Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5 KJV

trust in the Lord with all thine heart

and lean not unto thine own

understanding trust in the Lord with all

your heart and don’t rely on your own

knowledge trust faith the essence of

religion the essence of believe in God

the essence trust trust many times I’ve

trusted but then still done something on

my own just to make sure that is not

trust that is not faith trust in the

Lord with all your heart and do not rely

on your own knowledge trust

proverbs 3 verse 5 proverbs 3 verse 5

trust in the Lord with all your heart

and do not depend on your own

understanding trust in the Lord with all

thine heart and lean not unto thine own

understanding it continuously comes bad

job 13 verse 15 though he slay me yet

will I trust in him but I will maintain

my own ways before him Psalms 37 verse 3

trust in the Lord and do good so shalt

thou dwell in the land and verily thou

shalt be fed Psalm 62 verse 8 trust him

at all times ye people pour out your

heart before him God is a refuge for us

and on and on and on Jeremiah 17 verse 7

blessed is the man that trusteth in the

Lord and whose hope the Lord is blessed

be your Lord blessed be your wisdom

wisdom is to trust in the Lord with all

your heart and lean not unto your own

understanding on to your own knowledge

on to your worldly knowledge I pray in

Jesus name that you may trust in the

Lord with all your heart with all your


with all you are and never ever lean

onto the knowledge that you have

acquired in this world in Jesus mighty

name amen

blessed be our Lord so Lord give us your

word speak with your voice speak unto

the hearts of those who are under the

power of your voice Jesus mighty name


proverbs three first one my son

forget not my law but let thine heart

keep my Commandments for length of days

and long life and peace shall they add

to thee let not mercy and truth forsake

thee bind them about thy neck write them

upon the table of dine heart so shalt

thou find favour and good understanding

in the sight of God and man trust in the

Lord with all thine heart and lean not

unto thine own understanding in all thy

ways acknowledge him and he shall direct

thy paths be not wise in thine own eyes

fear the Lord and depart from evil it

shall be held to thy navel and marrow to

thy bones honor the Lord with thy

substance and with the first fruits of

all dine increase so shall thy barns be

filled with plenty and I presses shall

burst out with new

why my son despise not the chastening of

the Lord neither be weary of his

correction for whom the Lord loveth he

correct it even as a father the son in

whom he delighted happy is the man that

findeth wisdom and a man that getteth

understanding for the merchandise of it

is better than the merchandise of silver

and again thereof than fine gold she is

more precious than rubies and all the

things though Kent’s desire are not to

be compared unto her length of days is

in her right hand and in her left hand

riches and honour her ways are ways of

pleasantness and all her paths are peace

she is a tree of life to them that lay

hold upon her and happy is everyone that

retain it her the Lord by wisdom had

founded the earth by understanding had

he established the heavens by his

knowledge the depths are broken up and

the clouds dropped down at you my son

let not them depart from thine eyes keep

sound wisdom and this chrétien so shall

they be life unto thy soul and grace to

thy neck then shall the walk in thy way

safely and I foot shall not stumble then


after keeping with wisdom with thrusting

in God then thou shalt walk in thy ways

safely and I foot shall not stumble when

tho lies down thou shalt not be afraid

yeh though shalt lie down and thy sleep

shall be sweet be not afraid of sudden

fear neither of the desolation of the

wicked when it cometh for the Lord shall

be thy confidence I shall keep thy foot

from being taken withhold not good from

them to whom it is due when it is in the

power of thy hand to do it say not unto

thy neighbor go and come again and

tomorrow I will give when thou hast it

body divides not evil against thy

neighbor seeing he dwell it securely by

thee strive not with a man without cause

if he hath done thee no harm and we do

not the oppressor and choose none of his

ways for the froward is abomination to

the Lord but his secret is with the

righteous the curse of the Lord is in

the house of the wicked but he blessed

the habitation of the just surely he

scorned it thus corners but he giveth

grace unto the lowly the wise shall

inherit glory but shame shall be the

promotion of fools in Jesus name trust

the Lord with all thine heart and lean

not unto thine

own understanding in Jesus mighty name


so that his blessing may be on your

house on your generations on your

generation on you your seed on all you

have his blessing in Jesus mighty name


thank you Lord for making us a trusting

generation thank you Lord that we are

able able to trust in you for some are

not able to trust at all but we lord

your people we trust in you with all our

heart we have no understanding Lord we

are your little ones show us what to do

show us your way give us your wisdom and

your knowledge Lord have your mighty

right arm stretched out before us and

cover us with your mighty wings thank

you lord thank you lord thank you Lord

Jesus mighty name amen

Joshua is a gift from the LORD

My Son Joshua is a gift from the LORD; (Psa 127:3)

(“Jehovah Saves”, “Jehovah is Salvation”)
Trust in the Lord with all your heart Joshua,
and don’t rely on your own understanding;
Joshua, In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will direct your paths.
(Pro 3:5-6)

Lord Jesus, I lift up my son Joshua to you,
for you to mold Joshua and teach him your ways,
for Joshua to understand your word,
for Joshua to live the life you have prepared for him,
for Joshua to be yours,
for Joshua to fulfill the plan you have for his life.
Father, I ask this for my son Joshua,
in Jesus name,

Proverbs 3:27

Greetings, Blessings and Praises to all the Saints and the Kings within.
I just want to testify that sometimes we can hear The Lord very clearly (when we pay attention and are silent in the spirit).
Today Just after listening to a passage from Proverbs PRO 3:27, that states that if it is in your power to help someone needy, you should not say no, someone called me asking for a favor which is in my power, so I smiled and said yes.
This is the faith of the saints.
How does it go again…?
“we preach Christ, crucified, (THIS is the Power of our Lord), but to the Greeks,… it is mere foolishness….” 1CO 1:23

World without end father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.