Keep in the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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00:00 blessed be our Lord the king of kings
00:03 the king of kings holy holy holy is the
00:09 Lord God Almighty who was and is and is
00:16 to come when we’re waiting on the Lord
00:21 remember this who was and is and is to
00:25 come if he is you’re not waiting for him
00:32 how can you be waiting for something
00:35 that is for someone who is how can you
00:39 be waiting for the Lord who is within
00:42 you who was and is and is to come who
00:48 was in the beginning was the word and
00:50 the Word was with God and the Word was
00:53 God and His is in US in US and if you
01:04 have left your love for tins of the
01:08 world behind then you are in him
01:12 translated is is and when we say we’re
01:19 waiting for the Lord and is to come
01:24 we’re waiting for his second coming
01:31 today we’re going to talk a little bit
01:33 about traditions I love to talk about
01:36 traditions I mean the Lord our Lord
01:39 Jesus spoke about them and today we’re
01:42 going to speak a little bit more in
01:44 depth well not too much for it is but a
01:49 thing of this world Thessalonians the
01:56 testimony of ball lord give us your word
02:00 Lord speak with your voice Lord speak
02:05 into the hearts of all who are under the
02:09 power of your voice the selonians who
02:17 was and is and is to come the selonians
02:21 is about that last part and is to come
02:25 1st Thessalonians 2nd Thessalonians is
02:29 to come or coming Lord Christ Jesus is
02:35 or coming Lord the key thought of 2nd
02:39 Thessalonians is waiting for Christ
02:44 you’re not waiting for the Lord if
02:47 you’re waiting for something to happen
02:49 in this world for you you’re busy then
02:54 you’re under there you have not because
02:56 you ask nothing when you ask you ask
02:58 amiss when you say you’re waiting for
03:06 the Lord you’re waiting for the coming
03:09 Lord and the things of this world know
03:14 when you don’t know the things of this
03:17 world know when you say I’m waiting on
03:20 the Lord for healing you see in the Old
03:26 Testament when Jesus walked the earth
03:28 and in the New Testament when he walked
03:30 the word people could be waiting for his
03:33 salvation for he had not been manifested
03:37 yet
03:40 let’s follow this in a biblical sense
03:44 the people who were waiting at the pool
03:47 had to wait because the Lord had not
03:51 come to them yet realized the Lord had
03:53 not died and ascended the Lord had not
03:56 defeated and taken away the keys of life
04:00 and that from the enemy yet and his
04:05 ascension he says these things that I
04:08 have done and many more will you be able
04:10 to do and his ascensions he said I have
04:14 taken away the keys of life in that at
04:16 his ascension he said I must go up so I
04:20 can send you the Holy Spirit who will
04:25 guide you in all things so essentially
04:31 when you’re saying well this this might
04:34 be the truth of some and sorry if I if I
04:38 pop a bubble I don’t mean to i just mean
04:41 to give you the truth because people
04:42 died because of lack of knowledge if
04:45 you’re saying you’re waiting on the Lord
04:47 it means that you’re not holy spirit
04:50 filled hmm yes for if you were holy
04:57 spirit filled then you will be living in
05:01 the Lord with him in you and then you
05:05 will be singing who is was and is is to
05:11 come is later that’s what we’re waiting
05:14 on or coming Lord first and second
05:20 Thessalonians I know that many
05:21 traditions church traditions don’t teach
05:24 from 1st and 2nd Thessalonians because
05:27 then it takes away the part of waiting
05:33 for the Lord I’m waiting for a miracle
05:36 like the people at the pool they were
05:40 waiting for Jesus or the Apostles to
05:42 come by and say Santa pick up your bed
05:45 but realize this if you are a Christian
05:47 now Christ has already come Christ is
05:52 if you are a question you should be
05:54 filled with the Holy Spirit you
05:59 shouldn’t be teaching people yeah you
06:01 have to wait on the Lord for salvation
06:03 no we should be teaching them how to be
06:05 filled with the Holy Spirit ah that him
06:10 who has an ear to hear let him hear
06:13 nothing’s of the world not cars as I’ve
06:18 heard these teachings of cars you have
06:20 to visualize a car and nice clothes and
06:25 good food and a nice mansion Anna and I
06:30 what was it that I heard last and an
06:34 office with a nice view you have to
06:37 visualize these things and then you will
06:40 get them this is not of Christ in
06:47 feeling of the Holy Spirit is of Christ
06:50 so that you may know what he wants you
06:53 to do for his word says if you do if you
06:58 abide in me seek first the kingdom of
07:05 God to be seated in Christ and all these
07:11 things shall be added on to you it
07:14 doesn’t say visualize these things for
07:17 now you are worshipping these things you
07:23 are being led astray by a tradition of
07:27 men so instead of teaching what
07:32 Thessalonians is about they teach we are
07:36 waiting on the Lord but we do not live
07:39 in that time anymore he is already he
07:44 sent the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit
07:46 of Christ the spirit of Jesus the Spirit
07:50 of God the Holy Spirit or wholly
07:53 connection with him that abides in us
07:57 that lives within us Jesus in us eternal
08:02 constant communion with the Lord
08:05 now if you’re waiting for a healing
08:08 waiting for this to have been waiting
08:10 for that to happen well maybe you should
08:12 take the time for your being given the
08:16 time to focus on christ and the
08:19 infilling of the Holy Spirit how about
08:23 that isn’t that a beautiful thought you
08:27 have been given the time you have been
08:30 taken out of the world out of the
08:33 busyness out of the visualizations I
08:37 can’t even pronounce it out of the the
08:41 thinking about things of the world so
08:47 don’t let the world know you back don’t
08:51 let people the traditions of men because
08:55 it is true that the it is a desire to
08:58 visualize something is a desire now what
09:01 does the word say these are the works of
09:05 the evil one the lust of the flesh the
09:08 desires of the eyes and the pride of
09:12 life I only preach Jesus and Jesus
09:18 Christ crucified and I hope well let me
09:24 start with that let me pray let me pray
09:28 enough talk about that let me pray Lord
09:32 fill everyone who is under the power of
09:34 your voice with the Holy Spirit what are
09:39 they they are seeking you that is why
09:42 they hear that is why they listen they
09:46 hear your voice for they are your sheep
09:50 they hear your voice and follow some are
09:55 weak some are strong some run some walk
10:00 some just say Lord I’m here help me but
10:07 we know who you are Lord you are the one
10:10 who goes after the lost ones picks them
10:13 up on his shoulders and carry them along
10:16 if they are too
10:18 to travel so Lord fill them with the
10:21 Holy Spirit not with things of this
10:24 world for the desire of things of this
10:29 world pulls you away away from the
10:33 covering of our Lord and God we thank
10:36 you Lord we praise you Lord in Jesus
10:39 mighty name amen amen amen oh okay that
10:45 was a nice intro 2nd Thessalonians
10:49 chapter 3 it is the end of the second
10:55 book of Thessalonians in it for calls
11:04 those who say that they are Christians
11:08 that they live according to the rules of
11:13 the gospel seek first the kingdom of God
11:20 that they not be counted this orderly
11:24 persons without divine love divine love
11:31 love your God above all else the Lord
11:34 your God above all else and love your
11:37 brethren as you love yourself and
11:40 without hope without being able to wait
11:45 upon the second coming of the Lord
11:49 things which Christians say to the world
11:55 I’m a Christian you’re in the world you
11:58 should learn you should know Jesus you
12:00 need more Jesus well as a Christian you
12:04 should just show that show that that you
12:08 love the Lord your God above all else
12:12 and that it doesn’t matter what’s going
12:16 on you’re always hoping on his coming
12:22 not on his failing with the Holy Spirit
12:25 because if you are Christian you should
12:27 diligently work at all hours at all
12:30 times to be
12:31 filled with the Holy Spirit to being
12:35 eternal communion with or Lord you see
12:41 when you allow and I see allow allow the
12:45 Holy Spirit to live in you when you
12:49 allow him to live in you by shifting
12:52 aside lust shifting inside the desires
12:55 of the eyes shifting aside the pride of
12:58 life when you allow him to live in you
13:02 for it is written I stand at the door
13:06 and give the sign open so I may enter
13:12 and be with you open so I may enter and
13:19 commune with you open Swami enter it’s a
13:24 spiritual thing it’s not a ritual the
13:27 ritual does nothing the ritual is a sign
13:30 when the Lord says be sure not to forget
13:34 to do this what he’s saying is be sure
13:37 to always seek my mind on a thing on any
13:42 matter on everything ask me i’m here
13:47 with you waiting for you to just ask so
13:54 when we allow christ to direct or every
13:58 action or every thought when we bring
14:01 every thought before him it is
14:06 immediately made clear to us what is
14:08 evil and what is not and what we should
14:11 do and what we should never think about
14:12 again it is immediately made clear to us
14:16 and if we allow him to direct our love
14:20 or love instead of two lusts and desires
14:25 and our pride instead of to our flesh
14:32 instead of to our eyes instead of to our
14:37 lives but onto him unto him
14:43 that love will ratify will fix all our
14:52 affections towards men towards things
14:57 created and keep us waiting in the hope
15:03 and expectation of his coming of his
15:09 coming second Thessalonians 3 verse 6
15:17 now we give you orders brothers in the
15:21 name of our Lord Jesus Christ to keep
15:25 away from all those whose behavior is
15:28 not well ordered and in harmony with the
15:33 teaching which they had from us now many
15:43 people use this yet God wants all to be
15:49 saved he stands at the door of every
15:55 man’s heart and knocks so this verse is
15:59 not meant to separate to turn people
16:03 away it is meant to instruct as to what
16:11 is appropriate for Christians to do the
16:17 apostolic commands
16:25 it is about the traditions of the
16:29 Apostles they’re rotting in tradition
16:35 2nd Thessalonians 3 verse 3 but the Lord
16:38 is through who will give you strength
16:40 and keep you safe from evil for we just
16:45 read yesterday that it is the Holy
16:47 Spirit who blocks who blocks the evil
16:53 one from working on you working in you
16:56 until the coming of the Lord Jesus
17:00 Christ when the Holy Spirit will stop
17:03 blocking the evil one so that all may
17:07 turn under his power and the Lord may
17:12 come and defeat him and show that he is
17:15 Lord of all that he is the only one on
17:19 to salvation second Thessalonians 3
17:24 verse 5 and may your hearts be guided by
17:27 the Lord into the love of God and quiet
17:31 waiting for Christ quiet waiting for the
17:38 coming of Christ in clouds of glory when
17:42 he will reward each and every one
17:45 according to their works so now we give
17:52 you orders brothers in the name of our
17:55 Lord Jesus Christ to keep away from all
17:58 those people whose behavior is not well
18:01 ordered according to the word of our
18:04 Lord and in harmony with the teaching
18:07 with the teaching which they had from us
18:12 and you my brothers do not get tired of
18:19 doing well of well doing second
18:23 Thessalonians 3 verse 13 you see
18:26 patiently verse 5 may your hearts be
18:31 guided by the Lord into the love of God
18:33 and quiet waiting for Christ patiently
18:36 waiting for Christ
18:41 means that you are joined one with the
18:45 love of God means that the Holy Spirit
18:48 is in you if you’re patiently waiting
18:55 for Christ to bring you a car that
19:00 that’s another gospel that’s another
19:02 team then you need to watch that should
19:09 not be the one of whom the Christians
19:13 run patiently waiting for Christ for a
19:22 second coming is to be joined with the
19:25 love of God is to be one with the love
19:28 of God is to be communing with Jesus who
19:32 is the love of God for God so loved the
19:36 world that He sent His only begotten Son
19:39 so that all who believe in him might not
19:42 perish but have eternal life the
19:46 selonians is always about the coming
19:50 Lord the Christian is to wait watch and
19:56 work for the coming of the Lord Jesus
19:59 when he will be glorified in his Saints
20:03 and his Saints shall be eternally
20:07 eternally satisfied in him waiting upon
20:15 the Lord the hope that we have we were
20:21 Christians we are disciples disciples of
20:25 our Lord Jesus Christ the hope of his
20:28 return is the great motivator the great
20:37 incentive to a busy life and I’m not
20:42 talking about busy and doing things of
20:44 the world though I’m talking about busy
20:46 in the kingdom of God and the life of
20:51 love
20:52 deeds to others loving deeds to others
21:00 now Paul is talking about keeping away
21:04 from people who turn away from the
21:08 traditions that they have shown them and
21:13 many people take their tradition to be
21:17 their religion well many religions take
21:21 their traditions to be the Word of God
21:27 now the word of God may inspire a
21:32 tradition but a tradition is not the
21:38 Word of God a tradition my definition of
21:42 a tradition is simple a tradition is
21:47 something that can be seen and so a
21:49 tradition is doing works of the flesh
21:55 doing works of the flesh above things of
22:01 the Spirit putting more emphasis on
22:05 things of the flesh then things of the
22:07 Spirit now let’s explore that for I know
22:11 that the teaching on traditions and
22:14 waiting is deeply rooted deeply rooted
22:20 but let us try to bring some light so
22:24 Lord again I ask that you speak with
22:28 your voice into their hearts for we are
22:32 all your sheep Lord your sheep
22:42 your sheep Lord so Paul there three
22:48 versus three verses where Paul where it
23:01 is spoken positively positively about
23:06 traditions three versus three versus I’m
23:20 trying to do something here but it’s not
23:22 okay never mind that three verses where
23:26 traditions are positively spoken up
23:30 first Corinthians 11 verse 2 now I am
23:33 pleased to see that you keep me in
23:36 memory in all things and let you give
23:39 attention to the teaching which was
23:41 handed down from me to you that’s a
23:45 tradition second Thessalonians 2 verse
23:49 15 so then brothers be strong and
23:52 purpose and keep the teaching which has
23:55 been given to you by word or by letter
23:58 from us that is a tradition the
24:01 apostolic traditions are passed on 2nd
24:06 Thessalonians 3 verse 6 now we give you
24:08 orders brothers in the name of our Lord
24:11 Jesus Christ to keep away from all those
24:14 whose behavior is not well ordered and
24:18 in harmony with the teaching which they
24:22 had from us traditions but these are the
24:29 traditions of the Apostles and the
24:31 traditions of the Apostles are the word
24:34 of Christ
24:40 but there are also the commandments of
24:43 men Matthew 12 128 at that time Jesus
24:50 went through the fields on the Sabbath
24:52 day and his disciples being in need of
24:55 food were taking the heads of grain but
24:59 the Pharisees those were here to the law
25:03 without spirit but just adhering to
25:06 alone when they saw it said to him see
25:08 your disciples do what that which is not
25:12 right to do on the Sabbath but he said
25:14 to them have you no knowledge of what
25:16 David did when he had me the food and
25:19 those who were with him how he went into
25:22 the house of God and took for food the
25:24 holy bread which it was not right for
25:27 him or for those who were with him to
25:29 take but only for the priests or is it
25:34 not sad in the law how the Sabbath is
25:36 broken by the priests in the temple and
25:39 they do no wrong but i say to you that a
25:42 greater thing than the temple is here
25:45 Jesus but if these words had been in
25:51 your minds my desire is for mercy and
25:56 not for offerings you would not have
25:59 been judging those who have done no
26:01 wrong for the Son of Man is Lord of the
26:07 Sabbath remember it is there’s a rule do
26:10 no work on the Sabbath but the Sabbath
26:14 was made for man not the man for Sabbath
26:18 and the Lord God most high it is written
26:27 that Lord God most i said my desire is
26:31 for mercy and not for offering mercy and
26:38 not for offering the thought that
26:43 offering trumps everything is not of God
26:48 for he has already said his desire is
26:51 for mercy
26:53 if offering was his thing you would have
26:57 had to die for your sins instead of him
27:01 shedding his blood for you mercy those
27:09 are the traditions of men to know a rule
27:12 but just know it in their minds not in
27:16 their hearts and then apply it without
27:19 further spiritual knowledge or thought
27:28 commit a grave sin at that point Matthew
27:35 15 226 again they said why do your
27:43 disciples go against the teaching of the
27:45 fathers for they take food with unwashed
27:47 hands this is another big one that I’ve
27:50 heard a lot of times you have to wash
27:54 your hands before you eat okay if even
27:59 heard you have to wash wash chicken in a
28:02 certain way before you cook it I love
28:08 you all but the Lord did not say this
28:16 they take the disciples were accused of
28:19 eating without washing their hands and
28:21 an answer he said to them why do you
28:24 yourselves go against the Word of God an
28:27 account of the teaching which has been
28:29 handed down to you on account of your
28:31 tradition
28:38 because traditions Matthew 15 verse 6
28:42 and you have made the word of god
28:46 without effect because of your teaching
28:50 so be careful what you teach and that’s
28:52 why I preach and teach Jesus and Jesus
28:55 Christ alone I don’t get into traditions
29:00 we used to do this this way my
29:03 grandparents taught me right I don’t
29:07 know all i know is Jesus the only thing
29:10 I have that is verifiable is Jesus
29:13 Christ and Christ alone mark 7 verse 3
29:17 29 again the washing of hands now the
29:23 Pharisees and all the Jews do not take
29:26 food without washing the their hands
29:28 with care keeping the old rule which has
29:32 been handed down to them tradition
29:46 mark 7 verse 5 and the Pharisees and the
29:50 scribes put the question to him why do
29:52 your disciples not keep the rules of the
29:54 father’s but take their bread with
29:57 unwashed hands and he said well it is
30:01 well did Isaiah say of you you false
30:05 ones oh now you’re adhering to a
30:09 Christian a tradition of God inspired by
30:13 God for that’s what they are talking
30:17 about right but I say a set of them you
30:24 false ones these people give me honor
30:27 with their lips but their heart is far
30:30 from you see whenever you focus and I
30:37 said from the beginning on things of the
30:40 world as a showing of your faith in God
30:46 you are being sensuous whenever that
30:52 goes above the fate that is in your
30:56 heart it is nullifying what should be in
31:01 your heart which is Christ and Christ
31:04 alone the Holy Spirit these people give
31:10 me honor with their lips but their heart
31:12 is far from me but their worship Matthew
31:17 7 verse 7 this is what Isaiah said but
31:20 their worship is to no purpose while
31:24 they give as they’re teaching the rules
31:27 of man tradition for the rule of God is
31:33 I desire worship and not offering you
31:39 don’t have anything you can offer that
31:43 would please the Lord for he created you
31:46 there is no gain for him in it
31:51 for turning away from the law of God
31:53 mark 7 verse 8 you keep the rules of man
31:58 and he said to them truly you put on one
32:02 side the law of God so that you may keep
32:05 the rules which have been handed down to
32:08 you you put away the things that God and
32:12 Christ said so that you may do the
32:14 things the traditions that you are
32:19 accustomed to do because they’re easier
32:21 to do because living in the spirit is
32:24 not that easy not unless you’re found
32:28 Christ and opened up yourself to him and
32:32 costs down the lust of the flesh the
32:36 desires of the eyes and the pride of
32:40 life whenever people are busy talking to
32:42 me about these topics desires cars
32:46 houses buildings hair nails yes yes
32:54 people talk to me about Neil’s shoes I
33:03 start praying for them Luke 6 verse 1
33:14 about the eating on the Sabbath plucking
33:18 food on the Sabbath cloches to verse 8
33:24 take care that no one takes you away by
33:27 force through man’s wisdom and deceit
33:32 taking you away by force from the Word
33:35 of God from Christ it’s done true man’s
33:41 wisdom through the wisdom of men and
33:44 deceit going after the beliefs of man
33:48 traditions of men and the theories of
33:51 the world being overly sensuous being
33:56 focused on things of this world and not
34:00 after Christ not after the Holy Spirit
34:05 that is a great the great challenge that
34:09 is the great race to go after Christ and
34:13 not after things of this world not after
34:15 suits not after being called a deacon
34:18 not after worshipping from people in the
34:21 streets whether people say hi to me or
34:24 not doesn’t matter to me I’ll still be
34:27 going after Jesus whether people chose
34:31 to speak to me or not does not matter to
34:34 me it’s all about Jesus
34:46 first Peter let’s see if someone else
34:49 has a different opinion right because we
34:51 heard from the gospel from Matthew we
34:54 heard from mark we heard from Luke weird
34:58 from Paul now let’s hear from Peter
35:01 first Peter 118 being conscious that you
35:05 have been made free from that foolish
35:07 way of life foolish way of life which
35:12 was your heritage from your father’s
35:14 there is that again tradition not true a
35:18 payment of things like silver or gold
35:21 which all come to destruction you see
35:27 that’s the hell the whole thing all lust
35:30 comes to disruption at a certain point
35:32 all desires for things of this world
35:36 these things come to destruction cars
35:41 clothes nails shoes buildings and a
35:50 pride the pride what are you proud of of
35:56 looking young of having a physique what
36:01 are you proud of male and female are
36:04 liking that nature I proud of saying oh
36:08 I am good but but they they what do I be
36:16 good or bad let the Lord this side but
36:19 I’m always ready I make sure that I’m
36:21 always ready always ready to be judged
36:26 always waiting for his coming for it
36:30 might be in 10,000 years it might also
36:34 be today no one knows the tradition so
36:42 the teaching that Paul is given the
36:45 tradition that he is talking about
36:47 Paul’s at these things I came to teach
36:50 Christ and Christ alone that is the
36:54 tradition he is talking about and let
36:57 everyone who is teaching something else
37:00 be separated from them they are teaching
37:03 things of the world they are teaching a
37:05 building their teaching a a specific
37:10 piece of furniture they are teaching
37:13 clothes they’re teaching a man a man
37:18 they’re teaching these things which are
37:21 not Christ and Christ alone they are
37:23 teaching that you must listen to them
37:34 and these are arbitrary interpretations
37:39 of the law of God
38:02 tradition you have been delivered from
38:06 rotation
38:15 so take care lotions to forsake that no
38:18 one takes you away from the teaching of
38:22 Christ through the wisdom of men and
38:26 their deceit to make you go after the
38:30 beliefs of men and the theories of the
38:33 world and not after Christ you see I’ll
38:38 say it again for a third time focusing
38:47 on the carnal things and things created
38:50 is human tradition if you have to say
38:55 something a word of God in a certain
38:59 specific way if there’s only one Bible
39:04 translation that is the right one that
39:08 is a human tradition for God when He
39:13 gave His inspired Word God when he when
39:18 his inspired Word was written down it
39:21 was not written in any of the versions
39:25 that we use today realize this it is the
39:29 spirit of god it is the voice of our
39:31 Lord in our hearts that gives us the
39:34 true meaning of what it means so if you
39:37 focus on carnal things and a specific
39:40 translation of a Bible is a carnal thing
39:44 if that is your strength let us pray
39:51 Lord Jesus Lord Jesus come into our
39:55 hearts for all who seek you and I’ll go
40:00 further Lord all all all God wants all
40:05 to be seen so help us all lord help
40:12 those who can hear your voice who are
40:14 your sheep and can follow you help them
40:17 and also help those who are not your
40:20 sheep for this is what you did when you
40:25 were on earth lord
40:28 12 the one you call dog when they showed
40:33 you when she showed you her fate and
40:36 said that even the dogs eat the crumbs
40:39 that fall off the table of the children
40:41 you said all your fate for God wants all
40:48 to be saved for all were created in His
40:52 image all have the image and a semblance
40:57 of the Lord God in them all all so your
41:05 word is to bring that image to the
41:07 foreground Lord so I pray Lord that you
41:12 bring all all to you I pray Lord that
41:19 they saw their hearts be softened so
41:23 they may accept your voice I pray Lord
41:26 that you might endow us with your power
41:30 that you might shine through us that you
41:35 might anoint us to be able to bring your
41:40 tradition your love your sacrifice to
41:47 all those who don’t know yet I thank you
41:52 Lord in Jesus mighty name amen I thank
41:59 you lord I thank you Lord traditions
42:02 clogged blunt block perception of
42:09 anything heavenly traditions of men
42:12 block your understanding of the word of
42:16 God it is not for nothing that two books
42:19 of the Bible two books of the Bible
42:24 Thessalonians have been dedicated to
42:27 explaining how it should be waiting on
42:31 the Lord what that means and what
42:36 waiting on the Lord means means waiting
42:38 on his second coming
42:41 it is not coincidence it is the wisdom
42:46 of God blessed be our Lord let us do
42:50 our reading let us do our reading in
42:54 Jesus mighty name Lord speak with your
42:58 voice lord give us your word Lord speak
43:03 into the hearts of all who are under the
43:06 power of your voice amen amen and amen
43:10 2nd Thessalonians 3 first one for the
43:14 rest my brothers
43:25 for the rest my brothers
43:36 I am missing something here let me just
43:38 switch switch for the rest of my
43:43 brothers me too Lord Jesus help us with
43:51 your mind and your power and let the
43:55 Holy Spirit increase everywhere that
43:59 darkness that darkness has been cast
44:04 down finally brethren pray for us pray
44:11 for us brothers pray for his brothers
44:14 and so let us pray that the Word of God
44:18 may not be hindered in any way by
44:21 anything by any spirit any distraction
44:24 any difficulty of this world for the
44:29 word of God comes from heaven and the
44:32 world cannot stop anything that comes
44:36 from heaven I pray Lord in Jesus mighty
44:38 name for the rest of my brothers leather
44:41 be praying for us that the word of the
44:44 Lord may go forward with increasing
44:47 glory even as it does with you for we
44:52 are aware of it word of it’s working
44:55 within you and that we may be made free
44:59 free from foolish an evil man for not
45:06 all have faith that their words fall
45:11 back upon their own hands that the pits
45:15 that they dig the traps that they lay
45:17 that they fall into their own pits as
45:20 your word says Lord and walk into their
45:25 own traps deliverance Lord deliver us
45:34 from unreasonable man
45:43 but the Lord is through you Lord are
45:49 true the Lord is true who will give you
45:51 strength and keep you safe from evil
45:56 strength and safety Psalms 19 verse 13
46:04 says keep your servant back from sins of
46:08 pride let them not have rule over then
46:13 will I be upright and free from greats
46:16 in second Thessalonians 3 verse 4 and we
46:27 have faith in the Lord about you that
46:30 you are doing and will do the things
46:32 about which we give you orders and don’t
46:40 listen with your ears of pride for all
46:45 that we do we have been ordered to do
46:53 second Thessalonians 3 verse 5 and may
46:59 your hearts be guided by the Lord into
47:02 the love of God and quiet waiting for
47:06 Christ quiet waiting for Christ
47:17 psalm 119 36 let my heart be turned to
47:22 your unchanging word and not to evil
47:25 desire Jeremiah 10 verse 23 oh Lord I am
47:35 conscious that a man’s we is not in
47:39 himself man has no power of guiding his
47:43 steps
47:54 zoms 40 verse 1 when I was waiting
47:58 quietly for the Lord his heart was
48:01 stirred to me and he gave ear to my
48:04 crime Psalms 134 5 & 6 I am waiting for
48:15 the Lord my soul is waiting for him and
48:17 my hope is in his word my soul is
48:20 watching for the Lord more than those
48:22 who are watching for the morning yes
48:25 more than the Watchers for the morning
48:28 realize this when these passages were
48:32 written in the Old Testament they have a
48:35 two-fold mean Jesus was not walking with
48:39 them the Holy Spirit was not in man she
48:47 even had the keys of life of and death
48:51 so you had to wait for the word of the
48:55 Lord to come from heaven through an
48:58 angel right what is it that is written I
49:02 have in the times of Daniel I had to
49:05 wait I was held up in the heavenlies for
49:08 21 days until the captain of the angels
49:14 came to set me free so I may bring this
49:17 message to you we had to wait on the
49:21 word of the Lord to come from heaven but
49:25 then Jesus was manifested and here’s the
49:28 second meaning of waiting so that
49:30 meaning of waiting of waiting for the
49:33 Lord for every little thing you needed
49:35 is only valid in those days because you
49:40 did not have the feeling of the Holy
49:42 Spirit but once Christ came and left and
49:46 said I will fail you with a spirit and
49:49 everywhere in the Old Testament man were
49:52 filled with the Holy Spirit talk about
49:56 all the prophets now that we have the
50:03 Holy Spirit and believe in Christ now
50:06 that Christ lives in
50:07 we do not have to wait for a word from
50:11 God he is in us they do not have to wait
50:19 for a word from God we won’t have to
50:21 wait to do to know what we’re doing if
50:24 we are waiting it is because we are
50:26 working against the Holy Spirit
50:28 sometimes without knowing it by letting
50:31 the desires of the eyes the lust of the
50:35 flesh and the pride of life creep up on
50:38 us and get ahold of our focus and
50:42 thinking when you’re busy with the lust
50:45 of the flesh the desires of the eyes and
50:52 the pride of life the Holy Spirit does
50:56 not manifest God is there seeing
50:57 everything that you’re doing but you
51:00 cannot connect because your focus is
51:05 different you’re focused on to something
51:09 else you’re focused on to the tradition
51:12 of men
51:20 patiently waiting for Christ and not
51:30 focusing on things of the word the
51:32 patience of waiting for Christ’s first
51:36 Peter 4 verse 1 so that as Jesus was put
51:40 to death in the flesh do you yourselves
51:44 be of the same mind for the death of the
51:48 flesh puts an end to sin you see if you
51:52 don’t see the lust of the flesh you
51:55 don’t have the desires of the eyes
51:59 fantasizing about things of the world
52:03 you don’t have the pride of life saying
52:07 oh I must do this and I must do that
52:12 those things are sins those things are
52:16 sins sin can be summarized in three
52:21 things lust of the flesh desires of the
52:24 eyes pride of life having your eyes
52:31 fixed on Jesus the guide and end of our
52:36 fate I think this was the this is the
52:40 verse of the day having her eyes fixed
52:43 on Jesus the guide and end of our faith
52:46 who went through the pains of the cross
52:49 not caring for the shame because of the
52:53 joy the joy which was before him and who
52:56 has now taken his place at the right
52:59 hand of God seat of power give thought
53:03 to him who has undergone so much of the
53:07 hate of sinners against himself so that
53:11 you may not be tired and feeble of
53:14 purpose so that you may not turn to
53:16 desires of the eyes lusts the flesh
53:19 pride of life because you are tired and
53:22 feeble Hebrews 12 first to win three
53:32 quite waiting for Christ’s first six now
53:37 we give you orders brothers in the name
53:41 of our Lord Jesus Christ spiritual
53:43 orders orders through the spirit to keep
53:49 away from all those whose behavior is
53:52 not well ordered and in harmony with the
53:58 teaching which they had from us for you
54:02 yourselves are used to taking us as your
54:06 example because our life among you was
54:11 ruled by order and realized when you
54:14 separate from others this is the church
54:19 Thessalonians which is pretty pretty
54:23 come together which has a pretty good
54:26 teaching which is just waiting for the
54:30 Lord which is just waiting for the Lord
54:37 so Paul is saying hold on just wait for
54:43 the Lord and don’t get caught up with
54:47 people who out of being weak and tired
54:51 and weary turn back to things of the
54:56 world separate yourselves from them it
55:01 is not for people this is not being said
55:04 of people who are being built up and I’m
55:07 still mostly in the world you don’t
55:10 separate from those this is said to
55:12 people who are having done L are
55:15 standing and then start to go back or go
55:21 back make their decision to go back so
55:26 realize that this is not applicable to
55:28 everyone but it is applicable for you
55:37 yourself are used to taking us as your
55:40 example because of my life among you
55:43 was ruled by order the order of Christ
55:46 and we did not take food from any man
55:50 for nothing but we’re working hard night
55:54 and day not to be a trouble to any of
55:57 you not because we don’t have the right
56:01 but to make ourselves an example to you
56:04 so that you might do the same now most
56:08 most churches work differently to this
56:19 for even when we were with you we gave
56:22 you orders saying if any man does not
56:24 work let him not have food for it has
56:28 come to or ears that there are some
56:31 among you whose behavior is uncontrolled
56:34 who do not work at all but are over
56:38 interested in the business of others
56:42 gossipers slanderers evil speakers
56:47 tattletales people who want to know what
56:50 is your testimony what happened with you
56:53 how was your life how bad was it that
56:57 you came to Christ seeking to use that
57:01 against you seeking to pull you down
57:08 where Christ by calling hit you to him
57:14 has forgiven you where Christ has set
57:20 you free do not let any man bring you in
57:25 bondage these men are not working they
57:33 are over interested in the business of
57:35 others I have no interest in whatever’s
57:39 going on I can see into someone’s eyes I
57:42 can hear from their speech where they
57:45 are I just sit and talk with them
57:48 fellowship for a minute or two five is
57:51 enough and then they threw their speech
57:55 through the
57:56 things that they’re looking at who the
57:58 things they tell me that they love they
58:01 tell me where they are I don’t need to
58:03 know what they’re thinking because what
58:06 the heart is full of the mouth overflows
58:11 of it and I take great pride when people
58:16 tell me oh but you’re always only
58:18 talking about God and Jesus Jesus Jesus
58:20 Jesus and say yeah I mean sorry there’s
58:24 place is there anything else there’s
58:30 nothing else in my heart I lujah tour
58:35 Lord and God louia for the joy of the
58:41 Lord so being busy / interested in the
58:48 business of others is not a good thing
58:53 now to such we give her orders now to
58:57 such to these people for doing things in
59:03 their tradition not according to the
59:06 tradition that Christ gave to his
59:08 disciples and his apostles but according
59:11 to the tradition of men no to such we
59:14 give orders and make requests in the
59:18 Lord Jesus that working quietly they get
59:22 their living let them go a work for
59:24 their money instead of doing what
59:27 they’re doing and a lot of times living
59:32 off of what people who have less money
59:36 than they have and you my brothers do
59:40 not get tired of doing well do not get
59:44 tired of doing well and if any man does
59:47 not give attention to what we have said
59:50 in this letter take note of that man and
59:56 keep away from him so that he may be
59:59 shamed have no feeling of hate for him
60:04 but take him in hand seriously as a
60:08 brother
60:10 now the Lord of peace himself give you
60:14 peace at all times and in every way may
60:17 the Lord be with you all these words of
60:21 love to you at the end are my writing
60:26 balls writing and this is the mark of
60:30 every letter from made a grace of our
60:33 Lord Jesus Christ be with you all now if
60:38 we want to attain that position Christ
60:41 and Christ alone no lust well as little
60:46 as possible lust as little as possible
60:50 desires of the eyes as little as
60:53 possible pride of life let’s do this
60:57 prayer Lord Jesus forgive me forgive me
61:04 forgive me for putting my hopes and
61:07 things created and things of this world
61:10 and things created by men and not in you
61:17 lord who created all and everything and
61:22 for whom all and everything was Green
61:25 forgive me Lord you stand at the door
61:32 I’m here because I heard your signal I
61:36 see the sign help me to open up open up
61:42 totally to You Lord open up so that you
61:46 may live with me Lord hey Manuel God
61:51 with us I thank you Lord come into my
61:55 heart and teach me guide me let me hear
62:01 your voice let me see you let me know
62:07 that it is you who wants me to do
62:10 something helping to at all times turn
62:14 to you for counsel not another not
62:17 another God not another Jesus not
62:21 another anything but to you
62:23 or Jesus the Christ to you who gave your
62:29 love who gave your love to us who gave
62:33 your life for us who covers us with your
62:36 blood you who are worthy the only one
62:40 worthy to be a sacrifice a sacrifice of
62:44 mercy for God wants mercy and not
62:47 offerings from us I thank you Lord come
62:57 into my heart and save I know you can do
63:05 hey Manny Manny man heavens and the
63:08 earth praise God for everyone who turns
63:18 to the Lord or who goes deeper and
63:22 deeper in search of the Lord who opens
63:27 up more and more layers of his heart to
63:30 the Lord we praise You Lord we thank you
63:34 lord I made a lord of peace himself give
63:39 you peace at all times and in every way
63:45 may the Lord be with you may the grace
63:50 of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all
63:55 amen amen and amen in the beginning was
64:02 the word and the Word was with God and
64:07 the Word was God that word is in the
64:14 beginning was the word and f word was
64:19 the Spirit of God in the beginning was
64:22 the word and that word his his name is
64:28 Jesus Lord of all
64:35 Jesus salvation for men his name is
64:41 Jesus king of kings Jesus love for all
64:51 men

The Hope and motivation of the Servants of the Lord, of his Ministers

For we are conscious that if this our tent of flesh is taken down, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal, in heaven.
2 Corinthians 5:1
For it is the love of Christ which is moving us; because we are of the opinion that if one was put to death for all, then all have undergone death
2 Corinthians 5:14

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Covering in Order

1Co 11:3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

But I want you to understand this: The head of every man is Christ. And the head of a woman is the man. And the head of Christ is God.
Every man who prophesies or prays with his head covered brings shame to his head.