Great salvation does he give to his king; he has mercy on the king of his selection, David, and on his seed for ever.

God Anoints

Psa 18:50 He is the one who gives victories to his king;
who shows gracious love to his anointed,
to David and his seed forever.

Say Thanks to The Lord, You woke up today.
Say Thanks to The Lord, for everything You’ll get done today.
Today Is Your Day.
Praise The Lord for watching over you continually.
Praise The Lord, his Love endures forever.
Praise Him Forever.

LORD, I Thank You For Waking Every Day.
LORD, I Thank You For Every Victory In This Day.
LORD, I Praise You For Always Being With Me.
LORD, I Praise You Forever For Your Love Towards Me.
JESUS Is Lord!

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