Purpose for today

Blessings and Praises to our Father, the God of Hosts, and to our Brother, the Lord of Lords, our King, owner and redeemer, who took us out of darkness and brought us into light.

Father, today I come boldly before you to have you make it clear to me what my purpose is at the place where I have been put by you, What is your task father, what is your order Lord Jesus.

In any event , I am listening and at your disposition, obedient and patiently awaiting.

Thank you for your peace and for sustaining me.

Your will be done in this world as it is in the Third Heavens Father, in Jesus name, and by his feet, your Saints and Kings, the brothers IN Christ.

World without end father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.

High Praise

Blessings and Praises to my Father, The God of Hosts and to my Brother the Lord of Lords, Who made us Kings and Priests unto God and his Father.

Blessed are the Saints within.
Blessed are the Angels from the Third Heaven.

Greetings and Love to the faithful in Christ.

Father, I thank you for the power you have vested in me and in all my brothers, in the members of the body of Jesus.
I thank you for all you have given me and have laid out for me in this world and in the worlds to come.
Father, There is no one besides you, besides you God , there is nothing. Without you, Life would be a non-existent word.

Blessed are you for cleansing us, and for redeeming us and for sanctifying us.

My heart is filled with you and with my Brother Jesus, it is all I can think about and all I can fall back unto Father.

Thank you for sustaining me Father.

And Father, whatever happens , let the Holy Spirit increase everywhere, in Jesus name.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.

He made us Kings and Priests

Blessed is our Father, the God of Hosts and our Brother, the King of Kings.
Our Brother, Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth, who in his great mercy choose to make us Kings and Priests unto God and his Father .
Whose great mercy always has a door open for us to escape from the wiles of the enemy.
Whose enormous mercy cleanses us with his blood, the blood of the Lamb.
Which sanctifies us and redeems us, restoring the authority God gave us from the foundation of this earth to order, rule and minister this earth.

Now the only thing that we can do is, the thing that he did.
Through charity,
Charity which washes our sins away.

So let us be charitable unto our brothers.
As he is charitable unto us all.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.

Love and Charity to man

Blessed and Praised is our Father, The Lord, God of Hosts, AND our Brother, The King of Kings, Our Lord Jesus.

Blessings and Praises to the Saints and Kings within.
Praises and Blessings to the Angels and the Powers from the Throne of The Lord, our Father.

Thank you Father, for Laying out everything we need in this world, thank you Father, for being merciful unto all that want.

Love and Charity to mankind,
May The Lord’s workers visit all seekers and wise men, and may The Lord teach each and everyone elect according to his mercy and purpose.

Let the will of our Father be done in this world through the body of our Lord Jesus, for ever and ever, Amen.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.

Thank You Father

Blessed is our Father The God of Hosts, and our Brother, The King of Kings, our Lord Jesus.
Blessed are The Saints and Kings within.
Blessings and Praises to the Angels and Powers, from the third heaven.

Thank you Father for always being there and letting me know at every moment what you want.
Thank you for your great mercy in not holding my disobedience against me Father.
Thanks and Praises to my Brother, for washing me and cleansing me and forgiving me my disobedience and pleading on my behalf with my Father.

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.

Boldly Before Your Throne Father

Father, I come boldly before your throne and ask…Is this all there is?
…. throngs and throngs of desperate people seeking love and fellowship, without ever being able to find it because all the gold is under a humongous layer of… muck, of darkness,
… this can not be ALL FATHER… I KNOW it is NOT! Your word says differently and you promised us a glorious reign on this earth, if we kept ourselves in you and on your path.

This being true Father, because we that believe KNOW it is true Father, let this be my request, you said you would provide me with everything I wanted if I kept myself to you Father, so here is my request….please lift that covering of muck from all around us, please enlighten our eyes so we may see your purpose, your will, your reward (EPH 1:18),
set us on our paths so that we may prosper and build great houses on unmovable FOUNDATIONAS ..ON JESUS!
Yes Father, you show us…you show me, for what I see is an abyss, a pit, And I know that there is something else there that you have laid out Father, I know it is there, in the same place as the abyss, just sitting there , waiting for us to see and uncover it.

So Father, give us your mercy, and show us your grace. We have done, and will keep on doing (one more time for the Lord !). But as you promised, grant us the spoils, sustain us, so that the contender may not say that you are powerless to provide for us Father, deal with us as you must, but sustain us and let not the contender mock your word Father.

Glory to our Father, The LORD, God of Hosts, who chastises who he cares for and teaches all his children, and sustains us all with his Love and Mercy.. because of His Charity.

Blessing and Praises to my Father most high and to my Lord, my brother Jesus, Amen

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.

Praises and Blessings

Praises and Blessings to THE LORD, God of Hosts.
Praises and Blessings to our Lord Jesus, the King of Kings.
Praises and Blessings to the Saints within, the brothers IN Jesus, the members of our Lord Jesus, the Church.
Praises and Blessing to the Angels and Powers from the Third Heavens.

Father, let us go out now, today,
You, My brother and Lord Jesus, and me,
Let us go out together and effect your will on this world, as it is in the Third Heavens, Amen.

Father, let the Holy Spirit Increase everywhere, in Jesus name, Amen.