The Beginning

This Blog was actively started on Jan 20th 2015. And I mean that is when the software was first put on the server.

I’ve had the domain for a while, but never had anything running on it. So now that I KNOW what this name is to be used for, here it is.

All the posts prior to this date were available on another website and have been moved here without comments, but not all of those posts are active yet as some need some polishing (layout, not content).

I started with Daily Verses in December 2014, those were being sent around by email and text messaging, and have had a praying ministry for a while (around 2004). This (Blog) is to be the place for my personal Prayers, notes and Daily Verses.

You can subscribe by email to receive notifications of new posts or you can subscribe by RSS.

I will link to a site where prayers can be submitted and where we can come together to pray for whoever has a need for prayer (all of us).

God Bless You All, And Keep You Forever In His Love.