Colossians 4 – Christian fellowship

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00:00 blessed be our Lord blessed be your
00:03 Lord blessed be our Lord for he is the
00:07 one who gave up his life out of love for
00:13 no greater love has any man shown than
00:17 to die for his brethren fulfilling the
00:21 Word of God for God so loved the world
00:24 that He sent His only begotten Son so
00:27 that all who believe in him might not
00:29 perish but have eternal life amen hey
00:34 man and a man today we’re going to talk
00:41 about the last chapter of lotions
00:43 lotions is about the fullness of God the
00:48 fullness in Christ the fullness in Jesus
00:52 Christ for God came in the flesh in
01:00 Jesus Christ in whom we are complete we
01:05 are complete we are complete in him in
01:13 him and that is what we are talking
01:18 about today it’s about the last chapter
01:24 of Colossians is about Christian living
01:27 how do you live how do you how are you
01:30 when you are a Christian a lot of that
01:35 has to do with fellowship fellowship
01:37 with non-believers and fellowship with
01:40 believers your fellow shipping how do
01:45 you fellowship with non-believers with
01:48 those who reject Christ with those who
01:51 say they love Christ but don’t know him
01:54 haha widows who say they love God but
01:57 don’t know him either with those who
02:01 love something from the Bible but not
02:04 necessarily Jesus or God or the law or
02:07 whatever and with those who know the
02:12 Lord Jesus
02:13 who are seated in Christ in heavenly
02:17 places hey man hey many men christian
02:21 living and fellowship of believers the
02:28 friendship and fellowship a fellow
02:32 servants servants people who are members
02:36 of the body of the Lord Jesus Christ who
02:38 serve Him who serve Him who increased
02:44 fate everywhere by bringing the good
02:49 news of Jesus Christ who opened the
02:53 doors of salvation as he has opened the
02:58 doors of his great store of salvation up
03:01 in heaven that friendship and fellowship
03:07 together in Christ is a comfort a
03:13 comfort to all the sufferings and
03:18 difficulties on the way all the troubles
03:21 we have it is a good thing it is a good
03:32 thing to any gospel ministry when fellow
03:38 servants are loving loving towards one
03:42 another not trying to impose rank but
03:46 loving to one another
03:55 so a lot of what is stored what we want
04:00 to say today is that if you are a
04:02 Christian if you are in fellowship in
04:04 Christ pray pray particularly over those
04:11 who bring the good news of Christ for
04:15 they are always under attack the world
04:18 is always in attack mode always pray for
04:25 them for those who are in the Lord
04:29 serving him doing his work bringing the
04:32 good news of Jesus Christ that God God
04:36 me enable them and give them strength
04:39 and comfort them so that they can speak
04:45 as they as God wants them to speak so
04:49 that they may say what God wants them to
04:52 say so that as God opens his doors of
04:58 blessing in heaven they are open here on
05:02 earth also for whatever we bind on earth
05:05 is bound in heaven and whatever we loose
05:07 on earth is loosed in heaven so we lose
05:10 the word of God on earth so that it may
05:14 be loose for everyone available for
05:17 everyone so that we may bring the gospel
05:20 of peace to the ends of the earth amen
05:24 amen amen fellowship fellowship
05:33 fellowship in christ fellowship
05:38 Colossians 4 verse 7 says something
05:42 about that fellowship christian
05:43 fellowship tikka cos will give you news
05:48 of all my business he is a dear brother
05:52 and true servant and helper in the world
05:56 through servant and helper in bringing
06:00 the good news of jesus christ pollutions
06:04 4 verse 10 Aristarchus my brother
06:07 prisoner
06:09 let’s remember that Paul is imprisoned
06:12 in room since his love to you and mark a
06:15 relation of Barnabas about whom you have
06:18 been given orders if he comes to you be
06:21 kind to him and Jesus whose other name
06:27 is justice this is another Jesus not
06:31 another Jesus was this is a person a
06:34 brother in Christ named Jesus so Paul
06:37 clarifies and says Jesus whose other
06:39 name is justice these are of the
06:44 circumcision these brothers that I have
06:46 meant mentioned are of the circumcision
06:51 they are my only brother workers for the
06:55 kingdom of God who have been a comfort
06:58 to me a comfort that’s what brothers in
07:03 Christ do for one another they are a
07:05 comfort to one another they don’t beat
07:09 each other over the head they don’t Lord
07:14 over one another for the LORD commanded
07:16 that that should not be done for he is
07:21 the head over the body Paul says these
07:27 brothers have been a comfort to me
07:29 fellowshipping is a lot about comforting
07:33 whether you fellowship with an
07:35 unbeliever with someone who has in a
07:40 certain form of belief but has not come
07:44 to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ
07:46 our Lord whether you fellowship with
07:53 those in the body of Christ it is a lot
07:58 about comfort you bring comfort for the
08:02 word of the Lord brings comfort my peace
08:06 I give to you not as the world gives
08:09 peace but my peace I give to you says
08:12 the Lord
08:16 looky mentions in his fellowship or
08:19 well-loved medical friend and Dimas send
08:24 you their love so he’s mentioning a
08:27 couple of things about fellowship a true
08:31 servant being true server servant and
08:34 helping in bringing the god the good
08:37 news of Jesus Christ and bringing the
08:39 word being kind to one another being a
08:49 comfort to one another and sending love
08:54 love for god is love give yourselves to
09:03 prayer at all times collusions 4 verse 2
09:06 keeping watch with praise watch for what
09:09 watch for the enemy watch for the second
09:12 coming of the Lord keeping watch with
09:15 praise keeping watch with brains raising
09:21 the Lord at all times praying over all
09:23 things over everyone at all times give
09:27 yourselves to prayer at all times
09:30 Christian life give yourselves to prayer
09:33 at all times keeping watch with praise
09:37 and praising the Lord be wise lotions 4
09:43 verse 5 be wise in your behavior to
09:48 those who are outside those who are
09:51 outside making good use of the time now
09:56 those who are outside a lot of people
10:01 say those who are outside also don’t
10:03 believe who have no faith well let me
10:07 clarify those who are outside are those
10:11 who have not come to the full knowledge
10:13 of Jesus Christ because you can believe
10:17 many things but unless you know the Lord
10:20 who is the Prince of Peace there will be
10:24 no peace and I’m not talking that you
10:28 have
10:28 no troubles I’m talking about having
10:31 peace under trouble having peace when
10:35 there is trouble how many of you have
10:39 that testimony say amen amen amen amen
10:46 so know what the scripture is talking
10:49 about hello shins for over six let your
10:53 talk be with grace mix with salt you
11:01 know that salt in a wound sting stings
11:04 right you know that salt cleans right
11:11 thanks away diseases let your talk be
11:18 with grace mixed with salt so you want
11:22 to be a comfort but you always want want
11:25 to get something accomplished also so
11:31 we’re not talking about people pleasing
11:32 we’re talking about grace being open
11:36 being a comfort being a friend being a
11:39 help mixed with the good news of Jesus
11:44 Christ so that you may be able to give
11:46 an answer to everyone everyone Greek jus
11:58 everyone everyone and this epistle in
12:04 this last chapter of Colossians of this
12:06 letter took to the church in Colonia
12:12 Paul is saying be fervent in prayer
12:16 fervent always go to prayer always turn
12:21 to pray and be wise and how you act with
12:30 those who are not yet come who don’t
12:33 know yet
12:35 who don’t have the true knowledge of
12:38 Christ yet there’s that word again true
12:42 constantly throughout his epistles the
12:45 true knowledge of Christ when somebody
12:49 constantly writes about the true
12:50 knowledge of Christ it means that is
12:53 there’s a counterfeit I’m not so true
12:57 knowledge of Christ also saying that
13:02 crisis just a prophet say that Christ
13:07 has no power all these things for all
13:11 power in heaven and on earth has been
13:14 given on to the son his name is Jean
13:19 Anointed One walk wisely towards those
13:24 who have not yet come to the true
13:27 knowledge of Christ
13:36 and he ends with his salute and wishing
13:41 them prosperity Christian prosperity
13:45 which means grace and peace and love
13:49 hallelujah we thank you Lord we thank
13:53 you Lord Lord give us your word Lord
13:58 speak with your voice Lord speaking to
14:02 the hearts of those who are under the
14:04 power of your voice Lord amen amen amen
14:09 I three let us do our reading let us do
14:13 a reading Colossians 4 verse 1 masters
14:20 give your servants what is right and
14:23 equal conscious that you have a master
14:26 in heaven conscious that everyone has a
14:30 master in Leviticus in Leviticus Moses
14:38 says do not be cruel to your neighbor do
14:41 not be cruel to your neighbor or take
14:44 what is his do not keep back a servant’s
14:50 payment from him all night till the
14:53 morning
15:03 so always treat whoever you think is a
15:08 servant to you right and in an equal way
15:15 in an equal way knowing that as you are
15:20 treating them the Lord is watching you
15:24 to see what you are doing and why you
15:27 are doing for he sees into your heart
15:38 Lord of lords King of Kings revelation
15:42 17 verse 14 these will make war against
15:46 the lamb and the lamb will overcome them
15:49 because he is the Lord of lords and king
15:52 of kings and those who are with him our
15:55 named marked out and true named marked
16:00 out and true and on his robe revelations
16:03 19 verse 16 and on his leg is a name
16:08 King of Kings Lord of lords
16:20 in Ephesians the same thing as said
16:23 Ephesians 6 verse 8 in the knowledge
16:26 that for every good thing anyone does he
16:29 will have his reward from the Lord if he
16:32 is a servant or if he is free efficient
16:40 69 220 I won’t do the whole piece but
16:42 and you masters do the same things to
16:46 them not making use of violent words in
16:50 the knowledge that there Master and
16:53 yours is in heaven and he has no respect
16:56 for a man’s position no respect so be
17:08 careful how you treat others be careful
17:13 how you fellowship with others be
17:20 careful
17:24 Colossians 4 verse to give yourselves to
17:27 prayer at all times keeping watch with
17:31 brains prayer at all times First Samuel
17:42 we going back there First Samuel 1223
17:46 and as for me never will I go against
17:51 the orders of the Lord by giving up my
17:55 prayers for you but I will go on
17:57 teaching you the good and right wing so
18:03 similarly saying I’ll always pray for
18:05 you and I’ll always keep on teaching you
18:08 the good and right wing averse to
18:12 memorize if you are in fellowship
18:22 Psalms 109 first for the Lord Jesus
18:28 Christ says in the gospel love thy enemy
18:31 love thine enemy love your enemies psalm
18:36 genre and 9 verse 44 my love they gave
18:40 me back they give me back aight for my
18:43 love they give me back 8 but I have
18:47 given myself to prayer watching keep
18:54 watch with prayer so that you may not be
18:57 put to the test the spirit truly is
19:01 ready but the flash is fever Matthew 26
19:04 verse 41 keeping watch at all times Luke
19:10 21 verse 36 but keep watch at all times
19:13 with prayer that you may be strong
19:15 enough to come through all these things
19:18 and take your place before the Son of
19:21 Man watch with dream
19:33 praising god and all times Colossians 3
19:41 verse 15 and let the peace of Christ be
19:46 ruling in your hearts as it was the
19:50 purpose of God for you to be one body
19:54 one body and give praise to God at all
19:58 times let’s go back to Colossians 4
20:06 verse 3 and making prayer for us that
20:11 God may give us an open door for the
20:14 preaching of the word the secret of
20:17 Christ here’s the definition of what
20:22 preaching is all about preaching is not
20:25 about making a speech about something
20:30 that happened to you or that happened to
20:32 your neighbors or something that is
20:35 about being having beautiful words about
20:42 making everyone laugh and clap that God
20:47 may give us an open door for the
20:49 preaching of the word the secret of
20:53 Christ the good news of Jesus Christ how
21:03 he paid for all the sins of mankind and
21:06 how he was resurrected and sits in
21:14 heavenly places ruling
21:22 the secret of Christ for which I am now
21:25 in Chains and says Paul yeah he was in
21:30 Rome in Chains in the praetorium next to
21:33 the palace of the Emperor I guess
21:42 on another level he was in Chains in
21:45 bondage to Christ to do the work of
21:51 Christ a servant
22:06 in Ephesians 6 verse 19 I think I said
22:08 this before Ephesians and Colossians
22:11 have a similar have the same tone they
22:16 explain one another official 6 verse 19
22:19 and for me pray for me that words may be
22:23 given to me in the opening of my mouth
22:26 to make clear without fear the secret of
22:30 the good news the good news this is what
22:39 preaching of the word is about to make
22:43 clear without fear the secret of the
22:46 good news not for entertainment not to
22:54 build up a name for yourself but to make
22:57 clear without fear the secret of the
23:00 good news of Jesus Christ for faith
23:05 comes by hearing the good news of Jesus
23:09 Christ amen and I attest that that is a
23:13 message from the Holy Spirit amen faith
23:21 comes by hearing of the word is written
23:25 but realize that in Colossians 43 it
23:28 says for the preaching of the word which
23:32 is the secret of Christ faith comes by
23:42 hearing the good news of Jesus Christ
23:52 in Revelations 37 revelations 37
23:57 collages for three were reading now
24:00 write and make prayer for us that God
24:03 may give us an open door for the
24:06 preaching of the word an open door
24:08 revelation 37 and to the Angel of the
24:11 church in Philadelphia say these things
24:15 says he who is holy he who is true he
24:19 who has the key of David opening the
24:23 door opening the door opening the door
24:27 so that it mean so that the baby shut by
24:30 no one and shutting it so that it may be
24:33 open to no one I have knowledge of your
24:37 works says the Lord see i have put
24:41 before you an open door which may be
24:44 shut by no one revelations free verse 8
24:47 and let you have a little strength and
24:51 have kept my word and I’ve been true to
24:55 my name so Paul says pray for us that
25:02 God may give us an open door for the
25:05 preaching of the word revelations
25:08 schriever say I have knowledge of your
25:11 works see i have put before you an open
25:14 door which may be shut by no one and i
25:19 know that you have little strength but
25:22 you have kept my word and have been true
25:24 to my name the open door is an
25:32 opportunity to bring the good news of
25:35 Jesus Christ to those who say they know
25:38 Jesus but don’t do those who say they
25:40 know God but only worship God are not
25:44 Jesus but you can only glorify God
25:46 through Jesus those who say they don’t
25:50 believe to those who say they have
25:54 stopped believing an open door a door of
26:00 utterance a door to preach the good news
26:04 of Jesus Christ
26:06 this is a big part of christian life
26:10 christian life is not only being wholly
26:14 all by yourself christian life is about
26:17 preaching the good news of Jesus Christ
26:20 I think I’ve said that enough now right
26:25 Galatians 4 verse 4 so that I may make
26:29 it clear as it is right for me to do
26:35 Lord Jesus I want to pray I pray that
26:40 everyone who is under the power of your
26:42 voice may pray for me Lord for me so
26:46 that you may give me an open door so
26:50 that I may preach the gospel your gospel
26:54 or the gospel of Jesus Christ so that
27:00 all all may have the opportunity to come
27:04 to an understanding and knowledge of who
27:08 you are so that all may come to know who
27:10 you are Lord know who you are know you
27:17 personally in their hearts be under the
27:21 power of your voice amen amen amen I
27:26 thank you be wise be wise be wise in
27:36 your behavior to those who are outside
27:41 but also don’t know Christ here making
27:44 good use of the time
27:58 matthew 10 verse 16 says see I send you
28:01 out as sheep among wolves be then as
28:05 wise as snakes and as gentle as doves
28:12 why the snakes gentle as doves
28:24 Ephesians 5 15 to 17 take care them how
28:29 you are living not as unwise but as wise
28:33 making good use of the time because the
28:37 days are evil for this reason then do
28:41 not be foolish but be conscious of the
28:45 Lord’s pleasure the Lord’s is pleasure
28:52 what is the Lord’s pleasure we should
28:57 all know that by now for God so loved
28:59 the world is and his only begotten Son
29:01 so that all who believe in him might not
29:03 perish but have eternal life god is love
29:12 jesus loves us love one another
29:36 making good use of the time to give an
29:40 utterance of the gospel of Christ let
29:44 your talk be with grace mixed with salt
29:47 so that you may be able to give an
29:50 answer to everyone grace mixed with salt
30:02 Ephesians 4 29 says let no evil talk
30:05 come out of your mouth but only what is
30:09 good forgiving necessary teaching and
30:16 for grace to those who give ear grace
30:21 and comfort peace and love
30:31 Leviticus 2 verse 13 mixed with salt
30:36 Leviticus 2 verse 13 and every meal
30:40 offering is to be salted with salt your
30:44 meal offering is not to be without the
30:47 salt of the agreement of your God with
30:51 all your offerings give salt
30:56 Thanksgiving give salt Leviticus is not
31:01 about physical things it uses examples
31:05 of physical things to say something of
31:08 the kingdom of God every meal offering
31:15 is to be salted with salt explaining
31:21 your meal offering is not to be without
31:23 the salt of the agreement of your God
31:27 giving thanks in all thing praising God
31:31 for the meal that he has given you that
31:35 you are able to offer it with all your
31:39 offerings give song
31:48 your praise and your tanks to the Lord
31:52 Matthew 5 verse 13 you are the salt of
31:55 the earth but if its taste goes from the
31:59 salt how will you make it salt again it
32:01 is then good for nothing but we put out
32:05 and crushed underfoot by man
32:18 let your talk be with grace so that you
32:22 may be able to give an answer to
32:23 everyone proverbs 26 verse 4 & 5 do not
32:29 give to the foolish man a foolish answer
32:33 or you will be like him give a foolish
32:36 man a foolish answer and he’ll seem wise
32:45 to himself
32:53 an answer to everyone what are we
32:56 talking about what kind of answer first
33:01 Peter 3 verse 15 but give honor to
33:04 Christ but give honor to crisis the
33:08 testimony of Peter but give honor to
33:11 Christ in your hearts as your Lord and
33:15 be ready at any time when you are
33:18 questioned about the Hope which is in
33:22 you to give an answer in the fear of the
33:25 Lord and without pride not saying them
33:30 the Lord gave me this amount of money
33:32 the Lord gave me these women the Lord
33:36 gave me this wife the Lord gave me these
33:38 children the look no no no the Hope
33:42 which is in you is that at the second
33:46 coming when he comes in clouds of glory
33:53 you will be rewarded and if you are
33:57 asleep you will be resurrected amen the
34:10 hope of the glory of God without pride
34:16 with fear of the Lord the questions that
34:25 you are to answer as a question or when
34:29 people say why do you believe in that
34:34 when people question your belief you
34:38 must be able to give them the gospel of
34:43 Christ you must be able to give them the
34:47 gospel of Christ otherwise you don’t
34:50 know what you believe in you must be
34:53 able to give them the good news of Jesus
34:56 Christ
35:00 we’ll work on that we’ll work on that
35:07 you know to those who know the piece
35:10 that they have while seated in Christ
35:14 you have the testimony already to those
35:18 who don’t know we work on that for faith
35:23 faith comes by hearing the good news of
35:27 Jesus Christ so a great part of our
35:31 preaching is the good news of Jesus
35:34 Christ all of the books of the Bible are
35:36 a testimony to our Lord Jesus Christ are
35:41 a good news of Jesus Christ every part
35:47 can be used as long as you know how it
35:49 relates stored or Jesus Christ
35:53 collusions for over seven tikka cos now
35:58 he’s talking about the fellowship among
36:02 the Brethren who bring the good news of
36:05 Jesus Christ tikka cos will give you
36:08 news of all my business they know each
36:11 other’s business he is a dear brother
36:14 and a true servant and helper in the
36:18 word the point is not knowing the name
36:21 thing occurs as I heard that name a lot
36:24 of time the point is that those who are
36:28 seated in Christ in fellowship working
36:31 together bringing the word they are dear
36:36 brothers and true servants and helpers
36:40 and bringing the gospel the good news of
36:43 Jesus Christ that is the point
36:55 that is the point
36:58 in Ephesians 6 collages 47 técnicas
37:03 officials 6 verse 21 but so that you may
37:08 have knowledge of my business and how I
37:12 am tikka cos the well-loved brother and
37:16 tested servant in the Lord will give you
37:19 news of all things Colossians and
37:24 Ephesians similar letters explaining one
37:29 another sometimes if you’re reading what
37:33 I’m trying to say is this if you’re
37:35 reading Ephesians and you don’t
37:36 understand something jump into collusion
37:38 and the other way around and the other
37:43 way around they explained and complement
37:47 one another lotions of over say and I
37:52 have sent him to you for this very
37:56 purpose so that he may not make known
38:00 all of my business so that you may have
38:02 news of how we are and so that he may
38:06 give your hearts comfort comfort there
38:11 it is fellowship comfort give you
38:14 comfort in your hearts and with him I
38:18 have sent an SMS the true and well-loved
38:22 brother who is one with you true who is
38:27 one with you
38:34 they will give you word of everything
38:37 which is taking place here they don’t
38:41 hide things there’s no backroom dealings
38:56 for the purpose of the preaching of the
38:58 word is to come to a oneness where
39:01 everyone is seated in the body of Christ
39:06 knows Jesus Christ and has knowledge of
39:12 the other parts of the body but are all
39:15 guided by our Lord Jesus how does the
39:19 word see till we come to the full
39:22 knowledge of Christ or Lord the full
39:26 knowledge let’s go on with the
39:30 fellowship among the brothers
39:32 Aristarchus my brother prisoner Oh
39:36 locked up with ball in the Pretoria
39:39 sends his love to you and Mark a
39:44 relation of Barnabas about whom you have
39:48 been given orders if he comes to you be
39:52 kind to him be kind to one another be
39:57 kind to one another and Jesus whose
40:03 other name is Justus these are of the
40:07 circumcision there are my they are my
40:10 only brother workers for for the kingdom
40:14 of God who have been a comfort to me
40:19 comfort
40:26 two servants and helpers in the word
40:29 Colossians 4748 cloches 4 verse 8 giving
40:39 comfort to your hearts cloches 49 giving
40:44 you word of everything which is taking
40:47 place who is one of you through and
40:54 well-loved brother cloches 4 verse 10 be
40:59 kind to one another lotions 4 verse 11
41:07 and be a comfort to me be a comfort a
41:16 pop Russ Aleutians 4 verse 12 who is one
41:20 of you a servant of Christ Jesus sends
41:24 you his love sending love ever taking
41:29 taught for you in his prayers
41:32 continuously praying for one another
41:35 that you may be complete and fully
41:38 certain of all the purpose of God that
41:43 you may come to know the Lord amen the
41:48 purpose of God I think it should have
41:52 jumped up in your mind for God so loved
41:55 the world he sent His only begotten Son
41:58 so that all who believe in him might not
42:02 perish but have eternal life for I give
42:09 witness closures for verse 13 of him
42:12 that he has undergone much trouble for
42:15 you and for those in laude SIA and in
42:19 here apolis Luke or well-loved medical
42:25 friend and dimas send you their love
42:29 sending love
42:36 give my love to the brothers in laude
42:39 saya and who nymph us and a church in
42:43 their house and when this letter has
42:47 been made public among you let the same
42:50 be done in the Church of laude sarah and
42:54 see that you have the letter from laude
42:58 Sam say to our hippos see that you do
43:03 the work which the Lord has given you to
43:06 do and this is a truth that everyone
43:13 must come to realize the Lord gives you
43:16 a work to do what it is he is the head
43:22 ask him pray he’ll make it known to you
43:27 just see to it that you do the work
43:30 which the Lord has given you to do or
43:32 daily verse today by the way by the way
43:36 is to do the orders of God x5 29 5 29
43:47 when the church leaders of that time
43:50 called in Peter and the Apostles are
43:54 took them prisoner most likely and said
43:59 we have forbidden you to preach the name
44:02 of Jesus now the whole city is full of
44:05 that name everyone’s talking about it
44:08 everyone is talking about your preaching
44:11 but we have forbidden you from doing it
44:13 for only we say who can preach and only
44:17 we say what to preach let him who has an
44:23 ear to hear let him hear for these
44:28 things were then are now and will
44:30 continue to be but Peter and the
44:34 Apostles answering said we have to do
44:39 the orders of God not of man
44:44 the orders of God not of men x5 29
44:53 collisions for over 17 say to our campus
44:57 see that you do the work which the Lord
45:00 has given you to do see to it that you
45:05 do what God has ordered you to do I Paul
45:12 cloches for 18 give you this word of
45:16 love in my handwriting this word of love
45:21 in my handwriting keep in memory that I
45:25 am a prisoner remember that I am in
45:28 bonds grace be with you Lord we thank
45:37 you we thank you for your word we thank
45:41 you for making us aware of your presence
45:46 we thank you for speaking into the
45:48 hearts of all those who are under the
45:51 power of your voice we thank you Lord
45:54 for all those whose ears are open to you
45:58 we thank you Lord for all those who do
46:00 the work which you have given them no
46:05 matter what the trouble is they keep on
46:07 doing the work that you have given them
46:11 we praise you and glorify your name Lord
46:15 so my blessing my blessing on to all
46:18 those who are under the power of his
46:20 voice on to all those who are chosen
46:24 elected on to all those who are called
46:28 on to all those who seek Him on to all
46:32 those who have knowledge of him on to
46:35 all those to whom he knocks on the door
46:47 receive his love pray for us pray over
46:56 everything at all times be wise in your
46:59 dealings with people who don’t have the
47:01 full knowledge of Jesus Christ and make
47:06 grace peace mercy of God be with you at
47:12 all times amen for those who want to
47:17 receive the Lord who want to know the
47:21 Lord for that’s what receiving the Lord
47:22 means right you have a visitor at your
47:25 door he’s giving a sign let me in I come
47:28 to visit you open the door prepare a
47:35 meal and salted and commune with your
47:45 Lord with our Lord continuously for
47:49 those who want to have that feeling know
47:53 that Lord brings peace and all
47:57 circumstances who want to have an
48:01 increase of fate I want to be able to do
48:06 the work which the Lord has given them
48:09 to do want to hear his voice who want to
48:17 know that he has given them bad penny
48:22 let us pray Lord Jesus I open myself up
48:28 to you
48:33 come come and inhabit me strengthen me
48:47 so that I may be able to do the work
48:50 which you have for me because you can do
48:57 all things so if you said that I should
48:59 do it I know I can do it for it is you
49:03 who does it we thank you lord I thank
49:07 you lord increase my faith Lord guide me
49:13 teach me directly or through someone
49:18 else but teach me the good news of your
49:24 gospel your gospel we thank you Lord for
49:33 increasing the fate of all of us our
49:38 hearts are wide open to you and to you
49:43 alone in Jesus name I pray amen amen and
49:49 amen wide open to the Lord we pray and
49:57 we thank him for all he has done for all
50:02 who he is
50:10 and we welcome the holy spirit within us
50:14 in our fellowship in our fellowship to
50:17 guide us or connection or unity with one
50:21 another and with God