The God of our Lord Jesus

Blessed be the God of our Lord Jesus,
Blessed be our Brother and Lord Jesus,

Blessed be the faithful saints

Praised be the Angels from the Third Heavens.

Almighty God , I thank you for ALL YOU Have laid out for me in this world, even though I am vile.
And Even though I am vile, I stand boldly before your throne, for I am washed in the blood of Jesus.

Almighty God, I forgive every one that has done wrong to me, or that I percieved to have done wrong to me (in that case I forgive myself)

Father, in Jesus name I remit their sins.

Father I cast down everything that has been sent to me, transferred to me, assigned to me, that you have not laid out for me.

Thank you Father, my Almighty God, The God of my brother and Lord Jesus.

Father, Let the Holy Spirit increase everywhere, in Jesus name.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.