Take the water I give and become a fountain of eternal life

Take the water I give and become a fountain of life

John 4:14
But whoever takes the water I give him will never be in need of drink again; for the water I give him will become in him a fountain of eternal life.

Raw Transcript:
00:00 blessed be the name of the Lord blessed
00:02 be the name of the Lord his name is
00:05 Jesus take the water I give and become a
00:08 fountain of eternal life
00:11 take the Spirit of Christ and become
00:15 Christ’s light do his word go into all
00:23 the nations and give them that
00:25 life-giving water the gospel eternal
00:31 life in Christ blessed be our Lord
00:35 blessed be our Lord will go for
00:39 directly to the reading John 4 verse 1
00:46 Lord give us your word speak with your
00:49 voice speak into the hearts of those who
00:52 are under the power of your voice in
00:54 Jesus mighty name amen
00:56 John 4 verse 1 now when it was clear to
01:02 the Lord that word had come to the ears
01:05 of the Pharisees that Jesus was making
01:08 more disciples than John and was giving
01:12 them baptism though in fact it was his
01:15 disciples who gave baptism not Jesus
01:18 himself he went out of Judea into
01:21 Galilee
01:22 again and it was necessary for him to go
01:26 through Samaria so he came to a town of
01:32 Samaria which was named second near to
01:36 the bit of land which Jacob gave to his
01:39 son Joseph
01:40 now Jacobs his fountain was there Jesus
01:44 being tired after his journey was
01:47 resting by the fountain it was about the
01:50 sixth hour a woman of Samaria came to
01:54 get water and Jesus said to her give me
01:56 some water for his disciples had gone to
02:01 the town to get food the woman of
02:05 Samaria said to him why do you a Jew
02:08 make a request for water to me a woman
02:11 of Samaria
02:13 she said this because Jews have nothing
02:16 to do with the people of Samaria in
02:19 answer Jesus said if you had knowledge
02:22 of what God gives freely and who it is
02:25 who says to you give me water you would
02:28 make your prayer to him and he would
02:30 give you living water nor woman said to
02:35 him sir
02:36 you have no vessel and the fountain is
02:39 deep from where will you get the living
02:42 water are you greater than our Father
02:45 Jacob who gave us the fountain and took
02:49 the water of it himself with his
02:52 children and his cattle jesus said to
02:55 her everyone who takes this water will
02:58 be in need of it again but whoever takes
03:02 the water I give him will never be in
03:05 need of drink again for the water I give
03:08 him will become in him a fountain of
03:12 eternal life as you accept the Spirit of
03:17 Christ to be the ruler in your inner man
03:22 you become christ-like able to lift up
03:26 encouraged to give life to show
03:31 salvation to someone else
03:34 eternal life in Christ John 4 verse 15
03:39 the woman said to him Sir give me this
03:44 water so that I may not be a need again
03:49 of drink and will not have to come all
03:51 this way for it jesus said to her go get
03:55 your husband and come back here with him
03:59 an answer the woman said I have no
04:02 husband jesus said to her you have said
04:06 rightly I have no husband you have had
04:09 five husbands and a man you have now is
04:12 not your husband that was truly sad
04:17 woman said to him sir I see that you are
04:20 a prophet our fathers get worship in
04:23 this on this mountain but you do
04:26 to say that the right place for worship
04:29 is in Jerusalem Jesus said to her woman
04:33 take my word for this the time is coming
04:37 when you will not give worship to the
04:39 father on this mountain or in Jerusalem
04:42 you give worship but without knowledge
04:45 of what you are worshipping
04:48 we give worship to what we have
04:51 knowledge of for salvation comes from
04:55 the Jews but the time is coming and is
05:00 even now here when the true worshipers
05:03 will give worship to the father in the
05:05 true way of the spirit for these are the
05:08 worshipers desired by the father God is
05:11 spirit then let his worshipers give him
05:16 worship in the true way of the spirit
05:19 the woman said to him I am certain that
05:22 the Messiah who is named Christ is
05:25 coming when he comes he will make all
05:28 things clear to us jesus said to her I
05:34 Who am talking to you am he at that
05:39 point the disciples came back and they
05:42 were surprised to see him talking to a
05:45 woman but not one of them said to him
05:50 what is your purpose or why are you
05:53 talking to her then the woman put down
05:56 her waterpot and went into the town and
05:59 said to the people come and see a man
06:01 who has been talking to me of everything
06:04 I ever did is it possible that this is
06:07 the Christ so they went out of town and
06:11 came to him while this was taking place
06:14 the disciples were saying to Jesus
06:16 master take some food but he said to
06:20 them I have food which you have no
06:23 knowledge so the disciples said to one
06:26 another did anyone give him food jesus
06:30 said my food is to do the pleasure of
06:33 him who sent me
06:34 and to make his work complete you would
06:39 say four months from now is the time of
06:43 the grain cutting take a look I say to
06:46 you take a look at the fields they are
06:51 even now white for cutting they are
06:55 ready he who
06:58 the cutting now has his reward he is
07:01 getting together fruit for eternal life
07:04 so that he who did the planting and he
07:07 who gets in the grain may have joy
07:10 together in this the saying is a true
07:14 one one does the planting and another
07:17 gets in the grain I sent you to get in
07:22 grain which you had no hand in planting
07:26 other man did that work other man did
07:31 that work and you take the reward now a
07:35 number of the people of that town had
07:37 faith in him because of the woman’s is
07:39 witness he has been talking to me of
07:42 everything I ever did so when the people
07:46 came to him they made requests to him to
07:49 be among them for a time and he was
07:52 there two days and a great number more
07:56 of them came to have faith in Him
07:58 because of what he himself said and he
08:03 said to the woman now we have fate but
08:06 not because of your story
08:08 we ourselves have given ear to his words
08:11 and we are certain that he is truly the
08:14 savior of the world and after the two
08:17 days he went on from there into Galilee
08:21 for Jesus himself said that a prophet
08:25 has no honor in the country of his birth
08:28 so when he came into Galilee the
08:31 Galileans took him to their hearts
08:33 because of the things which they had
08:36 seen him do in Jerusalem at the feast
08:39 they themselves having been there at the
08:42 feast so he came to Cana in Galilee
08:46 where he had made the water wine and
08:52 there was a certain man of high position
08:55 whose son was ill at Capernaum when it
09:01 came to his ears that Jesus had come
09:03 from Judea into Galilee he went to him
09:06 and made a request that he would come
09:08 down to his son who was near to death
09:11 and make
09:12 well then jesus said to him you will not
09:15 have fate if you do not see signs and
09:18 wonders people lose faith when they
09:23 don’t see signs and wonders the man said
09:29 sir come down before my boy is dead and
09:34 Jesus said go in peace
09:37 your son is living the man had faith in
09:41 the word which jesus said to him and
09:44 went away and while he was going down
09:47 his servants came to him and said your
09:50 boy is living so he put a question to
09:53 them as to the hour when he became
09:56 better and he said to him the disease
10:00 went from him yesterday at the seventh
10:03 hour it was clearer than to the father
10:07 that this was the very time at which
10:10 Jesus said to him your son is living and
10:15 he had faith in Jesus he and all his
10:19 family he took that water he took that
10:25 water and he and all his family had
10:29 faith in Jesus in eternal life now this
10:34 is the second sign which Jesus did after
10:39 he had come out of Judea into Galilee I
10:46 pray
10:48 may take the water that baptism by the
10:53 Holy Spirit and become a fountain a
10:58 fountain able to show the Holy Spirit
11:03 able to show to others what God is take
11:09 the water I give and become a fountain
11:13 of eternal life in Jesus mighty name
11:17 Amen in the beginning was the word and
11:25 the Word was with God and the Word was
11:29 God and that word is in the beginning
11:35 was the word and the word the power of
11:39 God in the beginning was the word and
11:43 that word is his name is Jesus Lord of
11:50 glory Jesus king over Kings
11:57 his name is Jesus light of the world
12:04 Jesus the bread of life his name is
12:10 Jesus God with us Jesus the word of God