Boldly Before Your Throne Father

Father, I come boldly before your throne and ask…Is this all there is?
…. throngs and throngs of desperate people seeking love and fellowship, without ever being able to find it because all the gold is under a humongous layer of… muck, of darkness,
… this can not be ALL FATHER… I KNOW it is NOT! Your word says differently and you promised us a glorious reign on this earth, if we kept ourselves in you and on your path.

This being true Father, because we that believe KNOW it is true Father, let this be my request, you said you would provide me with everything I wanted if I kept myself to you Father, so here is my request….please lift that covering of muck from all around us, please enlighten our eyes so we may see your purpose, your will, your reward (EPH 1:18),
set us on our paths so that we may prosper and build great houses on unmovable FOUNDATIONAS ..ON JESUS!
Yes Father, you show us…you show me, for what I see is an abyss, a pit, And I know that there is something else there that you have laid out Father, I know it is there, in the same place as the abyss, just sitting there , waiting for us to see and uncover it.

So Father, give us your mercy, and show us your grace. We have done, and will keep on doing (one more time for the Lord !). But as you promised, grant us the spoils, sustain us, so that the contender may not say that you are powerless to provide for us Father, deal with us as you must, but sustain us and let not the contender mock your word Father.

Glory to our Father, The LORD, God of Hosts, who chastises who he cares for and teaches all his children, and sustains us all with his Love and Mercy.. because of His Charity.

Blessing and Praises to my Father most high and to my Lord, my brother Jesus, Amen

World without end Father, in the name of Jesus.
World without end, Amen.