God by his power gives long life to the strong

God by his power gives long life to the strong

Job 24:22
But God by his power gives long life to the strong; he gets up again, though he has no hope of life.

blessed be the name of the Lord his name

is Jesus blessed be the name of the Lord

God by his power by his power gives long

life to the strong he gets up again

though he has no hope of life God God

lets the sunshine and the rain fall on

the good and on the evil and the strong

the evil are held up by his power even

though he has no hope none whatsoever

on eternal life God shows his goodness

and his glory at all times by trying to

help man get up at all times yet those

who choose to be the strong the strong

hearted the strong minded the stubborn

those with pride God gives them long

life but they have no hope of eternal

life blessed be our Lord who even when

things are going wrong shows his

goodness in Jesus mighty name amen

blessed be our Lord let us do our

reading I pray that you may not be the

strong that you may be the meek the weak

for the meek inherit the kingdom of God

blessed be our Lord in Jesus mighty

name amen and may your hope rest on that

eternal life that comes with you

being in the body of Christ in that New

Jerusalem where there is no temple built

by hands no temple created but God and a

lamb are the temple and we’re nothing

created gives light but God lights it

and a light is the lamb blessed be your

Lord in Jesus mighty name amen joby

chapter 24 Lord give us your word speak

with your voice speak unto the hearts of

those who are under the power of your

voice in Jesus mighty name amen

joby 24 verse 1

joby 24 verse 1 why are times not stored

up by the ruler of all and why do those

who have knowledge of him not see his

days joby answering his friends who came

to comfort him the landmarks verse 2 the

landmarks are changed by evil men they

violently take away flocks together with

their keepers they send away the ass of

him who has no father

they take the widow’s azox for death the

crushed are turned out of the way all

the poor of the earth go into a secret

place together like asses in the

wasteland they go out to their work

looking for food with care from the

wasteland they get bread for their

children they get mixed grain from the

field and they take away the laid fruit

from the vines of those

who have wealth they take their rest at

night without clothing and have no cover

in the cold they are wet with the rain

of the mountains and get into the cracks

of the rock for cover the child would

all the father is forced from its

mother’s is breast and they take the

young children of the poor for death

others go about without clothing and

though they have no food they get in the

grain from the fields between the lines

of olive trees they make oil though they

have no drink

they are crushing out the grapes from

the town comes sounds of pain from those

who are near death and the soul of the

wounded is crying out for help but God

does not take note of their prayer then

there are those who are haters of the

light haters of the light who have no

knowledge of its way no knowledge of its

ways and do not go in them he who is

purposing death gets up before day so

that he may put to death the poor and

those in need and a man whose desire is

for the wife of another is waiting for

the evening saying no I will see me and

he puts a cover on his face and in the

night the thief goes about in the dark

he makes holes in the walls of houses in

the daytime they are shutting themselves

up they have no knowledge of the light

none whatsoever

for the middle of the night is as

morning to them they are not troubled by

the fear of the dark this is more than

just literal spiritually it is a perfect

scene they go quickly on the face of the

waters their heritage is cursed in the

earth the steps of the crusher of grapes

are not turned to their vine garden snow

waters become dry with the heat so the

sinners go down into the underworld the

public place of his town has no more

knowledge of him and his name has gone

from the memory of men he is rooted up

like a dead tree he is not kind to the

widow and he has no pity for her child

but God by his power gives long life to

the strong by his power even though they

are cruel even though they love the dark

and hate the light even though they are

only active in darkness in spiritual

darkness God by his power gives long

life to the strong he gets up again

though he has no hope of life he takes

away his fear of danger and gives him

support and his eyes are on his ways for

a short time they are lifted up then

they are gone they are made low they are

pulled off like fruit and like the heads

of grain they are cut off and if

not so now who will make it clear that

my words are false and that what I say

is of no value who will stand up and say

that these words are not true look

around you but praise the Lord praise

the Lord praise the Lord for his power

that gives life even though the strong

has long life in darkness in the world

and gets up again and again and again

praise the Lord for we have hope of life

of eternal life and a strong have no

hope whatsoever blessed be our Lord

keep in his way

even though it may seem even though it

may seem or you have no hope in this

life keep in his ways for eternal life

is this exactly that it is forever you

have hope of life of eternal life in

Christ Jesus blessed be our Lord

blessed be our Lord amen