the blood of 30
09:49 thousand lambs and goats
09:53 plus the blood of 3,000 oxen have you
09:57 ever seen an oxen do you know how much
10:00 blood is in there for his covering which
10:06 is always enough for all the people
10:10 blessed be the Lord
10:13 second Chronicles 35 verse 8 and his
10:17 captains freely gave an offering to the
10:19 people the priests and the Levites
10:29 Hilkiah and Zechariah and jheel the
10:33 rulers of the house of God gave to the
10:36 priests for the Passover offering 2,600
10:42 small cattle and 300 oxen what is small
10:47 cattle cows and Konan ayah second
10:57 chronicles 35 verse 9 and Konan ayah and
11:01 shamaya and nathaniel his brothers and
11:05 as shabbiha and Jil and joe’s Abad the
11:09 chiefs of the Levites gave to the
11:12 Levites for the Passover offerings five
11:15 thousand small cattle and five hundred
11:19 oxen are you still keeping a tally of
11:23 how many lambs goats oxen cows calves
11:34 were slaughtered
11:36 how much
11:37 blood was sprinkled over the people the
11:43 priests who were doing this and the
11:45 Levites they were covered in blood
11:47 covered in the blood as you should be
11:51 aware of you’re covering with the blood
11:54 of G the people who were sprinkle and
11:58 covered with the blood as you should be
12:01 aware that by his word you are covered
12:05 with the blood of Jesus and so ii
12:13 chronicles 35 verse then so everything
12:16 was made ready and a priests took their
12:20 places with the Levites and their
12:22 divisions as the king had said and they
12:27 put the Passover lambs to death the
12:35 blood being drained out by the priests
12:38 when it was given to them and the
12:41 Levites did the skinning and they took
12:45 away the burnt offerings so that they
12:48 might give them to be offered to the
12:50 Lord for the divisions of the families
12:53 of the people as it is recorded in the
12:56 Book of Moses and they did the same with
13:00 the oxen and a Passover lamb was cooked
13:05 over the fire as it says in the law and
13:09 the holy offerings were cooked in pots
13:12 and basins and vessels and taken quickly
13:16 to all the people taken quickly to all
13:20 the people for God
13:26 all to be saved and after that they made
13:31 ready for themselves and for the priests
13:33 for the priests the sons of Aaron were
13:37 offering the burnt offerings and the fat
13:40 till night
13:42 of course in that amount till night they
13:47 kept on going so the Levites made ready
13:52 what was needed for themselves and for
13:55 the priests the sons of Aaron and the
13:59 sons of Asaph the makers of melody were
14:03 in their places as ordered by David and
14:06 ASA and Haman and jeduthun
14:08 the Kings is seer and a door keepers
14:12 were stationed at every door there was
14:15 no need for them to go away from their
14:19 places for their brothers the Levites
14:21 made ready for them so everything needed
14:26 for the worship of the Lord was made
14:28 ready
14:29 that same day everything needed for the
14:35 worship of the Lord was made ready
14:38 that same day for the keeping of the
14:41 Passover and the offering of burnt
14:44 offerings on the altar of the Lord s
14:48 King Josiah had given orders and all the
14:53 children of Israel who were present kept
14:55 the Passover and a feast of unleavened
14:58 bread at that time for seven days
15:03 Passover the covering of the blood of
15:09 Jesus being aware of his presence at all
15:15 times the feast of unleavened bread do
15:21 not mix the leaven of men with the bread
15:26 of God who is the bread of God who is
15:33 the
15:33 of life Jesus do not mix the
15:38 philosophies and wisdoms of the world
15:43 with the giver of life for light and
15:49 darkness do not mix where there is light
15:52 there is no darkness be aware that you
15:56 are in his presence covered by him and
15:59 do not mix the things of the world with
16:03 his things blessed be our Lord there
16:08 the explanation of Passover and of
16:12 unleavened bread as given by the spirit
16:15 blessed be our Lord second Chronicles
16:19 35 verse 18 no Passover like it had been
16:23 kept in Israel from the days of Samuel
16:27 the Prophet and not one of the kings of
16:30 Israel had ever kept a Passover like the
16:34 one kept by Josiah and a priests and
16:37 Levites and all those of Judah and
16:40 Israel who were present and a people of
16:43 Jerusalem in the 18th year of the rule
16:49 of Josiah this Passover was kept after
16:54 all this second chronicles 35 verse 20
16:59 after doing all this good he cleansed
17:03 the land
17:03 Josiah from all the false worshiping and
17:07 made all the people worship God and kept
17:10 the greatest Passover ever the greatest
17:13 revival ever the greatest awareness of
17:16 the presence of the Lord the greatest
17:20 repentance the greatest shift in the
17:24 people to put aside evil from the things
17:27 of the Lord after all this and after
17:32 Josiah had put the house in order
17:36 Nicko king of Egypt went up to make war
17:41 at karkemish by the river Euphrates and
17:46 saya went out against him but he sent
17:52 representatives to him saying what have
17:56 I to do with you
17:57 o king of Judah I have not come against
18:01 you this day but against those with whom
18:05 I am at war and God has given me orders
18:12 to go forward quickly keep out of God’s
18:18 his way for he is with me or he will
18:23 send destruction on you an interesting
18:29 first if you’re in the presence of the
18:33 Lord do not go out to war without his
18:37 word notice that God is God of all of
18:42 the known and unknown universe he can
18:46 use anyone whether they be the world
18:50 whether they be His Holy Ones but as
18:54 Holy Ones always make sure that whatever
18:58 you are doing here is the will of God
19:00 the Word of God for only his word
19:03 returns to him fulfilled the rest of
19:07 your words which are yours or even worse
19:11 the words of the world they are not
19:14 fulfilled they do not return to him for
19:18 only his word returns to him fulfill so
19:23 make sure all you do is the Word of God
19:27 here Nico Faro of the world of Egypt
19:33 says to Josiah what have I to do with
19:36 you remember when Jesus comes out to the
19:43 demons they all say o Holy One what have
19:47 we to do with you let us go it is not
19:52 our time yet Nico says what have I to do
19:57 with you
19:59 in the case of Jesus he is Lord so he
20:04 knows what he’s doing
20:05 in our case make sure that when you go
20:10 out to do something it is by the Word of
20:12 God and not by your own will your own
20:15 pride you own lust your own desire
20:19 thinking oh I’m good with the Lord so I
20:22 can do Oh God has given me orders to go
20:32 forward quickly keep out of God’s way
20:35 for he is with me
20:37 or he will send destruction on you
20:41 second chronicles 35 verse 22 however
20:46 josiah would not go back but keeping to
20:51 his purpose of fighting against him and
20:54 giving no attention to the words of nico
20:58 which came from god oh he went forward
21:04 to the fight in the valley of megiddo we
21:10 need not read any further by knowing
21:15 that the words of Nikko came from God we
21:18 know the outcome of this verse 23 and a
21:23 bow man sent their arrows at King Josiah
21:27 and the king said to his servants take
21:30 me away for I am badly wounded
21:34 so his servants took him out of the line
21:38 of war carriages and put him in his
21:41 second carriage and took him to
21:43 Jerusalem where he came to his end and
21:47 they put his body in the resting place
21:51 of his father’s and in all Judah and
21:55 Jerusalem there was great weeping for
21:58 Josiah and Jeremiah made a song of grief
22:03 for Josiah and to this day Josiah is
22:08 named by all the makers of melody men
22:11 and women in there
22:13 tons of grief they made it a rule in
22:16 Israel and the songs are recorded among
22:20 the songs of grief now the rest of the
22:24 acts of Josiah and a good he did in
22:27 keeping with what is recorded in the law
22:31 of the Lord and all his acts first and
22:35 last are recorded in the book of the
22:38 kings of Israel and Judah remember if
22:43 you are in leadership it is not all that
22:47 you do that is good it is when you do
22:52 the word of the Lord that all is good
22:57 blessed be our Lord blessed be your
23:01 Lord they put the Passover lamb to death
23:07 and the Passover lamb was taken quickly
23:10 to all the people we thank you Lord for
23:15 your word for your sacrifice we thank
23:19 you for your blood for your covering for
23:22 your instruction for your word for
23:25 becoming flesh being among us we thank
23:29 you for your mercy of coming down from
23:33 your throne that is high over the known
23:37 and unknown universe just to be with us
23:41 to encourage us to strengthen us to
23:44 comfort us to take away our pain to pay
23:48 for our debts so that we might be set
23:52 free to turn to You Lord we love you
23:56 Lord we love you lord thank you for your
24:00 grace and thank you for your mercy
24:03 amen amen and amen