Forgive us Lord

Nehemiah 9:2
And the seed of Israel made themselves separate from all the men of other nations, publicly requesting forgiveness for their sins and the wrongdoing of their fathers.

Forgive our sins and wrongdoings Lord,
forgive our sins and wrongdoings.
We thank you Lord, that your word went out
saying; that you bless the obedient, curse
the disobedient and forgive all the
disobedient who turn back to obedience
to you.

We thank you Lord, that your
forgiveness has no limit. On the
generations that went before, and that
come after.
For any time, any man turns to
You Lord, you forgive.
How many times?
Any number of times.

Thank you lord, thank you Lord.
Forgive our sins and wrongdoings.
Lord forgive our pride, forgive our lust,
our lust of the flesh.
Whether that be gluttony, whether that be
a lot of women, whether that be men.
Whatever that may be Lord, forgive our
lust, our desire for money and properties.
Forgive our Pride Lord, forgive our greed
Lord, forgive our one mindedness to the
Lord, forgive our worshiping of
other gods
Lord, whether that be food,
whether that be an ethnic recipe,
whatever it may be Lord, forgive,
forgive our sins and wrongdoings Lord.
Forgive our sins of harming others.
Forgive us Lord, forgive our sins of
doing wrong while trying to do right.
Lord forgive us Lord, forgive our sins
and wrongdoings. Of all that went before
us Lord, forgive us Lord, of all that come
after us Lord, forgive us Lord.
Thank you Lord, Thank you for always
forgiving whoever turns to you no matter
how many times a day they turn to you
and then turn back. Whenever they turn
to you Lord, with a clear heart, in truth,
you forgive Lord
Forgive us Lord, forgive us Lord.
I thank you Lord for forgiving
our sins and wrongdoings Lord
I thank you Lord.
Blessed be our Lord in Jesus
mighty name. Amen.

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