First four horns of judgement

First four horns of judgement

And the seven angels who had the seven horns made ready for sounding them.
Revelation 8:6 BBE

and the seven angels who had the seven

horns made ready for sounding them the

announcement of the judgement for the

Lord comes in clouds of glory rewarding

every man for his works and it will be

bad in those days for those whose works

are unacceptable

we’re talking about the end times the

second coming

revelations revelations revelation 8 the

trumpet judgment the trumpets which

announce the reward for those whose

works is rejecting the Lord Jesus the

forces of the enemy will be allowed

without restraint remember in the book

of Job II where the enemy was allowed to

do certain things but had a limit first

but don’t touch him then you can touch

him but don’t kill him but in the end

days the enemy will be allowed without

restraint bringing great fear upon all

because of the way in which the world

we’ll be brought into tribulation the

trumpet judgments the judgments and

hounds blessed be your Lord and I pray I

pray that on that day in those days you

may be found resting in the Lord or

still in him in Jesus mighty name amen

blessed be your Lord blessed be your

Lord so Lord give us your word speak

with your voice speak unto the hearts of

those were under the power of your voice

in Jesus mighty name amen blessed be

your Lord blessed be your lover

revelation 8 verse 1 revelation 8 verse

1 and when he had opened the Seventh

Seal There was silence in heaven about

the space of half an hour and I saw the

seven angels which stood before God and

to them were given seven trumpets and

another angel came and stood at the

altar having a golden censer and there

was given unto Him much incense that he

should offer it with the prayers of All

Saints upon the golden altar which was

before the throne and a smoke of the

incense which came with the prayers of

the saints

it up before God out of the Angels his

hand and the angel took the censer and

filled it with fire of the altar and

cast it into the earth and they were

voices and thunderings and lightnings

and an earthquake and the seven angels

which had the seven trumpets prepared

themselves to sound the first angel

sounded and there followed hail and fire

mingled with blood and they were cast

upon the earth and the third part of

trees was burnt up and all green grass

was burnt up and a second angel sounded

and as it were a great mountain burning

with fire was cast into the sea and a

third part of the sea became blood and

the third part of the creatures which

were in the sea and had life died and

the third part of the ships were

destroyed and the third angel sounded

and there fell a great star from heaven

burning as it were a lamp and it fell

upon the third part of the rivers and

upon the Fountains of waters and a name

of the star is called wormwood and the

third part of the waters became wormwood

and many men died of the waters because

they were made bitter

now many people focus on well these

things mean that this and these things

mean their debt and this is symbolic for

this and this is realize that you’re

trying to explain something of God of

the Spirit not in a spiritual sense but

in a worldly sense and so you will be

missing the point the point is not how

do you protect yourself against an

earthquake the point is that when it

comes you who are a living being filled

with the Spirit of God are in Christ in

the spirit for the spirit never dies but

the flesh rest dies rots burns so that

you might have eternal life and not

perish with the flesh because you have

no spirit the main point is to be in

Christ whether you have died already for

when he comes he will raise up those who

died in Christ for their spirit does not

die they have eternal life and those who

are still alive

he will take up before all these things

come to pass through as he was taken

that is the main point but to those who

are outside these are just stories that

they do not understand and try to

explain from their point of view in the

flesh to those who are inside

the explanation is clear that every man

examine himself before those days

revelation 8 verse 12 and the Fort angel

sounded and the third part of the Sun

was smitten and the third part of the

moon and the third part of the stars so

as the third part of them was darkened

and a day shone not for a third part of

it and a night likewise and I beheld and

heard an angel flying through the midst

of heaven saying with a loud voice woe

woe woe to the inhabiters of the earth

by reason of the other voices of the

trumpet of the three angels which are

yet to sound our Lord gives enough time

for all to turn to him for this can only

happen after knowledge of him has been

given to all to all without exception so

that everyone may have a freewill choice

to choose the Lord or the tribulation or

the unleashed enemy who is allowed

without restraint and the judgment is

based on where is your faith is it in

money is it in things is it in your

strength your knowledge the knowledge of

the world or is it in the Lord Jesus

blessed be your Lord and may his spirit

it guide you to him hold you in him and

strengthen your faith so that when the

seven angels who have the seven horns

are ready to sound them you may be found

safe alive in Christ amen amen