Full of pity, He forgives our sins

Jesus Is Lord

When you are in a place of forgetfulness
of how great God is
and refuse to walk in his orders
his commands
his word
and don’t believe
and have no faith in God
or in his salvation
or in his salvation
then you have to be …
then you become long suffering
you become the one who suffers long
and God is waiting for you
for God is eternal he’s waiting for you to change

And the enemy will do this to you and
that to you and
this and that
the Lord is just waiting for you to turn to him
because the enemy does not fight himself
A house divided against itself cannot stand
Once you’re not in the way of God
you’re in the way of the enemy
and the enemy seemingly fights himself
You are doing something against the world
The world is against me so
I’m going to do this
You’re just enlarging the territory of the enemy
for he does not fight himself
satan …
satan does not fight satan.

But God
God is long suffering

He being full of pity has forgiveness for sin
and does not put an end to man
Frequently turning back his wrath
and not being violently angry
God is full of pity
and forgiveness
and he frequently frequently holds back his wrath
holds back his wrath
and doesn’t show his anger
his violent anger

Blessed be the Lord for being
long-suffering with us
his puny creation
Blessed be the Lord
for being
for having pity
and forgiveness for us
who are stiff-necked
who are full of pride, lust and desire
Blessed be the Lord
In Jesus mighty name

But he, being full of pity, has forgiveness for sin, and does not put an end to man: frequently turning back his wrath, and not being violently angry.
Psalms 78:38 BBE

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