God is good

Therefore hearken unto me, ye men of understanding: far be it from God, that he should do wickedness; and from the Almighty, that he should commit iniquity.
Job 34:10 KJV


far be it from God that he should do

wickedness far be it from God that he

should do wickedness and from the

Almighty and from the Almighty that he

should commit iniquity blessed be your

Lord who does no wickedness and commits

no iniquity god is good all the time all

the time let us remind ourselves that

everything that happens that is bad in

the Word of God it says the angels came

to the Lord and said Lord there are

tears coming up between the weak someone

planted tears between the wheat who was

it and the Lord was clear he says an

enemy did that an enemy did that God is

good all the time all the time so

whenever something strange weird evil

happens no know that it is an enemy who

is doing that I pray that you may always

know that God is good that far be it

from God that he should do wickedness


and from the almighty and that he does

not commit iniquity I pray you may

always know that in your soul in your

heart so maybe you are interpreting

something good as being wrong for all

things work out for the good of those

who believe in God maybe you are dealing

with something of the enemy while

thinking it is of God if it was of God

it would be good maybe it is of God but

it’s something you have to go through

it’s something you have to do something

you were made to overcome remember when

the disciples when Peter said to the

Lord Lord far be it from you that you

should die he said get thee behind me

for these things must happen with Joby

he went through something for his own

benefit to prove to us who read of it so

many centuries after to all who read it

that even in great affliction in the end

there is joy blessed be your Lord holy

does good and no evil in Jesus mighty

name Amen

so Lord give us your word speak with

your voice speak unto the hearts of

those who are under the power of your

voice in Jesus mighty name amen

joby 34 verse 1 joby 34 verse 1

furthermore Ali who answered and said

hear my words

o ye wise men and give ear unto me ye

that have knowledge for the ear

thrice words as the mouth tasted meat

let us choose to us judgement let us

know among ourselves what is good for

job had said I am righteous and God had

taken away my judgment should I lie

against my right my wound is incurable

without transgression what man is like

job who drink it up scorning like water

which goeth in company with the workers

of iniquity and walketh with wicked men

for he had said it profiteth a man

noting that he should delight himself

with God therefore hearken unto me ye

man of understanding

far be it from God that he should do

wickedness and from the Almighty that he

should commit iniquity for the word of a

man shall hear and Iran to him and cause

every man to find according to his ways

ye surely God will do will not do

wickedly surely God will not do wickedly

neither will the almighty pervert

judgment who have given him a charge

over the earth or who have disposed the

whole world if he sets his heart upon

man if he gathered on

himself his spirit and his breath all

flesh shall perish together and man

shall turn again unto dust if now thou

hast understanding hear this hearken to

the voice of my words shall even he that

hated right govern and will doe condemn

him that is most just is it fit to say

to a king

thou art wicked and to Prince’s ye are

ungodly how much less to him that

accepted not the persons of princes nor

regarded the rich more than the poor for

they all are the work of his hands in a

moment shall they die and the people

shall be troubled at midnight and pass

away and a mighty should be shall be

taken away without hand for his eyes are

upon the ways of man and he see if all

his goings there is no darkness nor

shadow of death where the workers of

iniquity may hide themselves for he will

not lay upon man more than right that he

should enter into judgment with God he

shall break in pieces mighty man without

number and set all others in their stead

therefore he knoweth their works and he

overturn it them in the night so that

they are destroyed he strike at them as

wicked men in the open sight of others

because they turned back from him and

would not consider any of his ways so

that they caused the cry of the poor to

come on to him and he hear it the cry of

the afflicted when he giveth quietness

who then can make trouble and when he

hided his face who then can behold him

whether it be

done against the nation or against the

man only that the hypocrite rain not

lest the people being sneered surely it

is me to be said unto God I have borne


I will not offend anymore

that which I see not teach thou me if I

have done iniquity I will do no more

should it be according to thy mind he

will recompense it whether to refuse or

whether doe choose and not I therefore

speak what thou knowest let man of

understanding tell me and let a wise man

hearken unto me Jobe has spoken without

knowledge and his words were without

wisdom my desire is that Jobe might be

maybe tried on to the end because of his

answers for wicked men for he addeth

rebellion on to his sin he clap at his

hands among us and multiply his words

against God

I pray I pray that you may know in all

afflictions whatever your path may be

whatever your cross may be that you may

know that God is good all the time that

he does no wickedness and he commits no

iniquity I pray that you may know all

these things in Jesus mighty name amen

blessed be your Lord and may your God

the one who is good all the time our

Lord and our God

I always walk before thee in Jesus

mighty name amen


Blessed is the man that walks in the way of the Lord

Happy is the man who does not go in the company of sinners, or take his place in the way of evil-doers, or in the seat of those who do not give honour to the Lord.
Psalms 1:1

1)Luk 11:28 But he said, More happy are they who give hearing to the word of God and keep it.

1Luk 11:28 But he said, More happy are they who give hearing to the word of God and keep it.

The first ministry of the good news of Jesus Christ

The first words of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
Mark 1:1