Have you ever seen destruction come to an upright man?

Does the enemy test an upright man?

Job 4:7
Have you ever seen destruction come to an upright man? or when were the god-fearing ever cut off?

have you ever seen disruption come on up

the question of one of the people who

came to comfort job have you ever seen

disruption come on an upright man and

actually now we can answer this question

simply by saying yes how about Jesus

after job

how about job look around you

yes it happens the enemy tests ma’am for

that reason the Lord in his testing went

through his testing so that he might be

an example to those who are tested and

so that we might have a high priest who

has been tested like any other man even

though he was without sin so no man can

claim well this only happens to me

because maybe I did Jesus was without

sin yet was tested he is our high priest

who knows better than anyone else what

it is to be tested when you have done

nothing wrong when you have just

followed the word of the Lord as job did

as Joe did have you ever seen

destruction come on an upright man yes

job for job for I pray I pray that

whenever you see someone nearly

destroyed broken up broken down laying

by the side of the road you may not

think well God has destroyed it but that

you may know that sometimes sometimes

upright man come to destruction just

because they are being tested just

because they are upright man it is not

always by the curse of God or by being

sinful that man come to destruction

it is also simply by the testing of the

enemy I pray that you might have that

mercy the mercy to help them no matter

how destroyed they may seem because one

thing is true whether it is by a curse

of God that they are destroyed none none

a righteous in and of themselves all

fall short of the glory of God so all

deserve mercy God gave all mercy so that

some might turn to him and I pray that

you might have that mercy that was in

Jesus to give mercy to all so that some

my turn to Him blessed be our Lord who

has mercy on all who Sun shines on the

good and evil in Jesus mighty name

amen blessed bureau let us do a reading

as we continue through the test of job a

man without blame the Lord said have you

considered my servant Joe and he was

tested because the enemy said well job

is without blame because you cover him

in all things so to prove a point to

teach the enemy was allowed to touch Joe

blessed be our Lord and may we all be

able to stand in a day of testing in

that evil day as job stood without

letting sin come out of our lips

blessed be our Lord let us do a reading

Lord give us your word speak with your

voice speak into the hearts of those who

are under the power of your voice in

Jesus mighty name amen Joe for verse 1

and Elif as the team a night maid answer

and sad if one says a word will it be a

weariness to you but who is able to keep

from saying what is in his mind truly

you have been a helper to others and you

have made feeble hands strong he was

near to falling has been lifted up by

your words and you have Givens ranked to

Banta knees but now it has come on you

and it is a weariness to you you are

touched by it and your mind is troubled

it’s not your fear of God your support

and your upright way of life your hope

have you ever seen destruction come to

an upright man or when were the

god-fearing ever cut off what I have

seen is that those by whom trouble has

been blowed and evil planted get the

same for themselves by the breath of God

destruction takes them and by the wind

of his wrath they are cut off

do the noise of the line and the

sounding of his voice may be loud the

teeth of the young lions are broken the

old lion comes to his end for need of

food and a young of the sea lions go

wandering in all directions a word was

given to me secretly and a low sound of

it came to my ears in trouble thoughts

from visions of the night

whence deep sleep comes on man fear came

on me and shaking and my bones were full

of trouble and a breath was moving over

my face the hair of my flesh became

stiff something was present before me

but I was not able to see it clearly

there was a form before my eyes a quiet

voice came to my ears

saying may a man be upright before God

or a man be clean before his maker truly

he puts no faith in his servants and he

sees error in his angels how much more

those living in houses of Earth whose

bases are in the dust they are crushed

more quickly than an insect between

morning and evening they are completely

broken they come to an end forever and

no one takes know if their tent cord is

pulled up do they not come to an end and

without wisdom the comforter of Job is

implying that he has only seen evil

things be brought down even though those

things were done

see but what happened to job is in part

how salvation is given to men a

blameless one was sacrifice lost


was nailed on the cross to test our

faith to show us faith his disciples

were scattered in all directions just as

the story of the lion and the young sea

lions remember we are the bride he is

the groom the old lion joke for verse 11

the old lion comes to his end for need

of food and a young of the sea lions and

a young of the sea lion go wandering in

all directions yet yet what that word

eyed was his flesh and not his spirit

what was afflicted what God allowed to

be afflicted of job was his flesh and

his goods things made from dust but not

his spirit for the spirit of man is

created by God God is spirit Jesus is

Lord the enemy cannot destroy spirit

isn’t the word of the Lord be not afraid

of him who can destroy the flesh but be


who can destroy the soul the spirit

there is a separation between spirit and

flesh and what job the story of job and

a story of Jesus are teaching us hand

Genesis is that man was created a living

spirit and then formed from the dust of

the earth but whatever happens to that

thing which was formed from dust has no

bearing on the Spirit on the soul God is

spirit and that dust that image in which

he came Jesus God with us

no it was crucified no it was buried it

came back to life for life is in the

spirit blessed be our Lord and me at

all times when you see someone trodden

down broken up rotting away in the dust

its flesh rotting that you may remind

yourself and be christ-like comfort him

not with woe what have you done that

you’re down here no this is but flesh

you and I are spirit the same spirit

working in different ways through all

blessed be our Lord and may you be able

to see that spirit at all times in Jesus

mighty name amen blessed be your own