In me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble

In Me, Peace

Jesus Is Lord

Let us pray

Lord Jesus
I pray that you might enlighten everyone
to know at all times that God is with them
that they are part
that they are a branch of your vine
that you alone
you alone
that you alone overcame the whole world
all of it
all of it
then it has been utterly cast down
and that it tries to distract us
but that we have our eyes focused on you

Lord we thank you for guiding us
for speaking to us
for helping us
put a strong block in our spirits
to(wards) everything that stops us
from hearing and following you Lord
put a strong block
blocking our spirits to any voice
how(ever) nice it may seem
that is not of you lord
put an encouragement in our spirits
to only follow you Lord

We worship You
we know
we know
we know that a time is come
the time is come Lord
when everyone goes in all directions
every man to his house
but we are not alone Lord
because you and the father are with us

We thank you Lord
In Jesus mighty name
Amen Amen and Amen

Now for those who don’t wholly see the trouble
who only see the trouble
sometimes you’re just seeing only trouble because the Lord is calling you
but you’re still holding on to things of the world

sometimes you’re totally holding on to things of the world and not listening to the Lord
sometimes you’re going to church but are still holding on
sometimes you’re reading the Bible 24-7 but are still holding on

You know if this is a problem because there is no peace
there’s no peace

let us do this prayer
I always do it myself because in my opinion
no one can ever have too much Jesus
it is impossible to have too much Jesus

So let us pray

Lord Jesus we open ourselves up to you
come live with us
be in us
and let us be in you
teach us
guide us
forgive us
forgive us
from our grave sin
our grave sin which was
To not believe in you
to believe that we could do it
by doing things of the world

Then we had to follow this person in the world
that we had to do things according to this worldly organization
Forgive us for not turning to You Lord
Forgive us in your name

Help me forgive all
all God
Help me forgive everyone who has ever done anything to me
so I might be free
free to have your peace in my mind
Make me always aware of your presence Lord
Guide me as I read your word Lord
guide me as I sing to you Lord
guide me
for you are my shepherd
Help me
Heal me
Forgive me

And above everything else Lord
Love me
Love me
Love me
Love me
I love you Lord

Thank you Lord
In Jesus name Amen

Let a blessing of the Lord be upon you
May a blessing from his storehouse be upon everything you put your hand to
Know the Peace of Christ which is
Forgiveness of all sin to all those who are able to receive him
you will have trouble
But accept Christ in your life
so that you may have peace

For he has overcome the world

Blessed be our Lord
Blessed be our Lord
Amen Amen and Amen

I have said all these things to you so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble: but take heart! I have overcome the world.
John 16:33 BBE