The Charity of our Lord Jesus

Blessed and Praised is The God of Hosts and His Son Jesus, in whom we are made Priests and Kings to our Father.

Father, I thank you once again for sustaining me and for giving me the means to endure.
Thank you Father for all your blessings and for all you have laid out for me.

Lord Jesus, I LOVE being a member of your body, and I would utterly despair at the sole thought of that not being so, but I am comforted by the notion, Yes lord Jesus, I KNOW!

That you made me a part of your body, without any expectation on your part, so there is nothing I do or don’t do to affect my being in your body, Lord Jesus.
It is only your will, and your sacrifice, that makes me a part of your body, the Church, and a Priest and King on to the God of Hosts, Our Father.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Father, let the Holy Spirit increase everywhere, in Jesus name.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.