These are the people who had been taken away into confusion, who returned to their place of peace

The captives set free

Ezra 2:1
Now these are the people of the divisions of the kingdom, among those who had been made prisoners by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, and taken away to Babylon, who went back to Jerusalem and Judah, everyone to his town;

Raw Transcript:
00:01 these these these are people who have
00:09 been taken away into confusion who
00:12 returned to their place of peace this is
00:18 the message of the gospel throughout all
00:23 of the Bible the Lord elects his people
00:30 they go after other things worldly
00:34 things through their sin of going after
00:37 things created and not after with the
00:40 Creator they come into bondage to
00:44 confusion they get confused then they
00:49 serve other masters things created
00:53 another creator himself they are given
00:57 over to their own lusts desires and
01:01 pride but in the end the Lord is
01:04 merciful enough to take those back who
01:09 have remained faithful to him even
01:12 though they were in bondage to the world
01:15 or why those who remained faithful to
01:20 him even though they were taken in
01:23 bondage blessed be our Lord forgot so
01:29 loved the world that He sent His only
01:31 begotten Son so that all who believe in
01:34 Him might not perish but have eternal
01:36 life how well the Lord will return in
01:42 clouds of glory rewarding everyone for
01:46 their works
01:48 raising first those who died in Christ
01:53 who remained faithful unto death and
01:56 then taking them up together with those
01:59 who are still alive in Christ
02:06 Ezra chapter 2 the captives set free
02:11 just like at
02:13 times of Moses they were in bondage to
02:20 Pharaoh yet were taken out from their
02:26 given money and gold and silver by the
02:30 people who held them captive and I’m
02:35 taken back to the land of milk and honey
02:39 to Jerusalem the place of peace in the
02:45 chapter in chapter 2 of Ezra taken to
02:52 that New Jerusalem in the revelation
03:01 blessed be our Lord whose purpose is
03:04 always the same from the beginning to
03:07 the end his purpose for us is salvation
03:14 that those who are who have been taken
03:19 away into confusion bondage to the world
03:23 are returned to their place of peace to
03:29 their fellowship with God to being fully
03:35 aware at all times of the presence of
03:38 the Lord blessed be our Lord blessed be
03:42 your Lord let us do a reading all the
03:47 names have significance all the names
03:49 are mentioned are mentioned because
03:53 honor is to be given to those who even
03:57 though all the population was captive to
04:01 the world remained true to God remained
04:07 true to God
04:14 bless it be Oh Lord Ezra chapter 2 verse
04:18 1 so Lord give us your word speak with
04:25 your voice speaking to the hearts of
04:28 those who are under the power of your
04:30 voice in Jesus mighty name amen Ezra 1
04:49 Ezra 2 verse 1 now these are the
04:53 children of the province that went out
04:56 of the captivity let’s go to now these
05:02 are the people of the divisions of the
05:04 kingdom among those who had been made
05:07 prisoners by Nebuchadnezzar king of
05:11 Babylon and taken away to Babylon who
05:16 went back to Jerusalem and Judah who
05:22 went back to the place of peace who and
05:27 with zerubabbel the stranger at Babylon
05:34 the disperser the remover of confusion
05:38 Joshua a savior nehemiah consolation
05:45 those who the one who repentant the
05:48 repentance of God Sariah
05:50 the Prince of the Lord R’lyeh the
05:54 companion of the Lord Mordecai
05:57 contrition Bilgin the tongue the word
06:02 miss bar the showing the tribute big
06:07 thigh ray whom baina
06:12 the number of the man of the people of
06:15 Israel the children of parish 2,170 to
06:22 the children of Japheth ayah
06:26 372
06:28 the children of era 775 these are low
06:35 numbers but all together they make up a
06:38 lot everywhere
06:40 there are one or two or hundreds who
06:43 believe in the Lord together all
06:46 together they make up a mighty force the
06:54 children of P hat Moab of the children
06:58 of Joshua and Joab 2812 the children of
07:03 Elam a thousand two hundred and fifty
07:07 for the children of za– – 945 the
07:11 children of Sakai 760 the children of
07:15 bany
07:17 642 the children of be by 623 the
07:24 children of asgaard a thousand two
07:29 hundred and twenty-two the children of
07:31 Adoni come 666 the children of big VY
07:40 2056 the children of Aden four hundred
07:44 and fifty for the children of ater of
07:48 hezekiah 98 the children of busy 323 the
07:57 children of Jorah a hundred and twelve
08:03 the children of hashem 223 the children
08:09 of Gabbar
08:10 ninety-five the children of Bethlehem a
08:13 hundred and twenty-three the man of
08:17 nantou feh 56 the man of a North Anna
08:23 thought a hundred and twenty eight the
08:25 children of Ozma vet forty-two the
08:31 children of Kiriath Aaron chef Aram and
08:35 B Roth 743 the children of Rama and giba
08:42 621 the man of Mimas a hundred and
08:47 twenty-two the man of Bethel and AI 223
08:55 the children of Nebo the children of
09:00 Nebo fifty-two the children of mock bish
09:04 a hundred and fifty-six the children of
09:07 the other Elam a thousand two hundred
09:10 and fifty for the children of harem 320
09:17 the children of Lord hadid and Oh No
09:23 725 the children of Jericho 345 the
09:29 children of Sina 3630 the frieze the
09:35 children of Judea of the house of Joshua
09:40 973 the children of Emmer a thousand and
09:45 fifty two Emmer a lamb the children of
09:51 posher a thousand two hundred and
09:55 forty-seven the children of our ream a
09:58 thousand and seventeen the Levites the
10:01 children of Joshua and kadmiel of the
10:04 children of hoe davia seventy-four the
10:07 music makers the children of ASF a
10:10 hundred and twenty eight the children of
10:13 the doorkeepers the children of shaloom
10:15 the children of ATAR the children of
10:18 Talman the children of a coop the
10:21 children of ha Tita the children of show
10:25 by a hundred and thirty nine the neti
10:32 neem
10:33 the neti neem those who are given
10:37 offered those who offered the children
10:40 of Z ha the children of a shuva the
10:43 children of tebah the children of Kiros
10:47 the children of C are the children of
10:49 paid on the children of liébana the tune
10:54 of
10:54 ah gaba the tune of a coupe the children
11:01 of ha gob the children of sham lie the
11:04 children of hainan the children of
11:06 Goodell the children of gay ha the
11:08 children of Rhea Rhea and we hope our
11:12 names are also mentioned and written in
11:16 the book of the Lamb this is the book of
11:20 the Lamb blessed be our Lord the
11:24 children of Rosine the children of
11:26 Dakota the children of Gaza the children
11:29 of osa
11:30 the children of pasilla the children of
11:33 beside the children of asana the Sheriff
11:39 maewnam the sheriff Nephi seem and
11:42 remember this is the book of the lamb
11:46 and as it all started with Adam all men
11:50 come from that same route from that same
11:54 tree our names are also written in it so
11:58 that we may fulfill God’s will for our
12:02 life for we remember you are the son of
12:08 someone not if you are directly his son
12:13 by flesh and by blood but if in the
12:17 lineage somewhere they are your
12:20 grandfather great-great-great
12:23 great-grandfather or Adam the first
12:34 the children have asked that the
12:36 children of Menem the children of Nephi
12:39 seem the children of Bach book the
12:42 children of Koopa the children of ah who
12:45 were the children of bath loot the
12:49 children of mijita the children of
12:51 Harsha the children of barkos the
12:54 children of ce sera the chair of Thema
12:56 the children of Messiah the children of
12:59 hot Eva the children of soul among his
13:02 servants the children of sotai the
13:05 children of a software at the children
13:07 of Baroda the children of Jayla the
13:10 children of dark on the children of
13:11 goodell the sheriff chef’s attire the
13:15 children of a Teel the children of
13:17 Pokhara has a bomb the children of army
13:20 all the method name and the children of
13:27 solo moans his servants were 392 of all
13:32 that great kingdom although servants
13:36 that used to serve Solon and all of his
13:39 wives hundreds of them a warbird 392 and
13:47 these were the people who went up from
13:51 tell Milla that Harsha sherab Adhan an
13:55 Emer but having no knowledge of their
13:58 fathers his families are offspring it
14:00 was not certain that they were
14:02 Israelites yet they believed in the Lord
14:07 God of hosts for those are the ones who
14:10 are restored the children of deliah
14:19 the children of Tobiah the children of
14:21 Nakota 652 and of the children of the
14:25 priests the children of abaya the
14:28 children of hackers the children of
14:30 Barzillai who was married to one of the
14:33 daughters of barzillai the gileadite
14:37 and took their name they made search for
14:40 their record among the lists of families
14:43 but their names were nowhere to be seen
14:46 so they were
14:48 on as unclean and no longer priests they
14:57 were not recorded in the book of man but
15:01 in the book of the Lord they had kept
15:04 worshiping the Lord and so they even
15:08 though they were not looked on as clean
15:11 and as priests still they went back to
15:18 that place of peace Jerusalem the Lord
15:25 made clear to Peter when Peter was only
15:29 ministering to the Jews he made clear
15:33 crew that cloth that came down with all
15:37 manners of meat even a meat forbidden to
15:42 be eaten by the Jewish people and he
15:45 said all meat is good because it comes
15:50 from God even though man may think you
15:55 are not worthy still all men are worthy
16:00 in the eyes of the Lord if they fulfill
16:03 his plan for their life because God
16:07 created all men in his all were created
16:12 by the Lord
16:15 Ezra 2 verse 63 and the tear shotta
16:20 said that they were not to have the most
16:23 holy things for their food till a priest
16:27 came to give decision by Urim and to him
16:31 the number of all the people together
16:34 was forty two thousand three hundred and
16:37 sixty as well as their man servants and
16:41 their women servants of whom there were
16:45 seven thousand three hundred and
16:48 thirty-seven imagine that being in
16:53 bondage and having servants isn’t that
16:59 the same seat as men are today
17:02 in bondage to the world yet having
17:06 people working for them yet having
17:08 servants having people devoted to them
17:12 in idolatry in work bonds and they had
17:24 200 men and women to make music
17:28 they had 736 horses 245 transport beasts
17:35 435 camels 6720 asses and some of the
17:42 heads of families when they came to the
17:44 house of the Lord which is in Jerusalem
17:47 in the place of peace gave freely of
17:51 their wealth for the building up of the
17:54 house of God in its place everyone as he
18:00 was able gave for the work 61 thousand
18:05 Derrick’s of gold gold five thousand
18:09 pounds of silver and a hundred priests
18:12 robes so the priests and the Levites and
18:17 the people and the music makers and the
18:20 doorkeepers and anathema took up their
18:23 places in their towns even all Israel in
18:26 their town blessed be our Lord who
18:31 restores this is the word of the Lord
18:35 if you hold on if you stand having done
18:41 all he restores all that was lost all
18:47 that was lost blessed be our Lord whose
18:52 purpose is always the same
18:54 no matter what you go through in the
18:56 world the world tries to make you like
18:59 the world tries to make you believe in
19:03 the world
19:04 how did attempt Jesus worship me and I
19:08 will give you all these kingdoms that is
19:11 what the world does even when it’s
19:13 beating you down
19:15 this to make you see that they have more
19:18 than you have so that you might try to
19:21 be like them yet the Word of God says
19:25 remain faithful unto death blessed be
19:32 your Lord blessed be our Lord who when
19:35 he comes will restore all to that place
19:39 of peace first those who died with faith
19:43 in Him and then taking up those who are
19:47 still alive with faith in Him blessed be
19:50 your Lord and I pray that you may know
19:57 that you may know that these that you
20:09 may know and be one of those one of
20:18 those even though you had been taken
20:22 even though you live in the world that
20:26 it doesn’t matter to you I pray that no
20:30 matter what your life is like that you
20:33 may know the Blessed hope which is that
20:37 those who have been taken away into
20:40 confusion will all be returned to their
20:45 place of peace those who remain with
20:49 their faith in God will all be returned
20:53 to their place blessed be our Lord and
20:57 may his blessing his word remain on you
21:01 be on you may it come into you because
21:05 you open up to him in Jesus mighty name
21:09 amen blessed be our Lord in the beginning
21:16 was the word and the word was with god
21:20 and the word was
21:24 and that word is in the beginning was
21:30 the word and the word the power of God
21:33 in the beginning was the word and that
21:37 word is his name is Jesus Lord of glory
21:44 Jesus king over Kings his name is Jesus
21:52 light of the world Jesus the bread of
21:58 life his name is Jesus word of God Jesus
22:07 God with us