God sees our righteousness

God sees our righteousness

Let me be measured in upright scales, and let God see my righteousness:
Job 31:6 BBE

let me be measured in upright scales and

let God see my righteousness let God see

my righteousness the words of Joby you

see the one who is dedicated to God has

no condemnation in his heart the place

where the spirit resides and so his

answer is also always well let God use

his scales to judge me for he can see

what’s in my heart no one can see what’s

in a man’s heart but God can see what’s

in man’s heart for the word of God says

that God diligently sends out the seven

spirits of God to search every man’s

heart every man’s heart to find out what

he’s doing and why he’s doing it says

diligently continuously constantly in

depth without the possibility of hiding


so Jovi’s answer is let me be measured

in upright scales and there’s only go on

good one one who has upright scales

and he will see my righteousness blessed

be your Lord

joby 31 verse 6 joby 31 verse 6 there is

worldly the word that comes to mind is

integrity people of all walks of life in

all sorts of worldly thoughts and

philosophies and doctrines talk about

integrity integrity and handling money

integrity in handling people integrity

and handling properties all banks say

that there they have integrity moral

integrity yet we speak here of something


integrity in the eyes of God

righteousness the ability to suffer the

world and still save stay with God you

see when you know the Lord and this

might be sharp to some and some may hate

me for it but this is what the Word of

God says this is what I know if you love

the Lord no matter what the people of

the Lord do no matter what anyone who

has a habit on or a pope or mitre

whatever it is all the symbols and the

trimmings that they use to proclaim that

they are the servants of God or

ministers or or elders or whatever

whatever they do to you doesn’t matter

they are but men they are but men but

because you know the Lord even though

they do something with by which you say


I can’t walk with these people anymore

you know you’re not gonna leave God

right God didn’t do anything it’s like

going to your friend’s house and their

servant treats you badly what will you

do you won’t speak to your friend ever


well you’ll tell em a look at your

servant so that’s what we do they do

badly we cry out to the Lord but we

don’t say because people treat us badly

that’s why we’ve turned away from God

that means you never knew who God was

you had an idea but you never knew him

knew him it doesn’t mean you’re a bad

person it just means you have to be

acquainted someone needs to help you to

know God or you must want to know God

and if you are chosen one God Himself

will show himself to you like to Paul

making it so that in your mind in your

heart you can never say well I don’t

know who the Lord is well I can’t see

this because no knowing the Lord you

know hey this is what it is whether

people like it or not whether you’re

alone or with two people whether you’re

with 10 or with 10,000 it doesn’t matter

what are a hundred thousand or a million

are against you it doesn’t matter

because if you know the Lord you know

that God is one and by his word all

things are done

not by a number of men a number of men

can do worldly things build great

cathedrals great buildings great car

ways airplanes rocket ships fantastic

things truly fantastic in the flesh but

to create to create for that you need

God blessed be your Lord and he who can

see your righteousness he will vindicate

he is the one who keeps an account and

judges every word he who is in our

hearts condemns us not if we have

confidence in if we trust him why do I

say that because remember who he is he

came down from his glorious throne to

suffer at the hands of sinners and while

suffering he said Father forgive them

for they know not what they do

he prayed for them and died so that we

might be covered by his blood which

washes white as snow takes away all

iniquity so if you have him in your

heart you do your best to believe to be

good but he is the one who makes you

righteous not you II not ten thousand

people he that one person blessed be

your Lord in Jesus mighty name Amen and

may we all hold on to that integrity

knowing that whatever someone else does

whether they have

intentions are bad whether they have

integrity or not whether they do it in

the name of God or not let us all know

man are but man but if you believe in

God if you believe in God

you cannot go astray from God because of

men he is the creator man are but a

creation blessed be your Lord Jesus

mighty name amen let us be judged at all

times by him let us be measured in his

upright scales let us take whatever

guidance he sees fit to give us and in

that in our obedience to him he will see

and show our righteousness in Jesus

mighty name amen

so lord give us your word speak with

your voice speak unto the hearts of

those who are under the power of your

voice in Jesus mighty name amen joby 31

verse 1

joby 31 verse 1 I made an agreement with

my eyes how then might my eyes be

looking on a virgin for what is God’s

reward from on high or the heritage

given by the ruler of all from heaven is

it not trouble for the sinner and

destruction for the evildoers does he

not see my ways and are not my steps all

numbered that is the Word of God he’s

he’s all your ways he has read all the

way for you and your steps are if I have

gone in false ways if I have gone in

false ways or my foot has been quick in

working deceit let me be measured in

upright scales and let God see my

righteousness if my steps have been

turned out of the way or if my heart

went after my eyes or if the property of

another is in my hands

let me put seed in the earth for another

to have the fruit of it and let my

produce be uprooted if my heart went

after another man’s wife or if I was

waiting secretly at my neighbor’s door

then let my wife give pleasure to

another man and let others make use of

her body for that would be a crime it

would be an act for which punishment

would be measured out by the judges it

would be a fire burning even to

destruction and taking away all my

produce if I did wrong in the cause of

my manservant or my woman servant when

they went to law with me what then will

I do when God comes as my judge and what

answer may I give to his questions did

not God make him as well as me did he

not give us life in our mother’s burnt

bodies you have to be very careful when

when dealing with people who are under

your control whether it be prisoners

where did it be people you hire whether

they be your students remember at all

times ask yourself this question as you

are about to do whatever you are about

to do with them did not God make him as

well as me God is no respecter of names

if you do something wrong to them in his

eyes well he will give you a reward

according to your work

Jovie 31 verse 16 if I kept back the

desire of the poor if I did not help the

poor give them a coin some money if I

kept back the desire of the poor if the

widow’s I was looking for help to no

purpose and I didn’t help her if I kept

my food for myself and did not give some

of it to the child with no father for I

was scared for by God as by a father

from my earliest days he was my guide

from the body of my mother if I saw one

near to death for need of clothing and

that the poor had nothing covering him

if his back did not give me a blessing

and the will of my sheep did not make

him warm if my hand had been lifted up

against him who had done no wrong when I

saw that I was supported by the judges

may my arm be pulled from my body and be

broken from its base for the fear of God

kept me back and because of his power I

might not do such things if I made gold

my hope or if I ever said to the best

gold I have put my faith in you if I was

glad because my wealth was great and

because my hand had got together a great

store if when I saw the sun shining and

a moon moving on its bright way a secret

feeling of worship came into my heart

from seeing the sun shining and a moon

moving on it’s right wing and my hand

gave kisses from my mouth that would

have been another sin to be rewarded

with punishment by the judges for I

would have been false to God on high if

I was glad at the trouble of my hater

and gave cries of joy when evil overtook

him for I did not let my mouth give way

to sin in putting a curse on his life if

the man of my tent did not say who has

not had full measure of his meat the

traveller did not take his night’s rest

in the street and my doors were open to

anyone on a journey the traveler did not

take his night rest in the street and my

doors were open to anyone anyone on a

journey if I kept my evil doings covered

and my sin in the secret of my breasts

for fear of the great ball

of people or for fear that families

might make sport of me so that I kept

quiet and did not go out of my door if

only God would give ear to me and the

ruler of all would give me an answer or

if what he has against me had been put

in writing truly I will take up the book

in my hands it would be to me as a crown

I would make clear the number of my

steps I would put it before him like a

prince the words of Job the words of

Jobi are ended if my land has made an

outcry against me or deployed or has

been in sorrow if I have taken its

produce without payment causing the

death of its owners then in place of

grain let thorns come up and in place of

barley evil-smelling plants blessed be

your Lord Joby is clear here he is

speaking about integrity about knowing

God about holding on to God no matter

how your life goes in the world doing

the right thing as they say in the

streets do the right thing I would only

say do the right thing according to the

Word of God don’t be afraid of those who

can kill the flesh be afraid of him who

can kill the flesh and the soul blessed

be your Lord blessed be our Lord in

Jesus mighty name amen I

a-and know this in the end he will come

and judge everyone reward everyone for

their works it is not something that may

be your main be not in the end he will

come and judge everyone and reward

everyone for their works by his word we

will all be judged starting with those

who are resting with those who are dead

so lord have mercy on us for all we have

done wrong

thank you Lord for your mercy for the

shedding of your blood which took away

all our sins help us Lord to be stronger

in you every day in you every day more

and more so that at that day when we are

measured in upright scales you may see

Lord you may make known Lord our

righteousness of faith unwavering faith

in you

thank you lord in Jesus mighty name amen

blessed be your Lord