Thanks and Praises to my Father, the God of Hosts, and to my Lord and Brother, HIS Son, Jesus, for their abundant mercy in providing me with what I needed, at the precise time I need it and I submit myself to their Judgment and will do so for ever and ever, Amen.

Thank you, I have asked for your mercy and have received it.
Let the Holy Spirit increase everywhere, in Jesus name.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.

My Jesus Loves Me

Just realized after hearing a song that my Jesus REALLY loves me.
Yes, I know that God and Jesus really love me because everything that is said about the saints in the bible is true.
Yes, you only have to submit to God and our Lord Jesus, turn away from evil (the prince of this world with his many temptations) and everything you can ever imagine is yours , for God knows before you know, and Jesus Redeemed and Sanctified us 2000 years ago.

Turn away from the temptations of the Prince of this world… does that mean that you have to stay away from everything that is enjoyable to the body?

Well, if it is against the Law, then yes.

But what it mostly means is that you do not let anything from this earth be a SNARE TO YOU, THAT YOU DON’T LET THINGS FROM THIS WORLD BECOME SO IMPORTANT TO YOU, THAT YOU LOVE THEM MORE THAN YOU LOVE GOD.

Rev 12:11

“and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, by the words of their testimony.
And they loved not their lives unto the death….” (KJV)

Yes that is how you overcome the prince of this world so that he no longer has a hold over you, so that you can receive the inheritance that God has laid out for you in this world.

So remember, The first thing you need to defeat the contender is the blood of the Lamb, You need Jesus.
The second thing is their testimony, you have to praise God, and make your testimonies against the prince of this world.
And thirdly, do not love anything from this earth more than you love God, not even yourself, for there is none besides him.

Remember, you must be able to let everything of this life go. Do not cherish things. They are here for your use, not the other way around.

Because he (the contender) has already been separated, he wants you to be separated also, so he makes you “bound” to the things of this earth, so you will never see the communion with our Father God and with our Lord Jesus.

Praises and blessings to our God most high, our Father, my Father, the God of Hosts, and to our Lord Jesus, my Brother.
From this Priest and King, from me.

We are here to break bonds, and achieve communion with God and Jesus. And take dominion over this earth, and rule, and judge, and order all things.

Jesus loves you, he stands at the door and knocks, open the door and he will sup with you, open the door, he really loves you.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen

Love God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Father, may always help me and keep me onto his path, and protect me from all the darts of the enemy, and always remind me of his way if my attention is elsewhere.

I love you God, and I love Jesus, and I love the Holy Spirit, and that tells of my position regarding all other men, as the Holy Spirit is in all men as purposed by our Father the God of Hosts and effected by our Lord and brother Jesus, the lord of lords.

Blessings to the saints and kings in my Lord Jesus, and to all the angels and powers from the third heavens.
Blessed is my father the God of hosts, and blessed is my brother Jesus the Lord of Lords, my Lord.

May they always bless me and keep me on their path, for I am a priest and king of God, the Father of our Lord Jesus, and a brethren amongst many.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, amen.

New Light

Okay, today I decided to go out and about and see how beautiful the winter is , and naturally , Gods works are wondrous, and I have to marvel every time I see them.

It is a cold sunny day and even the people look great and the things that they have made to rise their stature also look good, of course, because ALL is Gods handiwork, everything made by man … yes… who made man? So everything is the Lords.

But to have that radiance the people need the sun? Or is it just the new light with which I am seeing people, and the light that I see in people.

All is well and all is made by the Lord or something he made, because the lord Is Light (and LIFE), and there is none besides him.

This is what I have come to see, and that we should always help others (heap coals of fire on their heads, so they should always walk with their own light and warmth, that will soften up even steel so that Gods workers may be able to mold that soul).

And this is what God sent Jesus to testify, that all are worth saving , because all are beautiful and for all he has plans ( God wants all to be saved but not all will be saved, some will not understand and turn away from Gods workers, hopefully he will send more workers later on when their “stiff necks” have been softened up a little.

Glory to our Father the God of Hosts, and to our Brother, The King of Kings, Our Lord Jesus.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.