1 Thessalonians 3 Brotherhood

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00:00 thank you lord
00:03 thank you thank you thank you thank you
00:10 thank you thank you thank you thank you
00:15 thank you thank you thank you for always
00:20 being here for your presence lord thank
00:23 you for being here from the beginning to
00:26 the end for being the alpha and the
00:28 omega thank you Lord God with us thank
00:33 you for being with us Lord Thank You
00:35 Emmanuel thank you thank you thank you
00:38 for being our King oh lord thank you for
00:41 being our master thank you for being our
00:45 counselor our counselor our Prince of
00:49 Peace thank you for giving us your peace
00:52 Lord your peace not as the world gives
00:56 peace but your peace lord thank you for
00:59 opening up your storehouse of blessings
01:02 Lord thank you thank you lord thank you
01:06 for saving us thank you for hurting us
01:10 thank you for coming after us when we
01:13 are lost thank you for picking us up
01:16 when we are down and cannot walk thank
01:19 you lord thank you for healing or
01:21 eyesight thank you for putting a light
01:24 into our eyes thank you lord thank you
01:27 lord for making us able to open up to
01:30 receive you in all your full glory lord
01:33 thank you lord thank you lord for
01:36 showing us the way thank you Lord for
01:39 being almighty almighty thank you for
01:43 providing for us thank you thank you
01:46 lord thank you for your annoying things
01:48 thank you Lord that you were the one who
01:51 came down from heaven thank you lord
01:54 thank you lord thank you for feeding us
01:57 thank you for showing us that man does
02:00 not live by bread alone but that you are
02:04 the bread of life thank you lord thank
02:06 you lord for being our cornerstone the
02:10 one on the hoop every every every one of
02:14 our thoughts is based
02:16 thank you lord thank you lord for
02:19 building up this house thank you Lord
02:22 for being the high priest the most high
02:25 priest hallelujah to our Lord and King
02:28 thank you lord thank you lord thank you
02:32 lord thank you lord thank you lord for
02:35 being the Word of God the Word of God we
02:40 thank you Lord for all the things you
02:42 are we thank you for who you are we
02:44 thank you for what you do we thank you
02:46 for being here we thank you for being in
02:49 us we thank you for being in our
02:51 brothers and sisters we thank you for
02:53 being we thank you that the world the
02:56 known and unknown universe is in the
02:58 palm of your hand we thank you Lord we
03:02 thank you Lord we thank you Lord hey man
03:06 amen hallelujah aleluya to our Lord
03:10 hallelujah to our Lord hallelujah to O
03:13 Lord for giving us every detailed plan
03:16 that he has for us every detailed plan
03:19 that he has for us he gave us we didn’t
03:23 have to take it out we didn’t have to
03:25 make it those are things of the world he
03:29 just gave it to us gave it to us
03:32 hallelujah to the Lord our God
03:35 hallelujah for showing us that even the
03:38 one who was most learned in all things
03:41 about God about religion in those times
03:44 Paul Paul that he had to blind him blind
03:49 him to the things that he had already
03:51 learned to receive the grace glory
03:56 anointing the Word of God to see through
04:01 the eyes of the Lord so that Paul could
04:07 write down just as John had written down
04:12 just as many other Saints Apostles
04:15 priests prophets had written down what
04:19 the Lord made them see the plans the
04:24 purposes of the Lord moves I we thank
04:28 you Lord
04:29 we thank you today we’re reading
04:32 Thessalonians Thessalonians the third
04:37 chapter the selonians is a book written
04:43 by Paul the key thought of it is the
04:47 comfort the comfort when when he comes
04:52 in clouds of glory that is the main
05:00 thought of Thessalonians Christ in
05:03 Thessalonians is testified of as the
05:08 coming Lord first Thessalonians one
05:10 first and waiting for his son from
05:13 heaven who came back from the dead even
05:17 Jesus or Savior from the wrath to come
05:22 waiting for Jesus or Savior the coming
05:27 Lord the hope of his return is of great
05:35 hope and inspiration and comfort of the
05:42 true Christian true Christian those who
05:46 are seated in him those who have him in
05:49 their hearts those who have the spirit
05:54 of comfort comfort my piecing my piece
06:02 the spirit of comfort that’s why the
06:05 Holy Spirit is called the comforter the
06:08 Holy Spirit the spirit of Jesus
06:12 hallelujah to our Lord I must go up so
06:16 that i can send down the comforter
06:22 hallelujah hallelujah thank you for your
06:25 Holy Spirit Lord thank you for the Holy
06:27 Spirit God thank you thank you thank you
06:31 thank you thank you thank you
06:39 first Thessalonians chapter three is the
06:44 model of Christian Brotherhood Christian
06:49 Brotherhood first Thessalonians 3 is
06:52 about Christian Brotherhood we have to
06:54 understand that if you want to hold your
06:58 church or yourself against what is right
07:02 according to Paul Reid Thessalonians
07:08 that selonians is about the bottle
07:11 church the church that is complete so in
07:21 1st Thessalonians three he preaches
07:25 about Christian Brotherhood the
07:29 sanctification of the believer there’s a
07:33 big word again but we will get through
07:35 it everyone can look it up in the
07:37 dictionary if they want to but we are
07:40 just going to deal with it in the spirit
07:42 through the Word of God you see it is
07:51 easy it is easy through the comfort of
07:56 the Lord it is easy for the servant of
08:00 Christ to bear afflictions or
08:05 persecutions will have them off we found
08:09 them to dust if they become too
08:11 destructive and too disruptive for it is
08:15 easy to bear these afflictions and
08:17 persecutions when we find good success
08:21 when you are successful in the ministry
08:25 which the Lord gave us which is always
08:29 his ministry of sowing in love of sewing
08:35 in love that is his ministry sewing in
08:40 love to anyone who would receive and
08:43 also don’t want to receive those who
08:46 make it open and clear that they don’t
08:48 want to receive just dust off your sad
08:52 and turn to another group I’m not saying
08:58 they will never be received I’m not
09:00 saying that I’m saying maybe the Lord
09:03 hasn’t given it to you maybe that’s the
09:06 work of someone else maybe you’ve sold
09:10 your seed already and it’s time to turn
09:12 to someone else but wherever the Lord
09:17 send us out sends us all out to bring
09:22 the good news of Jesus Christ on to all
09:27 who receive it on to them who receive it
09:31 your peace abides on them and your peace
09:34 is not your own but it is the lord’s
09:36 espèce his presence abides on them and
09:41 those who rejected you take your peace
09:45 with you and you leave and you leave to
09:53 bring peace to others who are hungry for
09:57 it so a good success in our ministry is
10:02 always the research result of sowing in
10:05 love and supporting those who have
10:17 accepted Christ so that they remain
10:20 constant in Christ under this ministry
10:29 that is Christian Brotherhood so let
10:32 there be mutual love among all
10:36 Christians all who believe in Christ
10:42 people sometimes forget what a Christian
10:44 what being a Christian means all who
10:47 believe in Christ leatherby mutual love
10:52 between all who believe in Christ and
10:54 their teachers in the Lord teachers in
10:58 the Lord
11:02 the Lord I’ll say something here that
11:05 I’ve noticed the Lord is always speaking
11:08 the Lord always teaches always
11:12 continuously he says I stand at the door
11:15 and give a sign but for some people for
11:19 some of us for many of us for many of us
11:26 it is sometimes through things how the
11:30 world has conditioned us how we have
11:34 conditioned ourselves through our own
11:36 pride our own desires our own lusts we
11:40 cannot hear him giving that sign so he
11:44 sends someone one of his prophets he
11:49 sends someone to get who is able to get
11:53 through all that clutter and noise so
11:59 that all may come to know who he is
12:06 these are your teachers in the Lord
12:09 teachers in the Lord they’re your guides
12:14 they help help one another they help you
12:18 out of love that is a commandment of the
12:21 Lord love one another as you love
12:23 yourself that is the only reason they do
12:26 that so that you may be established so
12:35 that you may be sanctified unbelievable
12:39 at his second coming and his come for it
12:45 is all about his coming it is not about
12:48 what’s going on now it’s about at his
12:51 coming how will he find you how will you
12:53 be found be ready at all times keep
12:57 watch and be ready at all times so we
13:02 always run to teach to preach to do
13:05 whatever it is that we’re doing in the
13:07 Lord in the Lord so that as many as
13:12 possible maybe establish
13:15 may be established as unbelievable may
13:19 be sanctified and the coming of Christ
13:25 you see you can only be unbelievable if
13:28 you’re washed with his blood you can
13:30 only be unbelievable if you are in him
13:33 and he in you for he is the one who
13:37 makes unbelievable he is the one who
13:40 paid the price he is the one who puts
13:43 that impenetrable veil of the blood of
13:46 his blood between you and the world he
13:50 is the one so you just have to know who
13:54 he is and you will be sanctified
14:01 sanctified and you’ll be ready for his
14:05 second coming ready and then remain
14:10 there stand having done all stand just
14:15 standing brotherly love verse the
14:21 solonius 3 verse 12 and the Lord give
14:25 you increase of love in fullest measure
14:28 to one another and to all men even as
14:33 all love to you brotherly love brotherly
14:40 love notice that the definition of
14:46 brotherly love is of him giving you love
14:55 it’s not about us we are connected
15:00 through the spirit it’s about him giving
15:03 you that spirit it’s about him giving
15:06 you that love that is the focus any
15:09 other focus is not of whom we have to
15:18 deal with our Lord 1st Thessalonians 3
15:23 verse 12 and the Lord the Lord give you
15:27 increase of love in fullest measure to
15:32 one another and to all men even as all
15:36 love to you it always comes through him
15:42 through you accepting him through you
15:45 getting to know him that’s how you got
15:49 that love that piece that driven is to
15:53 spread his word that ability to do his
15:55 work that way of working that in
16:00 anything you do you work any work you
16:03 put your hand to is blessed because you
16:06 work at it as if you were working for
16:08 God for that is what you’re doing
16:12 hallelujah first Thessalonians 3 verse
16:21 13 says and here we come unto the
16:24 sanctification so that your hearts may
16:27 be strong and free from all sin before
16:33 our God and Father at the coming of our
16:37 Lord Jesus with all his Saints
16:43 sanctified through an increase of love
16:49 given by the Lord this is the only
16:57 purpose of Christian Brotherhood to
17:00 increase that love for where the word
17:05 says we’re two or three I come together
17:09 in my name there I am in the midst
17:14 through that love which is Islam he is
17:17 in the midst he is in the midst hey many
17:22 many men
17:27 I just said that to see a model church a
17:34 model of how a church should operate of
17:36 how every Christian should operate my
17:40 name who has an ear to hear let him hear
17:42 it is the book of Thessalonians the
17:47 Epistle of the Thessalonians each
17:53 chapter notice each chapter of
17:57 Thessalonians ends with the hope of
18:02 glory with a reference with a hope as to
18:08 Christ’s Second Coming each chapter the
18:15 1st 1st Thessalonians one ended with a
18:22 link to salvation first Thessalonians
18:26 one first then waiting for his son from
18:30 heaven who came back from the dead Jesus
18:34 our Savior from the wrath to come which
18:39 is the topic of the whole book of the
18:43 whole first book of Thessalonians
18:46 salvation waiting for his son from
18:50 heaven who came back from the dead who
18:52 was resurrected Jesus our Savior savior
18:58 from the wrath to come and the Old
19:05 Testament God said I am your only Savior
19:10 besides me there is no Savior just just
19:18 a link chapter 2 of Thessalonians first
19:24 Thessalonians 2 verse 19 and 24 what is
19:28 our hope or joy or crown of glory are
19:32 not even you before our Lord Jesus at
19:36 his coming for you are or glory
19:41 and or joy first Thessalonians is the
19:48 operation how a church should operate
19:52 the correct mindset of how it should
19:58 work the hope and joy of those who teach
20:04 and preach should not be that people
20:07 come and bow before them know their hope
20:10 and glory is that those who they are
20:14 teaching know Jesus Christ and are
20:18 sanctified in him hallelujah because all
20:23 those whom you teach and preach to all
20:27 those together with you will be before
20:30 our Lord Jesus at his coming and will be
20:35 rewarded according to their works
20:43 service first Thessalonians 2 ends with
20:49 the service service that you provide to
20:54 our coming Lord you do service out of
21:00 hope joy crown of glory the crown of
21:06 glory is that the Lord says that his
21:10 second coming well done my servant and
21:16 those who you have helped here Christ
21:22 feel his peace feel his presence know
21:26 who he is they are your joy and glory
21:34 the fruit of your service to the Lord
21:38 Jesus and everyone can do that some do
21:43 it with tens some with hundreds somewhat
21:45 thousands some with one but notice in
21:49 Christ if Christ has told you you have
21:52 to bring one to me that’s all and you
21:55 bring
21:55 you have the same reward as those who
21:57 bring Thompson’s you have the same
22:00 reward of salvation for salvation for
22:05 unto salvation everyone is equal some
22:11 have other gifts but some were made by
22:15 your Lord not by themselves some were
22:18 not by the world but by or Lord some
22:22 were made stronger to bear heavier
22:25 burdens they have to carry more and in a
22:33 certain way in a spiritual way they are
22:37 rewarded more also but on to salvation
22:42 on to the love of the Lord everyone is
22:45 equal second Thessalonians first
22:50 Thessalonians 2 2nd chapter 19 and 20
22:56 the service on to the Lord on to the
22:59 coming Lord for everyone will be before
23:03 or Lord Jesus that is coming chapter 3
23:08 this one that we’re about to read
23:11 sanctification in the Lord first
23:15 Thessalonians 3 verse 13 so that your
23:18 hearts may be strong and free from all
23:22 sin before God and Father at the coming
23:26 of our Lord Jesus with all his Saints
23:29 it’s always at the coming of the Lord
23:32 Jesus with all his things that is our
23:37 purpose sanctification that is santak
23:45 sanctification no matter what everyone
23:48 says and all difficult things no it is
23:51 just that you may be built up in such a
23:53 way that you know who the Lord is and at
23:57 your heart your spirit that spirit that
24:01 is within you is the Lord’s is spirit is
24:04 the Holy Spirit so that you may be
24:06 strong and free from all sin
24:08 in in his eyes not in the eyes of men
24:12 before or God and father at the coming
24:16 of our lord jesus and the resurrected
24:19 body of god and a coming of our Lord
24:23 Jesus with all his sins amen the fourth
24:31 chapter of 1st Thessalonians ends with
24:36 comfort solace a difficult word comfort
24:43 first Thessalonians 4 verse 13 says but
24:48 it is our desire brothers that you may
24:50 be certain about those who are sleeping
24:54 about the damn about those brothers who
25:00 came before us and our resting that you
25:04 may be certain about those who are
25:06 sleeping so that you may have no need of
25:09 sorrow have no sorrow about those who
25:17 have gone so that you may have no need
25:21 of for sorrow as others have sorrow
25:29 because they are without hope there is
25:32 no hope those who don’t believe in
25:36 Christ and his second coming when he
25:40 will resurrect all who are resting who
25:44 are sleeping and then reward everyone
25:50 according to their works those who don’t
25:54 believe in that have no hope of seeing
25:56 those who have gone already they have to
25:59 build Muslims they have to go and lay
26:02 flowers for those who are resting
26:05 because they have no hope first
26:10 Thessalonians 4 verse 44 if we have
26:13 faith that Jesus underwent death and
26:15 came back again if we truly believe that
26:19 Jesus was resurrected
26:22 that body that died with the rooms where
26:25 Thomas could put his hand into and say
26:28 my lord and my god even so those who are
26:32 sleeping if we believe that Jesus was
26:36 resurrected and that is a tenant of fate
26:40 you have to believe that he was
26:42 resurrected if you don’t you have no
26:44 faith then those who are sleeping will
26:49 come again with him by God’s exceeding
26:53 power and I put in the Exede for
26:56 resurrection is the exceeding power of
26:59 God he will come back again with all his
27:06 Saints all who are asleep we’re talking
27:12 about spiritual things now all who are
27:14 sleep all who have died in the flesh who
27:19 are died and buried cremated whatever it
27:22 was that happened for spirits do not die
27:27 they are asleep and he will come the
27:32 second coming in first Thessalonians 3
27:34 verse 13 is told of as at the coming of
27:39 our Lord Jesus with all his Saints so
27:47 they will come again with him by God’s
27:50 power first Thessalonians 4 verse 15 for
27:59 this we say to you by the word of the
28:02 Lord that we who are still living at the
28:06 coming of the Lord will not go before
28:10 those who are sleeping first they will
28:12 be resurrected because the Lord Himself
28:16 will come down from heaven with a word
28:19 of authority with the voice of the chief
28:22 angel with the sound of a horn and a
28:26 dead in Christ will come to life first
28:33 the dead in Christ will come to life
28:35 first those who died knowing believing
28:41 trusting in the resurrected Jesus Christ
28:45 will come to life first then we who are
28:51 still living will be taken up together
28:53 with them into the clouds to see the
28:56 Lord in the air and so we will we be
29:01 forever with the Lord so then give
29:06 comfort to one another with these words
29:09 whenever someone is sad about having
29:13 lost someone that they love comfort them
29:19 comfort them that if that person was in
29:24 the Lord he will be waiting at the
29:28 second coming of the Lord to receive us
29:32 and we will be united once again with
29:37 all of them I can’t wait to see the
29:40 Apostle I can’t wait to see all my my
29:47 father my forefathers all my family
29:52 members who die in the Lord I can’t wait
29:54 to see them so it is not a topic of
30:02 sorrow it is a topic of joy that is our
30:07 hope that he will come and they will
30:10 also be there all those we miss comfort
30:20 chapter 5 of 1st Thessalonians is linked
30:27 with the separation of the Christian
30:30 Brotherhood the separation of those who
30:35 believe in him who know him from the
30:39 world first Thessalonians 5 verse 23 and
30:43 made a God of peace himself
30:47 this is what it’s saying he’s being
30:50 called the God of peace and may the god
30:54 of peace himself make you holy in every
30:58 way and may your spirit and soul and
31:01 body be free from all sin at the coming
31:06 of our Lord Jesus Christ separated from
31:11 the world the lust of the flesh may your
31:21 body be free from Olson the desires of
31:25 the eyes may your soul be free from all
31:30 sin and a pride of life may your spirit
31:37 be free from all sin and the coming of
31:41 our Lord Jesus Christ so it’s chapter of
31:45 the selonians references the second
31:51 coming of the Lord that that is the
31:57 mindset that every Church should have
32:01 every Christian Fellowship every
32:04 Christian Brotherhood every Christian
32:07 person for you every individual is a
32:11 temple that houses the Holy Spirit of
32:14 God amen amen and amen want to know how
32:20 to be right how to be perfect it’s a
32:27 spiritual thing first Thessalonians so
32:32 let us after having gone through all
32:36 this let us do our reading Lord give us
32:44 your word Lord speak with your voice
32:48 Lord speak into the hearts of all those
32:54 who are under the power of your voice
32:57 Lord
32:59 of your voice amen amen and amen may all
33:04 distractions fade away in your glory let
33:09 us do the reading
33:14 now if you want to receive this increase
33:18 in love as you know if you are living in
33:22 hate you know what your deepest secrets
33:25 in your heart are you know what your
33:30 speech is like I hate this I hate that I
33:35 hate if you want to have this increase
33:41 in love to the fullest measure one
33:44 another and to all men so that you may
33:48 be sanctified before the Lord and his
33:52 second coming spirit soul and body free
34:03 from lust desires and pride let us do
34:09 this very Lord Jesus please come into my
34:16 life I have done all things but I was
34:24 doing them and this is how it ended so
34:30 now I turn to You Lord come into my life
34:40 take away everything that I did wrong
34:44 and fill me with your love film and love
34:55 me lord help me love you increase my
35:02 faith in jesus name amen amen amen thank
35:09 you lord thank you lord the heavens and
35:14 the earth rejoice when anyone opens the
35:20 door to our Lord the heavens and the
35:23 earth the known and the unknown universe
35:26 rejoice
35:29 when someone opens himself up to the
35:33 Spirit of the Lord we thank you Lord and
35:37 give us all who’ve accepted you who will
35:42 accept you all who are under the power
35:45 of your voice all to whom you send us
35:49 all collectively an increase of love in
35:52 the fullest measure for you are an
35:57 increase of love in the fullest measure
35:59 for god is love so that we may be found
36:03 blameless sanctified by your love and
36:08 grace and your second coming hey many
36:13 men amen amen and amen the presence of
36:22 the Lord
36:23 the presence of the Lord being in the
36:26 presence of the Lord is being in the
36:28 kingdom of God having his presence in
36:30 your life at all times is being in the
36:33 kingdom of God the presence of the Lord
36:37 and everything you do and every movement
36:40 you make every thought you have bring it
36:43 to the presence of the Lord every
36:46 decision you make bring it into the
36:48 presence of the lord be always aware of
36:51 his presence let him rule your every
36:54 thought your every feeling all your
36:58 passions do everything as if you’re
37:02 doing it unto God himself that’s
37:06 everything as if everything is to be
37:09 done in front of his eyes he is with you
37:14 in you looking at all times covering you
37:17 helping you whispering to you his wisdom
37:20 his knowledge his peace his mercy his
37:24 grace do everything as if you’re doing
37:28 it on to God himself hallelujah
37:31 hallelujah oh we’re singing oh jesus oh
37:44 Jesus your presence is heaven to me