The light of the sinner is put out

The light of the sinner is put out

Job 18:5 For the light of the sinner is put out, and the flame of his fire is not shining

blessed be the name of the Lord blessed

be the name of the Lord his name is

Jesus we thank you Lord for being our

Lord and our God blessed be your name in

Jesus mighty name amen the light of the

sinner is put on a true thing a true

thing yet when used against someone who

is afflicted but has no sin it is a

mistake or an evil purpose take the

example of Jesus who suffered as a

sinner who suffered all the rod that is

for the sinners yet he came to take upon

him what we could not bear and everyone

who said that he was a sinner was wrong

the saying is true but when you use it

be careful that it is a person who is in

their sin in their sin discernment the


that time the Pharisees the elders the

leaders had no knowledge of who Christ

was and he was a spotless lamb blameless

without sin a man without sin yet he

suffered as if he was the greatest

sinners for he took the sins of us all

upon him and paid for them the Friends

of job the friend of job said the same

thing of joy but he did not know the

whole story as we know it that job was

without sin so always make sure you

don’t go after appearances and hearsay

and gossip and evil speak but that you

know the person in question not know of

them but know them so that you may know

if they are with sin or without remember

to the clean everything is clean blessed

be your Lord who does whose disciples

did not wash their hands before eating

whose disciples picked green on the

Sabbath who sat with sinners and wine

drinkers who helped loose women and

people from other nations from other

ethnicities blessed be our Lord who did

all the things that according to the

rules of man are not to be done

acid be your Lord job chapter 18 is a

reading for today the light of the

sinner is put out a true thing yet apply

it with wisdom not the wisdom of the

world but the wisdom of blessed be your

Lord job 18 verse 1 Lord give us your

word speak with your voice speak unto

the hearts of those were under the power

of your voice amen

then bildad the shuhite made answer and

said how long will it be before you have

done talking get wisdom and then we will

say what is in our minds why do we seem

as beasts in your eyes and as completely

without knowledge but come back now come

you who are ruining yourself in your

passion will the earth be given up

because of you or a rock be moved out of

its place for the light of the sinner is

put out and the flame of his fire is not

shining the light is dark in his stand

and the light shining over him is put

out the steps of his strength becomes

short and by his design destruction

overtakes him his feet take him into the

net and he goes walking into the cords

his foot is taken in the net

he comes into its grip the twisted cord

is put secretly in the earth to take him

and the cord is placed in his way he is

overcome by fears on every side they go

after him at every step his strength is

made feeble for need of food and

destruction is waiting for his falling

footstep his skin is wasted by disease

and his body is food for the worst of

diseases he is pulled out of his stand

where he is safe and he has taken away

to the king of fears in his stand will

be seen that which is not his burning

stone is dropped on his house under the

earth his roots are dry and over it his

branch is cut off his memory is gone

from the earth and in the open country

there is no knowledge of his name he is

Santa way from the light into the dark

he is forced out of the world

he has no offspring or family among his

people and in his living place there is

no one of his name and his faith those

of the West are shocked and those of the

East are overcome with fear truly these

are the houses of the sinner and this is

the place of him who has no knowledge of

God all these sayings are true all of

them are true

the light of the sinner is put out but

remember how this all started

God said job was a man without sin

have you considered my servant job and

the enemy said well that is only because

you are keeping him take your hand away

from him take your protection away from


let me have my way with him and you will

see how he changes his man his job as

Christ as many of the great men of the

Bible are examples of how the enemy

torments and afflicts you to make you

change your mind about God but we know

that God never changes his mind blessed

be our Lord and our God in Jesus mighty

name amen